YARDMAX 28 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter (YU2866)

28 Ton YardMax28 Ton YardMax
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YARDMAX 28 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter (YU2866)

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Product Description

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• 28 tons of force — powered by Briggs & Stratton engines.

• Patent pending log spinner foot plate easily rotates logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam.

• U-Beam structural design is significantly stronger than typical I-Beam design.

• 4-way wedge (included) is designed for quick connection and jam free operation with no need to change log stripper plates.

• Longer table length to accommodate up to 26″ logs.

• Oversized hydraulic components provide the shortest cycle time in its class.

• Hydraulic oil filter is mounted inside the reservoir, eliminating damage from falling logs and operator entanglement.

• Dual end cylinder support for equal weight distribution and wear reduction.

• Beam handle offers easy transition from a horizontal to a vertical position.

• Log stripper mounted to end of hydraulic cylinder to remove tough log jams.

• Pair of log cradles — 2-positions, with option for mountable log table.

Please look through the Owners Manual for full information.

Optional Cover:

Protect your log splitter with a cover!  This heavy duty cover will keep your splitter out of the elements, and ready for work!  This log splitter cover is manufactured with PVC coated polyester to shield from water, UV, mildew and extreme temperatures. Made of a higher grade material than cheaper models and has draw string at the bottom to cinch up tight.  Cover is optional for an extra fee, only available in black.

Optional Log Table:

This optional add on durable steel table replaces the engine side log catcher. This will add valuable work space that measures 34″ long and 12.5″ wide. This will also help protect your engine from falling wood as well.  Scroll through pictures above to see this optional table installed on a log splitter.

4 way wedge & fluids are included with this log splitter.  Some images show the log splitter with optional accessories which are not included with the log splitter.

Please note about residential / lift gate delivery:

You must select the $50 lift gate option if you can’t unload the 500+ LBS crate off the freight truck.

You will not have to pay the $50 charge if you can ship to a business and you can unload the crate off the back of the freight truck. Shipping to a business is your best choice if possible saving you $50.

These deliveries are “curb-side” only, please read the details about curb-side, lift gate and residential freight deliveries.

This log splitter may have a limited delivery area.  Some locations will be limited to commercial delivery only (including terminal pick up).  Some area’s we may not be able to deliver to at all.  The following states may be some of the states affected:


If you would like to check ahead of time please email us or we will tell you after order if there is limitations.

Detailed Specifications

208 CC Briggs & Stratton
Splitting Wedge:
7″ Sharpenable
Operating Position:
Horizontal / Vertical
Force / Tonnage:
28 Ton (56,000lbs)
4.5″ x 24″ / 1.75″ rod
Cycle Time:
13 Seconds (Approx)
Log Opening:
26 Inches
Wheels & Tires:
4.80-8, DOT Approved 16″ O.D. Road Tires
Road Towable:
Yes – 2″ Coupler & Safety Chains
Hydraulic Filter:
Yes – Included
Log Strippers:
Yes – Included
Safety Control Valve:
Detent – Auto Return
2 Stage Pump:
Yes – 14 Gallons Per Minute
Log Cradles:
Yes – Included
Operating Pressure:
3400 PSI
Crate Dimensions:
74″L x 29″W x 22″H
Shipping Weight:
626 LBS
Hydraulic Fluids:
4.5 Gallons Included
4 Way Wedge:
Yes – Included
100″ x 48″ x 37″
Assembly Required:

4.8 rating

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4 reviews for YARDMAX 28 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter (YU2866)

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I bought my YU2866 from Woodsplittersdirect.com on 7/25/2019; it was delivered on 7/31/2019 in crate right to my driveway. I was amazed how easy it was to purchase with financing and delivery right to my house in under a week.

    The package arrived in perfect order, no damage and everything was intact. I tried to build it myself, I was able to get the wheels on the engine/hydraulic tank park, but there was no way I could lift the beam myself, let a lone keep it from falling over. I was able to get a neighbor to help me with that part, it only took about 10 mins.

