20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter (3PT20HV)

20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter
20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter
20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter
20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter
20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter

20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter (3PT20HV)


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Product Description

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3 Point 20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor Wood Splitter

Our 20 ton (3PT20HV) HV log splitter for tractors made by Ram Splitter have become a popular choice over the years.  This 3 point log splitter unit will split both in the horizontal and vertical position for those large rounds you really don’t feel like lugging up on the beam.

The standard pins we use are category 1 but can be changed out to 2 or 3, anything else you will have to change out to match your tractor. The hose ends (connectors) are not included.  Top link pins or anything else that is related to your tractor for hardware are not included.   All connections including hoses are included with PTO kits.

It is recommended that you have a flow rate of 7.5GPM or higher for this log splitter.  If your tractor is not properly equipped you do have a choice to run the PTO kit (costs extra) which is self contained and includes a PTO pump.  Tractor required to be 25hp or higher to run PTO kits.  Please see options.

This log splitter is fully customizable with several options:

Color Choice – At no additional cost you get to choose your color: Black, Kubota orange, John Deere green or Ford blue.

PTO Kit – PTO (Power Take Off) kit runs completely off your PTO on your tractor.  There is no need to worry about any of your hydraulics as this system is self contained which includes a tank and a 21GPM PTO pump.  Hook up the pump to the PTO, fill the tank with fluids and your ready to split wood.  This PTO pump is designed for 540RPM at the PTO.

4 Way Wedge – Split logs into 4 pieces.  4 way wedge just slips over the existing single wedge. (Can slide on and off quickly, choose 4 way wedge option to see picture)  4 way wedge will reduce opening size by 3″.  Split one log once instead of 3 times to get 4 pieces.

Log Cradles – HV units catch falling wood saving you from bending over and picking up split wood off the ground and splitting again.  Just imagine the amount of extra times you could save from bending over picking up firewood to split again from each cord of wood? (Tip: If you dont get get log cradles at least make a table to catch that wood!)

Opening Size – The standard opening size on this unit is 26″.  The cylinder stroke is 24″ making it a 4″ x 24″ cylinder.  Looking for a bigger opening for that wood boiler or stove that can take larger pieces?  We offer a 4″ x 30″ (32″ opening).  Less cuts, less splits.

• “Deadman” switch stops the ram when the handle is released
• Control Valve locks into return and auto-returns
• Built in Relief valve protects the hydraulic system
• Solid Rectangular Tube Design eliminates twisting and bending

See options above the big green “add to cart” button for pricing and pictures.  As you select them it will built and price your splitter as you go!  Questions? Feel free to contact us at 888-706-2434 for no hassle no pressure help and advice.  We are here to help.

Please note these log splitters are delivered via freight truck.  You will be responsible to take the crate off the back of the truck unless you select lift gate delivery as an option.  Some assembly is required.

Detailed Specifications

Beam Structure:
Tubular design 2″ wide x 5″ tall. 6″ Top plate reinforced heavy-duty
Splitting Wedge:
8″ High
Operating Position:
Horizontal / Vertical
Force / Tonnage:
20 Ton (Approx depending on tractor PSI)
4″ x 24″ (Optional 30″)
Cycle Time:
10-15 Seconds (Approx depends on tractor GPM)
Log Opening:
25 inch (31 inch optional)
Working Height:
You adjust with your 3 point hitch
Safety Control Valve:
Detent, Auto Return
Operation Weight:
400 LBS
Made in USA:
Choice: Black, Orange, Green, Blue
1 Year
Freight – Limited time free shipping
4 Way Wedge:
PTO Driven:
Log Cradles:

4.8 rating

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2 reviews for 20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter (3PT20HV)

  1. 4 out of 5

    I picked up my splitter from the freight company last night. I was a little disappointed in the shipment packaging. The pallet fell all to pieces and the straps had come undone, but since it is such a heavy duty piece of equipment it looks like everything is going to be ok.
    I ordered an orange one to go with my Kubota tractor, but it came in black. Obviously not worth the cost and trouble to get that corrected.
    I may update my review after I have had a chance to use it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I ordered in John Deere Green with PTO pump, 4-way wedge, and log cradles. The PTO pump was pretty easy to assemble and took a ton of fluid, which is a good sign. You’ll need to buy two 5-gallon buckets to have enough. The splitter has not bogged down on any log yet and is FAST! You never wait on the cylinder to retract; you wait on yourself grabbing another log. Ordering was very easy, too. Great Website! Only issue is they forgot to ship my 4-way wedge, so I am hoping they will mail it to me! Other than that, I’m VERY HAPPY with my choice!

    WSD Response – Thank you for your review, glad you like your product. Unfortunately you never placed the order for a 4 way wedge. Please log into your account to see the order you placed as it will show you never ordered the 4 way wedge.

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