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Electric Log Splitters

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Electric log splitters are a great alternative choice to gas powered log splitters. They are quieter than gas log splitters but you don't have to hassle with filling them with gas and oil.

The nice thing about electric wood splitters is you can use them indoors, such as inside a barn, garage or even your house because they don't produce deadly exhaust!

Electric log splitters come in three different grades: Consumer (light use), Prosumer (medium use, little bigger logs) and Professional (heavier use, bigger logs etc).  We have electric units that range from a 4 ton compact unit up to a 20 ton unit.


These electric log splitters are mostly for the person that is splitting smaller logs or just buying a wood splitter for the first time.  These are ideal for the consumer who wants to split wood here and there for weekend fires or camping trips and not have to worry about the maintenance of a gas log splitter.  These splitters generally range between 4-10 tons of splitting force.


This level would be considered a "step up" from the consumer level compact electric wood splitters.  The current range would be 12-16 tons of splitting force.  This level comes out of the "compact" design and gets into the traditional style log splitters as far as size goes.  This log splitter would be something like the 16 ton Ram Splitter electric wood splitter that has a much faster split time then the consumer style log splitters.  These are also tow-able around your property with options to upgrade to a full road tow-able package.   These log splitters can still be just plugged into regular 110 outlets, however you do have a choice to have the log splitter wired for 220.


This log splitter is 20 tons and made for the heavy user that wants to not only split bigger logs but also wants to crank out larger volumes of firewood.   You get a choice between two different electric motors and this unit comes standard with a tow package to trailer and tow down the road.

There are several options and configurations to choose from, please see product descriptions for more information.  If you need advice or have any questions at all Please don't hesitate to contact +Michael Hirsch our product expert with any questions at 888-706-2434 we are here to help.

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