YARDMAX 35 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter - Half Beam (YS3567)

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Product Description

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  • 35 tons of force — powered by Briggs & Stratton engines.
  • Log spinner foot plate easily rotates logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam.
  • Longer table length to accommodate up to 26" logs.
  • Oversized hydraulic components provide the shortest cycle time in its class.
  • Hydraulic oil filter is mounted inside the reservoir, eliminating damage from falling logs and operator entanglement.
  • Log stripper mounted to end of hydraulic cylinder to remove tough log jams.
  • Pair of log cradles — 2-positions, with option for mountable log table.

Please look through the Owners Manual or the Spec Sheet for full information.

Optional Cover:

Protect your log splitter with a cover! This heavy duty cover will keep your splitter out of the elements, and ready for work!  This log splitter cover is manufactured with PVC coated polyester to shield from water, UV, mildew and extreme temperatures. Made of a higher grade material than cheaper models and has draw string at the bottom to cinch up tight. Cover is optional for an extra fee, only available in black.

Optional Log Table: This optional add on durable steel table replaces the engine side log catcher. This will add valuable work space that measures 24" long and 12" wide. Scroll through pictures above to see this optional table installed on a log splitter.

Fluids are included with this log splitter. Some images show the log splitter with optional accessories which are not included with the log splitter.

Please note about residential / lift gate delivery:

You must select the $50 lift gate option if you can't unload the 700+ pound crate off the freight truck.

You will not have to pay the $50 charge if you can ship to a business and you can unload the crate off the back of the freight truck. Shipping to a business is your best choice if possible saving you $50. We can also ship to terminals for pick up.

These deliveries are "curb-side" only, please read the details about curb-side, lift gate and residential freight deliveries.

This log splitter may have a limited delivery area.  Some locations will be limited to commercial delivery only (including terminal pick up).  Some area's we may not be able to deliver to at all.  The following states may be some of the states affected:


If you would like to check ahead of time please email us or we will tell you after order if there is limitations.

Detailed Specifications

  • Engine: 306 CC's Briggs & Stratton
  • Splitting Wedge: 7" Sharpenable
  • Operating Position: Horizontal / Vertical
  • Force / Tonnage: 35 Ton (70,000lbs)
  • Cylinder: 5" x 24" / 2" rod
  • Cycle Time: 13 Seconds (Approx)
  • Log Opening: 26 Inches
  • Wheels & Tires: 4.80-8, DOT Approved 16" O.D. Road Tires
  • Road Towable: Yes - 2" Coupler & Safety Chains
  • Hydraulic Filter: Yes - Included
  • Log Strippers: Yes - Included
  • Safety Control Valve: Detent - Auto Return
  • 2 Stage Pump: Yes - 17 Gallons Per Minute
  • Log Cradles: Yes - Included
  • Operating Pressure: 3400 PSI
  • Crate Dimensions: 53"L x 26"W x 39"H
  • Consumer Warranty: 3-year limited by manufacturer
  • Weight: 552 LBS
  • Hydraulic Fluids: 4.5 Gallons Included
  • 4 Way Wedge: No - Not available
  • Dimensions: 100" x 48" x 37"
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • USA Made: No

Product Video Disclaimer: The 4-way wedge mentioned in this video is no longer available or included. This video was created by the manufacturer and WoodSplitterDirect.com is not responsible for any variances from what's shown in this video and the product you purchase. Please review all product specifications carefully before placing an order.

Shipping Disclaimer

Due to rising fuel costs and lack of space on shipping trucks the costs in certain areas have been affected. An "out of area" fee may be necessary. If additional funds are required to fulfill your order we will reach out to you after your order is placed and give you options including possible terminal pick up. (Read more about our shipping policy and how freight shipping works.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Solid Machine

Very Satisfied, the splitter was crated and packaged very well. The assembly was very easy with very good instructions and well prepared hardware package which cut down on assembly time. The splitter is very user friendly and it is strong.

Lawrence D.
It's a beast

It's a beast. Powers thru knots like butter. I highly recommend this splitter.

