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Reviews for Wood Splitters Direct

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Totally amazing trail cutter

I put the Swisher RC14544CPKA trail cutter to the ultimate test last weekend on a Virginia mountain top. The trail cutter chewed through 7-8 foot tall grass and weeds with no problem at all. It also chewed through 3 inch saplings like butter. The Kawasaki engine has plenty of power and never slowed down once. I cleared about 4 acres of very overgrown brush and saplings in about 5 hours using the highest setting on the mower and going about 5 MPH on my ATV. It should also be noted that the fuel efficiency of the unit is great. I'm very pleased with the purchase, shipping, and price from Wood Splitters Direct. It's an amazing machine and I would definitely purchase again!!

Detail K2 MMT5X7G Utility Trailer
Michael H. (Stevensville, US)
Quality Assurance??

After nearly three months, my DK2 trailer finally just arrived. Even the delivery truck driver said he'd never seen a box/carton as destroyed as this one! While it works, it isn't without damage; five rivets in the main bed popped out and are missing likely weakening the overall structure. One corner and a side rail of the main bed are bent and not flush like the other corners/sides. And one of the side rail exterior posts was damaged and had to be bent with a crowbar in order to complete assembly. Finally the manual and assembly instructions had at least 2 distinct errors calling for incorrect bolt sizes. Luckily all the parts were there and we figured it out but quality assurance is lacking to say the least. Will be calling the seller to share feedback and ask about options.

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delivery issue. This is not a 'Quality' issue. The pictures clearly show a freight damage issue. If the driver of the company it was shipped with said he 'never seen one damaged this bad' is basically admitting they did not handle that shipment with care. In the future if you ever get a package that is this damaged when it shows up you may want to refuse the shipment for damage. Then it can be arranged to ship another one out. For this one we can put you in touch with DK2 as they ship direct to you, or you can contact them via the support number in the manual for anything you may need. Please let us know if you need help contacting them. We will pass along the information to DK2 to look into the incorrect bolt sizes in the manual.

Thank you, WSD

Detail K2 MMT5X7G-DUG Utility Trailer
Brian E. (Marcus Hook, US)
Very Happy

Received the Detail K2 MMT5X7G-DUG Utility Trailer and assembled it. It was pretty straight forward and went together relatively easily. Added a jack from Tractor Supply to it for ease of function. It hauls straight and solid behind my Ford Fusion. Looks and works great.

Dosko Swivel Stump Grinder (337S-13HC)
William L. (Cleveland, US)
Nice first run with Dosko 337S

I'm pretty happy with my first run with my new Dosko Stump Grinder. The Honda engine starts easily. The teeth were taking out a fair amount of material. The job was removing a massive oak stump 5.5 sneaker lengths across down 12-18 inches ... a very big stump. I did not notice a decline in the sharpness over the job despite some rocks.
The one negative is that the debris guards are a bit small. You have more flying debris than I'm used to from comparable models. I broke a window more than 10 foot away from the stump. This safety negative is offset by the swivel feature which is a really big plus.

Woodchuck Timberjack Log Jack (WTJ)
John A. (Rochester, US)
Woodchuck Timberjack Log Jack

Works as advertized! So far, I have cut about 30 Logs of various diameters and lengths. This product is strong, sturdy, light weight, and was able to handle some very large logs. Well worth the investment! Ordered this product late on Thursday and received it by 10 AM on Saturday morning just in time to start working on my log pile.

Maxim Mini MAX First Use

Good price, Easy to order through Wood-splitters Direct, Quickly shipped, Easy to Assemble. (One part for the handle attachment was not threaded correctly. The company quickly replaced the part.) It starts easily, runs smooth, no adjustments were needed.

Good addition

Good addition to the tool set, as I aged, had to give up the maul. Love the machine.

28 Ton Splitter

Log splitter arrived as promised. Assembly took about 70 minutes with the help of an overhead chain hoist. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Only problem was 1 dust cap was a little loose but with a little stretching it seems to be holding tight. 2 pulls and the engine fired right up. Has a good cycle time and plenty of power. Would recommend.

Close but no cigar

Had to put the drawbar with adjusments on by myself not an easy task. Where it bolted onto the outside front it should have been made to bolt on the inside because the height adjustment doesn't clear it so you can't get full height of the deck.