    During assembly, I would make these suggestions based on all the research and information I have see, plus building it myself now.
    1) When assembling the wheels, just take off the plastic cover and outer bearing; do not remove the inner bearing or dust shield.
    2) Grease the axles before putting the wheels on.
    3) When assembling the trailer bar to the engine/hydraulic tank; use Loctite Threadlocker Blue on each of the bolts to lock them in.
    4) When assembling the beam pivot bracket and beam to trailer bar lock; use Loctite Threadlocker Blue on all the bolts.
    5) Make sure you have 16mm and 18mm sockets; of all the sockets I have, I was missing both of these sizes 🙁
    6) Make sure you tighten the air filter wing nut, during use the first time, mine vibrated right off 🙂

    The hydraulic tank was filled as described. I added the oil to the engine, which was included; filled the gas tank and the engine started on the second pull. I started splitting logs right away and I have not stopped yet 🙂 This splitter has not failed me yet, I have been splitting “just cut down” 24″+ wide by 22″ long maple rounds with no problems. Every now and then, the motor will almost die when the splitter head touches the log, but so far it has come right back and split the log; so I am not sure if that is some sort of safety mechanism or what.

    This splitter is fairly quiet too, I have used other older splitters that were much louder.

    This splitter also includes a 4-way splitting head which works “ok”, I personally won’t use it again, but each to their own.

    I did notice that when not actively splitting a log, the machine seems to rattle; I have not yet figured out what was rattling yet.

    Be very careful around the engine during use, I burned my knee on the muffler trying to reach something; it was my fault, I should not have been on that side of the machine during operation.

    Overall, I am so happy with my purchase and I love the machine. It appears to very high quality, even though it was made in China.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I’m very satisfied with the product and the seller. I had a 20 ton log splitter that was my dad’s and about 30 years old, it finally needs an engine rebuild. I bought the parts for it but couldn’t afford to be down long enough to wait for the parts. I found Wood Splitter Direct in an online search and ordered the Yardmax 28 ton. Due to some of the larger and knotty wood we split I felt an extra 8 ton would help. Delivery was going to take a bit longer than I would have liked so Wood Splitters Direct got me in contact with the shipping company SAIA and they let me pick it up from a local location and saved me 3 days time on missed production. The splitter was easy to put together (once I asked for extra help, trying by yourself is not recommended) and the splitter has performed to my expectations and has done great on getting the job done. The amount of runtime on a tank of gas is impressive but the accessibility to the oil fill is a bit disappointing, I modified a funnel to make oil fill easier. The engine runs great. It starts on the first pull when choke is on when the engine is cold and first pull without choke when it’s already at operating temperature. The 4-way splitting head works ok on smaller logs but leaves much to be desired on larger ones. The issues with the oil fill and the 4-way splitting head are minor though, overall this has been a great product and no performance issues so far.

  3. 1 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I ordered this splitter 12/3/19. I was told they are shipping in 1-3 days and it would take 2 days to get here. I got one email saying the order was waiting to ship. On 12/10/19 I called to check since I had nothing and have heard nothing. I was told the splitter did not ship and would now ship out on the 13th and should be here on the 16th.
    From the 3rd to the 16th maybe. Not anywhere close to what I was told. I still do not know it will make it here the 16th. Should have bought one from Tractor Supply or Home Depot just 2 miles away. Not happy with Wood Splitters Direct.

    WSD RESPONSE – We can only give you estimated shipping times. Items typically go out with 1-3 BUSINESS days. We can not always control warehouse, freight logistics, bad weather, holidays etc. You will still be getting your log splitter with in 10 business days or less during a busy holiday season with bad weather that is shipping across the country. We appreciate your business and we are glad we were able to save you money and no sales tax on your log splitter. Enjoy your log splitter and Merry Christmas!

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I ordered the YU2866 log splitter from woodsplittersdirect.com and it arrived last week. This is a very heavy duty splitter with lots of extras (4 way split head, log shelves …). While assembly was straight forward, make sure you have two guys or a tractor (or some strapping/chain rig) to hold the beam vertically for a safe assembly. The B&S engine started first pull (and has done so every time since). Make sure to fill with included engine oil first! This is the most powerful splitter I have ever had and it goes through oak just about effortlessly. The rotating base plate is a novel design to add to the machines efficiency. I am a very happy customer.

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