Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter (100342)

Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter
Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log SplitterDirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter (100342)

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Product Description

Product Description

This Log Splitter has been replaced with the 35 Ton

Check out the 35 Ton DHT Log Splitter

This Dirty Hand Tools (DHT) log splitter (100342) comes with a powerful CH395 277 CC 9.5HP Kohler engine. The heavy-duty 2-stage 17.5 GPM pump provides a blazing 10.5 second cycle time with power when needed. This wood splitter can operate in both horizontal and vertical log splitting positions.

This wood splitter comes standard with a tow package which includes the 2-inch ball coupler hitch. Other features include: 25″ opening,  8 gallon hydraulic capacity*, coiled guarded hoses and the log catcher/table is standard. Engine color is black not gray.

Fluids Package (Optional) This log splitter has a system capacity of 8 gallons*. The fluids package only comes with 40 oz of engine oil and 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid. We DO NOT recommend you purchase fluids from us as you will need to pick up a couple more gallons of fluid and mix them. In our opinion its best to pick up fluids locally to match your climate and get full capacity with out having to mix fluids.Hydraulic oil type that comes with this package is a AW46 weight. This oil is ideal for splitting outside temperatures between 32-85 degrees.

Optional Cover : Protect your log splitter with a factory cover! This heavy duty cover will keep your splitter out of the elements, and ready for work! The DHT log splitter cover is manufactured with PVC coated polyester to shield from water, UV, mildew and extreme temperatures. This cover is made of a higher grade material than cheaper models and uses a cord at the bottom to cinch up tight.

Log Table / Engine Guard (Optional Upgrade) With this optional upgrade you will receive a 6 gauge steel log table that is 42.75″ x 13.5″. Not only does this table have a weight capacity of 300 lbs but it also serves as an engine guard from falling logs.

4 Way Wedge (Optional Accessory) The 4 way wedge is designed to save you time and money. With a single wedge you are splitting one log 3 times to get 4 pieces. With a 4 way wedge you can accomplish this with one split! When purchased you will get the single wedge as well as the 4 way wedge. You get both the single and 4 way wedge.

Extra DHT 10 Micron Hydraulic Filters (Optional) Change the filter after the first 25 hours of log splitter operation for the break-in period, and every 100 hours of operation or seasonally thereafter for best quality maintenance.

DHT Operations Manual

Kohler CH395 Engine Manual

Please note about lift gate delivery: You must select the $75 lift gate option if you can’t unload the 600+ LBS crate off the freight truck.  You will not have to pay the $75 charge if you can ship to a business and you can unload the crate off the back of the freight truck. Shipping to a business is your best choice if possible saving you $75.  These deliveries are “curb-side” only, please read the details about curb-side, lift gate and residential freight deliveries.


Detailed Specifications

CH395 9.5HP Kohler Engine
Splitting Wedge:
8″ Sharpenable
Operating Position:
Horizontal / Vertical
Force / Tonnage:
28 Ton (56,000lbs)
4.5″ x 25″
Cycle Time:
10-11 Seconds (Approx)
Log Opening:
25 Inches
Wheels & Tires:
DOT Approved 16″ OD Tires
Road Towable:
Yes – 2″ Coupler & Safety Chains
Hydraulic Filter:
Yes – Included
Guarded Hose:
Yes – Coiled
Safety Control Valve:
Detent – Auto Return
2 Stage Pump:
Yes – 17.5 Gallons Per Minute
Log Cradles:
Yes – Included
Operating Pressure:
3500 PSI
Crate Dimensions:
72″L x 33″W x 20″H
Consumer Warranty:
Yes – 3 Year Limited by Manufacture
Shipping Weight:
650 LBS
Hydraulic Capacity:
Approx 8 Gallons
Log Strippers:
Yes – Included
4 Way Wedge:
Log Table / Guard:
Log Splitter Cover:
Working Dims:
96L x 48W x 31 Inches
Assembly Required:

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14 reviews for Dirty Hand Tools 28 Ton HV Log Splitter (100342)

  1. 5 out of 5

    This splitter well exceeded all of my expectations . It is well built, well thought out, and easy to operate. I would highly recommend it against any other brands out there. This is a brand new model and was on backorder at the time of my purchase. Woodsplitters direct had it to my door exactly when they said it would be there just in time for me to split the last of the wood for this winters season. Thank you,
    MATT W

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have split a few cord already and I am glad I decided on this unit. Top notch service as well thanks.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I’m very impressed with the DHT splitter. The shipping crate is well designed, assembly a snap, and it works great. The Kohler engine is easy to start and the hydraulics are nice and smooth. Shipping was fast, and the customer service at Wood Splitters Direct is second to none. Thanks Mike!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Very fast shipping and well packed. I was able to assemble the parts in an hour, fill with fluids and begin splitting. It split every green hickory and oak log (some in the 24″ diameter range) with ease. Love the high quality jack and wire-wrapped hoses. Highly recommend this splitter.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Thank you Mike for the excellent and fast service! Can’t ask for anymore then same day shipping.

