Stump Grinders


    Dosko stump grinders have become a very popular power tool over the years.  If a tree blows over, dies or gets cut down you still have to deal with a large stump.  Sure you can cut the stump as low as you can to the ground but you can never get it low enough to where the stump will not still be an issue.

    You could hire a person to cut down your trees for you but the problem is this does not include stump removal.  So on top of the expense of cutting down trees you will have to pay additional for stump grinding.

    Your looking at between $80 – $160 a stump to have someone come grind down.  You can rent for between $100 – $250 a day.   Some situations it may make sense to hire or rent but it also may make sense to buy a stump grinder.  See our selection for the unit that would work for you.