Bark Buster Log Splitter

Bark Buster Log Splitter

The Bark Buster Wood Splitter was a screw type wood splitter that first came on the market in the 1970’s. These splitters came in two different models – some attached to a PTO (power take-off) drive on a tractor or truck, while others were simply individual units powered by gas.

In 1991, the federal government placed a recall on Bark Buster brand log splitters. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission warned people against using this product, as they had found it to be very dangerous after investigating customer claims. Models from up until the 1998 version were all considered unsafe, with the potential to cause serious injuries to a persons arms, hands, fingers or legs. At the time of the report Bark Busters had caused four major injuries and one death. Since then, these wood splitters are no longer made – though other brands of auger-type log splitters do exist.

They were considered unsafe because of three key features that were missing. The first was that there was no easily accessible power switch. Along the same lines, the bark buster had no kill switch or “dead man’s switch” that could be used to turn off the device in case of an emergency. Finally, the wood splitter didn’t have an effective guard to help protect people’s bodies from the dangerous auger, which led to people’s clothing getting caught.

It’s important to learn a lesson from the Bark Buster. If your going to use and auger-type wood splitter or log splitter, be sure that at the very least it contains basic safety functions. It is a powerful tool and deserving of respect and care – anything less can be injurious or fatal. We do not sell this type of log splitter but it does make an interesting read.

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