Jeffrey E.
Had it about 2 weeks now and have split around 3 cords of oak with it

Had it about 2 weeks now and have split around 3 cords of oak with it. This thing will split anything you put in it. I am very pleased. Beware that this needs to sit level when you run it or it will spew hydraulic fluid from a weep hole in the cap. Once I leveled it, no more problems. Advise 2 people to put it together although I did it myself.

James S.
Delivery truck on time

Delivery truck on time - Driver was very helpful getting the Yardmax up the driveway - Took me 5hrs putting it together-
helps to have a good jack handy- motor started right up-split some very tough wood like cheesecake.

John W.
Ordered and received the YARDM...

Ordered and received the YARDMAX 35 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter – Half Beam (YS3567). The assembly took ~ 3.5 hours. It was helpful to use the YARDMAX online video assembly along with the written directions. It definitely takes two people to assemble as it is very heavy. Sliding the beam into the pivot mount was awkward to keep the unit balanced. Assembly of the wheels was different between the online video and written directions. The video made attaching the axel and wheels a smoother process.
The engine started right up and ran great. The splitter splits oak rounds easily. The YARDMAX 35 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter is a high quality unit that is built to last.

John M.
Shipper would not deliver to m...

Shipper would not deliver to my area so have a plan if you have to remove this 550lb crate from your truck bed by hand.
Assembly took 3 hours and I do not recommend doing it all by yourself. It's just to heavy to balance. Assembly was pretty straight forward, I did step-by-step with a youtube video.
When it's time to install the stripper bolts in the trunion fitting, the holes did not line up very well, I had to fight a couple to make sure they wouldn't cross-thread. There are 6 bolts, 2 short and 4 long. Do not look at the directions when you try to figure out where the short bolts go. It' wrong!! Short bolts go in the lower forward holes!
You can't install the wheels on the installed axle without tilting the unit (this is where that helper comes in handy) because obviously, the wheels are in contact with the ground in the static position. How do they expect you to just slide the wheels onto the axle? Threads on the axles were sticky, so "hand tightening" the axle nut is not accurate. Run them in tight and back off, then spin the wheel to determine yourself how tight (spin easy, no wobble) to go.
The assembled unit is very heavy to move around by hand, so I am going to purchase a wheeled trailer jack to make it easier Plus, and this is a biggee, if you're going to hitch it up and the hitch is lower than the towing bar, you have to swing up the support bar up with your foot (and the release lever is tough when it's under load/weight, I broke the roll pin during this fiasco) while holding the towing bar up, just so you can lower the towing bar onto the ball. This is very difficult and dangerous.
Last note, make sure the unit is level when running. I thought I'd run it with it hitched to the truck for extra stability, but it was slightly at a downward angle. When I started the motor, it spewed hydraulic fluid out the vent cap and I lost about a pint of fluid on the ground. After leveling, it was fine.
Make sure to add the oil to the engine before starting! Add the whole bottle. Took about 15 pulls to get the motor to fire, but from then on, it's a one pull start. Unit is loud, including engine and all the other rattles. Wear hearing and eye protection, and some gloves!
This splitter is a beast! I split some huge green fir rounds and it will shear a huge knot right in half! I had to put some 2x4's around on the ground so the rounds would sit level when splitting because the surface of the foot of the splitter is 3" higher than the ground and a large round will sit at an angle, causing the splitter blade to not make good contact with the round. Be careful not to hit your head on the control lever while you're shuffling logs around too! Have fun! Be safe! Enjoy the therapy of splitting logs with hydraulics like I do!

Ordered this 35 ton log splitt...

Ordered this 35 ton log splitter and am very happy with it! The ordering process and delivery was flawless and the delivery driver was very helpful assisting to get the crate in the garage. Yardmax's instructions for set up were pretty straight forward and easy to follow. It did take a few hours to set up, but I was working by myself so with help it would go very quick. The ONLY issue I had was the set screw on the coupling from the motor to the hydraulic pump was loose so the keyway came out. I guess during shipment with the vibration it wiggled out. Not a big deal though, I put it back and tightened the screw and all was fine. The splitter works great so far. I haven't tried anything too big yet, but I do have some 30+" oak that I plan to work on in the next week or so.