    The DHT log splitter was actually a pleasant surprise, it far passed my expectations.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I ordered the 28 ton Dirty Hand Tools log splitter and it was shipped the same day. I received the splitter within a week. Assembly was easy and this is a heavy duty built splitter. I haven’t gotten to use it very much as yet but I am impressed with performance so far. During shipping the plastic document canister was damaged beyond repair. ( Hey it happens when you ship things across the country)I made a phone call to customer service the next day. They could not have been more courteous and professional. No questions asked. Two days later the canister arrived in the mail. The product and the service were great. If you are thinking about taking the jump and investing in a log splitter, you won’t be dissapointed with this one.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I’ve split about 3 acres of apple wood now and love it. Cut an orchard down and replanted and this made the job easy. Fast shipping Dirty hand tools is on Arboristsite.com and responded to every ones questions. Two great company’s.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Just arrived today and boy what a perfect unit! Not a scratch on the splitter. Took about an hr and a half to assemble. I cant speak highly enough about this unit. The engine is much quieter than expected. I put the largest notiest logs I had on my property. It literally split with ease. I do not believe I will ever come across a log that will slow this unit down. So if your looking for a excellent unit high in value this is it.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Received my DH logsplitter two days ago, after splitting app. 3 cords of white oak all I can say is what a fantastic machine, took about 1 1/2 hrs to assemble then started using it. Very well thought out design and prof. built. Sales staff very helpful(thanks Mike) and knowledgable.

  10. 5 out of 5

    My splitter was packed excellent and it was so easy to put together ,I had 1 other buddy help me . but you have to put tires on first then attach the tongue and level it ,then the motor and hoses,thenstand I-Beam up vertical and mount bracket and slide the splitter to the I-Beam and finish add fluids like it recommends and splitter fired right up I used teflon tape on the oil fittings and thread lock tight on the bolts ,this was a piece of cake .

  11. 5 out of 5

    Though it took a couple of weeks for the splitter to be delivered due to heavy snow, it arrived fully crated and ready to assemble. I did everything but the beam myself. The beam takes AT LEAST two people to get it into place and anchored. Starts right up after pouring in the oil and hydraulic fluid. As others have stated use tape or pipe dope when assembling the hydraulic fittings. I prefer the latter but to each his own. I used blue Loctite on the hardware too. So far splitting 24″ maple and Kentucky coffee (which I have lots of) has been a breeze. IT’s well worth the extra money for the 28 ton over the 27 ton too, like almost 30% more horsepower and a bigger pump. If you have 10 or 15 cord to split like I do, it more than pays for itself compared to renting. I give this splitter 5 stars.

  12. 5 out of 5

    I recently took delivery of my 28 ton Dirty Hands splitter. I assembled it myself and it took me about 3 hours. The I-beam can be installed by one person by standing it upright (that’s the hard part) and then backing the splitter to it and installing the pin, then simply lay it down to its horizontal position. I too used teflon tape and thread lock on the bolts. I bought the larger table that protects the engine and is a much bigger space making multiple splits on larger pieces easy to do. I agree that the extra money for the 28 ton is well worth it, the larger engine and pump makes splitting those tough knotty pieces effortless. This is a high quality unit and I expect to get years of service from it. Five stars for sure

  13. 5 out of 5

    Dave- November 18 2016
    Very fast to ship the 28 ton Dirty Hands logsplitter. Very well packaged in crate. Easy fast assembly for one person. The holes in the spindles drilled to far out to catch the cotter pins. Local hardware store had the 28 mm washers to put behind the spindle nut for easy cure. Plenty of power to split most any wood. I also bought the larger table to protect the motor. Drilled two holes on the other side of the beam and mounted the smaller table on the other side which works very well to protect your feet while operating the pump lever. Very easy to start and operate.

  14. 5 out of 5


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