Coolest Woodworking Projects Ever!

Coolest Woodworking Projects Ever!

Build a Wooden Passive Speaker for
Smart Phone or Tablet

If you’re
looking for a fun wood working project that’s easy to build and will be a great
gift for your friends and family, then you’ll want to read this article by A.J.Hamler
for Building a passive speaker is easy to do and not
only will it make a great gift, but it’s also handy to have for yourself. If
you’re like most of us, you probably have a phone or tablet that you listen to
music with, but it’s not that easy to let other people hear your tunes unless
you share head phones and that’s pretty limiting. However, if you have a
fabulous passive speaker, it amplifies the sound and requires no plugs or
batteries. Get your step by step instructions and start creating when you 
read the full article here.

Woodworking Project: How to Make a
Step Stool with Built-In Storage

Whether you’re
creating a handy step stool for your little one to reach the sink, or you just
want to create a storage box that will serve double duty as a step stool, this article
by Timothy Dahl for is going to give you what you want. With
step by step instructions and handy pictures for every step, you’ll be able to
produce this fabulous step stool that doubles as a storage unit, in no time at
all. A relatively easy project for the beginner wood worker, and a fun way to
make something that’s creative and useful, you’ll want to 
read the full article here so you can get started on your next project.

40 DIY wood Projects We Love

From jewelry
to light fixtures, this article by Anjelika Temple for, is going to get
your creative woodworking juices flowing with ideas. Whether you’re looking to
make a wedding day runner that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, or you
want to make some fun wooden furniture, or some kicky wooden jewelry, there’s a
project in this article that will be just right for your needs and your
woodworking abilities. The options for fun projects are vast and whether you’re
making items for yourself and your home, or you’re looking for some great gift
ideas, there’s a wood working project here that is no doubt just the right
Read the full article here and get your creative juices flowing.

10 Surprisingly Simple Woodworking
Projects for Beginners

Just because
you’re new to the world of woodworking, doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself
to projects that seem like they should have been tackled in eighth grade. In
this article posted on, you’ll get a bunch of project options that
are definitely going to satisfy your adult needs, while taking into account
your beginning ability in the world of wood working. From fabulous wall art to
a coffee table that looks much harder than it really is to build, you’ll find a
project that’s going to be within your skill set and allow you to create
something you’ll be proud to show off. Which project will you choose? Read the full article 
here to find out. 

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