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Why choose electric? Quiet, exhaust-free use and cost-effective maintenance make electric log splitters a simple and efficient solution to all your wood splitting needs. When it comes to finding the right electric log splitter to fit your purpose, you won't find a better selection than what we offer here at Wood Splitters Direct. Most splitters are 10-30% off MSRP during our annual sales event (sale prices are shown in bold).

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Electric Log Splitters: What They Can Offer You

Electric Log SplittersElectric log splitters are a great alternative to gas powered log splitters for a lot of reasons, but we'll just focus on the Top 3 Reasons We Recommend Electric Log Splitters.

First, they are significantly more quiet than gas log splitters. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that extended exposure to 85 Decibels or more can result in hearing damage, it's definitely worth being aware of.

According to Dangerous Decibels, for every 3dB (Decibels) over 85dB the "permissible exposure time" before damage to your hearing may occur is cut in half.

Decibels By Source

- City Traffic: Approx. 85dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 8 hours.

- Hair Dryer: Approx. 90dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 2 hours.

- Gas Mower: Approx. 94dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 1 hour.

- Chainsaw: Approx. 106dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 3.75 minutes.

- Rock Concert: Approx. 112dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 50 seconds.

- Leaf Blower: Approx. 115dB

+ Safe exposure time is about 30 seconds.


Second, of course, electric powered log splitters don't need gasoline or oil to operate. This means that you get to completely avoid the hassle of refilling tanks as well as inconvenient trips to the gas station when you realize you're backup gas can is completely empty. We all know it happens and we all know how damn frustrating it can be when you're primed to get some work done but have to spend time (and gas!) going into town first.

Third, but far from last, is the fact that you can safely use your electric log splitter indoors without needing special ventilation because there's no harmful exhaust. Not only does that make electric log splitters great for splitting wood in colder months when the last place you want to be is outside in a blizzard but it also makes electric log splitters inherently eco-friendly. Two birds with one stone, if you will.

Grading Your Electric Splitter

Electric log splitters come in three different grades based on usage. Generally speaking, Consumer Grade is for light use, Prosumer Grade is for medium use, and Professional Grade is for commercial use. Here at Wood Splitters Direct we carry all three grades with electric log splitters for sale ranging from svelte 4 ton units to buff 20 ton machines. This gives electric wood splitters a great working range ideal for just about any project or job you have in mind.

Don't forget to take a look at our "Electric Log Splitters - Selecting the Right One" and "Electric Log Splitters Have Advantages" articles to learn even more about which electric splitter will work best for you!

Electric Log Splitter Grades by TonnageConsumer Grade Electric Log Splitters

Machines with up to 10 tons of splitting force; most operate using standard 110 outlets.

These electric log splitters, also known as compact electric log splitters do to their convenient size, are mostly for individuals planning on splitting smaller logs or for someone who's just getting into machine log splitting for the first time.

Consumer Grade splitters are ideal for splitting an occasional batch of firewood for fun gatherings with friends and family around the back yard fire pit, weekend - or week long - camping adventures, or snuggling up with a good book in front of the fireplace on quiet winter nights. Perfect for casual use; hassle free and inexpensive.

This grade of electric log splitter is very mobile friendly and great for use in garages, shops, or right next to the firewood rack you keep on the deck.

Two of our most popular Consumer Grade Electric Log Splitters are the 10 Ton Boss Electric Log Splitter, and the new Timber Champ 7 Ton Electric Kinetic Log Splitter that has a blazing cycle time of 2 seconds.

Prosumer Grade Electric Log Splitter

Machines ranging from 12 tons to 16 tons of splitting force; most operate using standard 110 outlets but may have options to be wired for 220 outlets.

These electric log splitters are a fairly big "step up" in power from their Consumer Grade cousins. This grade leaves the "compact" design behind in exchange for the more traditional style and size seen in gas log splitters models.

Prosumer Grade splitters are ideal for handling larger logs and also have a noticeably faster cycle time than Consumer Grade electric log splitters. This makes Prosumer splitters a great choice for those who want to produce firewood in larger quantities suitable for regular firewood consumption; as a viable fuel source.

This grade of electric log splitter is easily towable around your property and many models have options for an upgrade to a full road towable package.

One of our most popular Prosumer Grade Electric Log Splitters is the 16 Ton Ram Splitter Electric Log Splitter.

Professional Grade Electric Log Splitters

Machines over 16 tons of splitting force; may require specialized outlets - always be sure to do your research before purchasing a Professional Grade splitter to ensure compatibility!

These electric log splitters are made for the heavy duty user that wants to not only split bigger rounds but also to crank out some serious amounts of firewood; either as a major fuel source for personal use or in volumes conducive to profitable firewood sales.

This Professional Grade log splitter comes standard with a tow package that allows you to safely tow your Professional Grade electric log splitter on the road.

One of our most popular Professional Grade Electric Log Splitters is the American Made 22 Ton Horizontal Vertical Electric Log Splitter from Swisher.