Rough Cut Trail Cutters

Rough Cut Trail Mowers

Rough cut mowers such as the Swisher trail mowers and Dirty Hand Tools trail mowers are considered the mowers for the truly “tough” jobs.  The Swisher pull behind mower units are one of the oldest and most respected field mowers in the industry.  A Swisher tow behind mower (or sometimes called a rough cutter) can blaze through the nastiest of jobs in no time at all.  They are designed to tackle overgrown brush, tall weeds, and even tree saplings. The Dirty Hand Tool brush mowers are also not made to mow regular grass like your lawn or your anything that has a nice “finish cut”.  Please see finish cut trail mowers for that type of tow behind mowing.  If your looking for a walk behind rough cut mower then look no further then the heavy-duty BravePro 26 inch walk behind brush cutter.

    Rough Cut Mower 101

    A rough cut mower is not your standard lawn mower. The difference is in the name. Rough cut mowers are not designed to finish your grass. Their job is to take on the rough stuff. You might also see them called brush mowers or brush hogs, which is an apt description. Rough cut mowers are designed to take down woody materials and brush up to 3” in diameter.

    How do they work?
    Unlike your typical lawn mower, which moves three blades at high speed, rough cut mowers uses a lower speed and more power. There is often only one blade. It looks blunt, but it’s tough enough take down small trees. The blade often rotates more slowly than a lawn mower, but it requires a lot of horsepower.

    Rough cut mowers can be towed behind a tractor or pushed from behind like a typical lawn mower.

    When would I use one?
    The slow powerful blades of the rough cut mower are for taking down brush, grasses and woody material. Unlike your lawn motor, a rough cut mower can even take down some small trees. A good fit for a rough cut mower is clearing a field. They can also be helpful for getting rid of certain bushes, like blackberries. Many of these bushes have thorns. It’s often easier to use the rough cut mower to chop down the bush. Then you can pick up the debris with gloves on later.

    A rough cut mower can handle rougher terrain than your lawn mower. Many of them are even designed to intake rocks without damage to the system.

    What will my lawn look like?
    Rough cut mowers are designed for brush. If you are mowing down a blackberry bush, the finished product will be some woody debris material. It should be fairly easy to clear this by hand. However, rough cut mowers do not provide a precise finish. Not all the blackberry bushes will be chopped down at the exact same length. If you want to finish the area with a precise cut, you’ll have to switch to a finish cut or lawn mower.

    Rough cut mowers, also known as brush hogs, are designed to clear fields of bushes and brush. A sturdy mower, they use high horsepower to move slowly through brush-filled areas. They tend to be heavier than lawn mowers. Sometimes they can weigh up to 300 lbs. These heavy systems can be pushed from behind like a lawn mower or pulled by a tractor. Use these sturdy mowers to clear the way in areas that your lawn mower can’t handle.

    Demo Video

    The blades on a trail cutter aren't like a regular style mower where they rotate in a circle. Instead, they are equipped with two very hardened steel blades that swing back and forth, like a pendulum. These blades can shred and tackle branches up to 3" thick! Most of the machines are equipped with a articulating hitch so trail cutters can be offset to the left or right of your ATV or what ever you have towing the rough cut mower. This is a nice feature when cutting through thick brush. It's also very useful when trail mowing under low hanging trees or in ditches or uneven ground.