Best Ways to Bundle Firewood

One of the
issues with having wood burning stoves and fireplaces is how to deal with your
fuel, the wood. There’s your wood that keep in a barn or outside in large lots,
then there’s the need to keep some of it inside, or take it with you. That’s
when you need to come up with a plan for bundling your wood in ways you can
transport it easily. Whether you’re selling your wood or just bundling it for
your own use, you’ll need easy ways to bundle it that make it easier to work
with. We found some great articles on this subject that should […]

What Is the Best Firewood to Cook With?

When it comes to grilling and smoking, everyone is looking for that smokey, cooked over wood taste that seems to give all the food such a rich and exciting flavor. While this can be a mix of what kind of food you are cooking, how much seasoning is being used, and even if wind is getting to the area, arguably the biggest factor to getting this element right is what type of wood you are using to cook over. From the hardness, the size, and what type of wood you are using, there are a wide variety of elements […]

Why You Should Have a Dewatering Pump

You can never have too many tools or pieces of machinery equipment when you are constantly tackling projects in your yard, or on the job. From hydraulic log splitters, log splitter attachment accessories, chainsaws, and any other items you might think of, if you are doing that kind of manual labor on a regular basis, these will all come in handy at some point. If you don’t know what to add next to your arsenal of machines, a dewatering pump may be the perfect addition. If you have been on the fence with one of these, here are some […]

Things You Might Not Know About the Timber Industry

Photo Credit: Superior National Forest

If you like
wood products like furniture and paneling or flooring, then you might be
interested in some little known facts we found out about the timber industry.
Some of these things will make you glad that you’re using wood and others will
just surprise you. In fact, using wood is actually good for the environment if
it’s harvested correctly and we found out that there are now more ways to
ensure you’re getting legally harvested trees. Check out all the great articles
on the timber industry below.

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

In this
article posted on the, we learn that there […]

Best Ways to Keep Your Firewood Dry

One of the
conundrums we face when beginning to switch over to a wood based heating or
cooking system is what to do with all that firewood. It’s not just a matter of
where or how to store it, but it’s also a matter of keeping it dry. When you’re
preparing for winter, even the most fuel efficient wood stove is going to use
quite a bit over several months. So what’s a good wood burner to do? We heard
your concern and went to the net to find some great articles to help you out
with your dry wood storage conundrum.

10 Wood Shed Plans to […]

Top Things to Know About Fire Pits

With the season warming up, everyone is thinking about making their backyard spaces into
that great spot for their family and friends to hang out and make some great
memories. There are a lot of ways to make your space a warm and friendly place
for relaxation and the big trend these days is fire pits. That’s why we went
out to the web to find some great articles on how to pick out the best fire pit
option for your backyard with helpful tips on what to look for and what not to
do as well.

7 Things You Should Know about Fire Pits

In this […]

Guide to Stacking Firewood

With fire pit season approaching, nights around the pit will start to become more common. As you spend more time around the fire pit, making sure you have an adequate supply of firewood is essential to enjoying your time to the fullest. If you have a large quantity of firewood at your disposal, storing it efficiently is key to getting longevity out of it, as well as providing yourself with as much space as you can get. For firewood stacking essentials, check out some of these helpful tips and tricks.

When you are stacking firewood, there are a few different […]

Simple Guide to Preparing Firewood

All around the world, people use firewood in a wide variety of different ways. From heating homes, to cooking over, to using for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace, there are many different uses for this incredible resource. When it comes to getting the ideal firewood setup however, there are a wide variety of factors that play into this process. If you are splitting your firewood yourself, there are many things you have to take into account, from how you cut the wood, how long the pieces are, how you store it, and more. If you are just starting […]

In Ground Fire Pit vs. Above Ground

Fire pits
and fire features are all the rage today and even though warm daytime weather
is coming, those nights can still be cool and having a fire feature to hang out
by is a wonderful thing. That said, there are so many options to choose from.
In the ground, and above ground and portable options, oh my, there seems like
no end to the possibilities and how does one choose? Well, we heard your dismay
and found some great articles that should help you in your decision making

In Ground Fire Pits

According to
this article by Julie Martens Forney for, one of the most wonderful
things […]

The Process of Logging Timber

Photo Credit: Superior National Forest

The oldest material still in use today, wood has been a vitally important resource for humanity for centuries. We use in everyone from furniture, building homes, to working with it as a hobby. The timber industry has been one of the most controversial ones in the society, but it is no doubt one of the most important still in work today. Every day, trees are cut down and harvested to be used in different ways all around the world, but what exactly goes in to this process? If you have wondered what kind of work […]

Differences Between Hardwood & Softwood

One of the most abundant resources on the planet, wood has been a versatile material for centuries. Wood is also one of the most detailed and intricate species in the world, with countless different varieties available for use, there is certainly a lot of information to be learned about wood. One of the biggest differences to know about wood is the characteristics of hardwoods vs. softwood. Both are very abundant in the world, and provide different uses and effects for the user. What sets them apart from one another and what purposes should each kind be used for? We […]

Easy Ways to Build Your Own Fire Pit

With the warmer weather approaching, outdoor fire pits will be fired up more and more. Fire pits are easily one of the funnest ways out there to gather friends and family together to enjoy a summer night together. Unfortunately, as fire pits have become more and more popular, they have also become more expensive and are seen as a luxury, rather than an affordable toy you can have in your backyard. Fortunately, there are alternatives to investing a ton of money into a high end fire pit, such as going the do it yourself route. With so many different […]

Coolest Woodworking Projects Ever!

Build a Wooden Passive Speaker for
Smart Phone or Tablet

If you’re
looking for a fun wood working project that’s easy to build and will be a great
gift for your friends and family, then you’ll want to read this article by A.J.Hamler
for Building a passive speaker is easy to do and not
only will it make a great gift, but it’s also handy to have for yourself. If
you’re like most of us, you probably have a phone or tablet that you listen to
music with, but it’s not that easy to let other people hear your tunes unless
you share head phones and that’s […]

Best Places to Find Free Firewood

Whether you have a wood burning stove, or an outdoor fire pit, having an adequate amount of firewood is always a good thing to be on top of. Getting your hands on it however, can be a more difficult task, and it can also cost you a pretty penny if you aren’t getting it from the right source. If you are needing to find firewood at a more affordable price, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Free Wood Pallets – Where To Get Pallets and Reclaimed Materials

If you are able to get your hands on used wood pallets from […]

How to Install a Laundry Room Countertop

By far one of the most useful materials in the world, wood has incredibly versatility and can be used for practically anything you can possibly think of. From fuel, furniture, and much more, there are an endless amount of projects and ideas that you can do with wood. One of the many things you can do with wood is build add ons and extra furniture accessories for your home that may not have been there in the first place when you purchased or built the place. If you are looking for a fun and functional project to do that […]