Detail K2 OPC566E Wood Chipper
Mark V. (Lake Elsinore, US)
Perfect size machine for our property

We have our home on just under 2.5 acres of Coastal Oak and Manzanita in a “red” fire zone - our community is really good about fire safety and prep but most homes don’t have as many trees as we do - we wanted to be able to chip everything we won’t split and burn at the same time we are doing the trimming and clean up - while the OPC566 is rated six inch - we won’t ever be trying to chip that large a piece but the Oak brush and trimmings are very unwieldy and the larger throat and feed means we don’t have to cut down our trimmings just to fit the chipper. The chipper tows easily behind our Kawasaki Mule and we just take it out with us when we go out to clean up or trim. Gas tank is a little awkward to fill if you are shorter - combination of the location on the engine and the engine being high on the machine, my wife will need a stepstool (under 5’). The lower angle of the feed shoot means that it's very easy to feed - a problem on some other designs if you are short. While chippers are noisy, the loudest point is in front of the feed chute and the rest of the machine is actually smoother and quieter than expected - a nice surprise. Discharge is great for throwing the chips but a bit high angled for making a pile near the machine - perfect for pitching them into a vehicle though. We are only two tanks of gas into the machine (only had it for two days so far) but are really pleased with the performance. Kohler engine deserves a mention - but its a Kohler - it just works. Assembly? It was harder to pull apart the crate than assemble the machine - no the instructions aren't perfect or detailed to the last degree but we didn't have any questions or difficulties once we found a big enough wrench for the axle nuts. The instructions in the crate were not as complete as the PDF information on the web - but nothing was difficult or required modifications to assemble and operate.

Detail K2 OPC566E Wood Chipper
Monty G. (Venus, US)
Instructions Not Clear

I have not had an opportunity to use my new DK2 but my concern is with the installation and user manual. It does not explain some of the following:
- What is the extra bolt for on the hitch;
- How to raise the hitch;
- What are the different positions on the electric key starter;
- How to operate the emergency shut off

Also when I did try to reach out to technical support I had to call customer service and they had to transfer me. For three days the transfer would get cut off. Initially they would not give me a direct line. I learned that the technical help desk is on east coast time and the customer service hours are west coast, thus making it difficult to contact technical assistance early morning. I was finally given a number but suggest that in the telephone prompts there be one for technical assistance.

Swisher rough cut

Have used a few times on some large weeds and heavy grass. Worked very well. It's all about the engine, Kawasaki.

Swisher 44" Pull Behind Rough Cut Mower

I ordered and received a Swisher 44" Rough Cut Mower from Wood Splitters Direct. They were very knowledgeable about the product line and kept me informed about the estimated ship date. The mower I s a Beast. I'm very happy with the mower and Wood Splitters Direct. I would definitely order from them again.

Fairly happy

Works better than expected. Only complaint is the brake cable is fraying after 3 hrs of use, I’m currently waiting for a email response about the issue.

Bought for my dad, it’s definitely heavy duty, assembly went ok, it started right up and mows well, just waiting for the ground to dry up so we can really use it

It's a monster, once I use it we will review

Love the product and it does exactly as I wanted it to do.

Order was incomplete

Splitter came incomplete without the ordered wheel fenders that were supposed to be in box. Were listed on the packing sheet with splitter but no where to be found. Splitter took awhile to assemble, but is a very quality product. Just wish order was fulfilled correctly as described. Stacey was pleasant to communicate with and got back to me fast

Gas Tank to small

The mower works great and is made of high quality material and gets the job done. I tow it behind a 60 inch Dixie Chopper. Only reason I will not give it a 5 star is the the 2 1/2 gallon gas tank is to small for cutting the 5 1/2 acres. I have to stop and fill it up at just about half way through the cut. My mower holds 6 gallons and I could get two cuts out of it before buying the Swisher just to save time. Other than the gas usage, it works great.

Super fast

Much more efficient than my hydraulic splitter. I actually look forward to using it because there is no time wasted.

love the speed

had it for a couple weeks, so fast ,can split a winters worth of wood in a day.
should last a long time, at that usage, and if stored properly. Super super so far.

Heavy duty

Took a month to get which wasn’t a big deal since I ordered it way before I needed it. Have not used it yet but will be in another month or so. Looks to be the heaviest made splitter I have seen

Fine product

It took a few weeks for me to need the splitter I bought but it hooked up as expected. Ten minutes in parts came out of the back of hydraulic control valve, it was still functional if you fiddled wit the lever so I finished up what needed done. Called Woodsplitterdirect next day and they turned it over to the manufacturer. The manufacturer called within minutes and based on pictures I sent they determined I was only missing the snap ring since I had found a metal disc on the ground. Promised to send a new snap ring priority mail, a week later I picked one up at hardware store and still have not seen the one promised. This was a minor issue and easily fixed for under a dollar but had it been a bigger issue I have to wonder if the manufacturer would be responsive. The distributor Woodsplitterdirect was on top of their responsibility and I would certainly recommend them. The product works well now and is well constructed, overall satisfied with the product I just hope I don’t need more support from manufacturer


Love it

Maxim® 48" Tow Behind Spike Aerator (MSAT48)


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