Coolest Fire Pits

With warmer weather coming, you’ll be wanting to spend more time outdoors, but the evenings can still be chilly. That’s why we started looking around for some fabulous fire pit and fire feature articles to give you some creative ideas for sprucing up your outdoor space. If you’re a fan of fire pits and fire features, then you’re going to love the articles we’ve found for you. Whether you’re about to start a great fire pit or fire feature project in your outdoor space and are looking for some ideas, or you just love getting new creative ideas for how to dress up the fire pit or fire feature you already have, you’ll get some wonderful inspiration from these articles and the fabulous photographs that are included in them.

30 Cool Fire Pit Ideas

From small rustic models to thoroughly modern gas versions, Felicia Feaster writing for, brings us a myriad of fabulous fire pit options. Fabulous on a cool evening, your fire pit will become a great gathering spot for your friends and family to relax and hang out. Whether you want a real wood burning fire pit, or you’re looking for a gas version for ease of use, you’ll definitely find something in this article to suite your fancy or at least give you some creative places to start. Get all the great inspirational juice by reading the full article here.

10 Outdoor Fire Pits that will take a Backyard from Ordinary to Extraordinary

When you want to create a fire feature that’s going to impress, then you want to start by reading this article by Michelle Manetti for Michelle brings us some fabulous fire features that will take your outdoor living space from average to awesome. Perfect on those chilly nights, a fire feature is a great place to spend evenings with your friends and family. The gorgeous photographs of these amazing fire features are awe inspiring. Even if you can’t afford a fabulous fire pit like one these, you can create your own versions that will still make a dramatic impact on your outdoor space. Check out all the beautiful choices by reading the full article here.

The 10 Best Fire Pits for summer

It’s no surprise the folks over at have a hot line on the latest and greatest fire pit options available today, and writer Stephanie Schomer bring you some of the best in this article. From fabulous free standing pits made of stone, oxidized metal and even wood, to lovely built in options and gas powered choices that seem to meld the two, the variety of gorgeous fire pits shown in this article will blow your mind. Many of these options are even great for those summer time gatherings because they are built more for the light and effect than the actual heat of the fire. You’ll get a myriad of ideas on how to create a fire pit or fire feature in your backyard by checking out all the amazing choices in this incredible article.

We also have a large selection of fire pits to choose from including classic and collegiate Fire Pits.