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Gas Log Splitters

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Gas log splitters are generally the largest firewood producing machines on the market.  They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 tons up to 45 tons or more of log splitting force.  In general smaller tonnage gas wood splitters are geared more for the home owner or residential use, but they also can produce more speed or faster split times.  Also knows as cycle times.

You may hear about a "fast cycle" gas log splitter in your research but one thing to keep in mind is anything faster then a 10 second split time in most cases will require a helper to keep up with the fast cycle gas wood splitter.   People get tired machines don't.  You generally pay more for fast cycle log splitters. 

So when shopping and doing your home work, try to think what is important for you.  Is it speed, power or both?  We realize people will say "I want both"!  If you want both then these wood splitters tend to be the most expensive.  What we have found is most people really just need one or the other.  If your going to be splitting 24"+ rounds consistently then go for the power.  Lots of other factors could go into your decision as well, such as things like how many cord a year do you plan to split or as simple as a working height that you like.  

So what brand log splitter should I buy?  This is a very frequently asked question.  Like any brand on any product, some may be more "value rated" or some may be more "commercial quality".  Same thing would apply on gas powered log splitters.  For our log splitters a Iron & Oak wood splitter is considered a commercial rated log splitter.  So this means the quality of parts and the manufacturing in general are considered to be higher end, but of course with that will come a premium price.  But does this mean the other log splitters we sell are they bad quality?  Of course not, but not everyone needs a high end firewood producing machine where it will split dozens and dozens of cord a year.  If your residential then really why would you spend and extra thousand dollars or more to just split a few cord a year?   

We can help you decide on a good log splitter based on your firewood splitting needs.  Please don't hesitate to contact +Michael Hirsch our product expert with any questions.

Gas Log Splitter