Rough Cut Trail Cutters

Rough Cut Trail Mowers – Super Sale

Rough cut mowers such as the Swisher trail mowers are considered the mowers for the tough needed jobs.  The Swisher pull behind mower units are one of the oldest and most respected field mowers in the industry.  A Swisher tow behind mower or sometimes call rough cutters can blaze through the toughest jobs.  They are designed to tackle the overgrown brush, tall weeds and tree saplings. These brush mowers are not made to mow regular grass like your lawn or your anything that has a nice “finish cut”.  Please see finish cut trail mowers for this type of tow behind mowing.

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    The blades on a trail cutter aren't like a regular style mower where they rotate in a circle. Instead, they are equipped with two very hardened steel blades that swing back and forth, like a pendulum. These blades can shred and tackle branches up to 3" thick! Most of the machines are equipped with a articulating hitch so trail cutters can be offset to the left or right of your ATV or what ever you have towing the rough cut mower. This is a nice feature when cutting through thick brush. It's also very useful when trail mowing under low hanging trees or in ditches or uneven ground.