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Used Log Splitters

by +Michael Hirsch

Should I buy a Used Log Splitter Instead of New?

This is one of the those "catch 22" questions.  Used log splitters are like cars I guess.  There are good deals out there but you have to find them.  There are brand name used wood splitters and there is "home made" used log splitters.

You can most likely guess what I am about to say about this...  Personally I recommend you stay away from the home made log splitters.  Other then a potential head ache and liability, safety could be a concern as well.

There is another used outlet for log splitters that I just thought of.  There are the rental stores.  They will often sell off their units after a few years of rental use and get new ones.  The rental stores would usually buy a higher quality log splitter to with stand the abuse.  Rentals would be units such as the durable Iron & Oak log splitters


This one is a personal choice and opinion.  If it were me I think I would stay away from the rental market and try to find a recent one owner lightly used wood splitter as the rental market can be a bit abusive. 

The thing about buying used, is you don't really ever know how well the splitter was cared for.  You will not get any kind of warranty or guarantees.  With all the being said, if you want to try to find a used deal then take a look on craigslist or in your local "nickel" or newspaper. 

Of course if you would like to price out a brand new one we can help you choose a splitter that will not break the bank.