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Reviews for Wood Splitters Direct

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Good addition

Good addition to the tool set, as I aged, had to give up the maul. Love the machine.

28 Ton Splitter

Log splitter arrived as promised. Assembly took about 70 minutes with the help of an overhead chain hoist. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Only problem was 1 dust cap was a little loose but with a little stretching it seems to be holding tight. 2 pulls and the engine fired right up. Has a good cycle time and plenty of power. Would recommend.

30 Ton Upside Down Skid Steer Log Splitter Attachment 6 Way Wedge (SSUD30-6Way)

YARDMAX 25 Ton Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter (YU2566)

I’m very happy with quality

At 61 I’m forced to purchase a splitter because of the amount of wood I use. This is a high-quality piece of equipment that works great for my needs. I didn’t want another engine especially gas powered to take care of and having this 3 point splitter off the back of my 50 hp Kubota adjusting it to my height and working comfort is a big plus. I should’ve bought THIS splitter along time ago. Love the two direction split option.

That thing a beauty!!!

Easy to use and works great! Kids can use it no problem!

Great Company and Product!

Great company, customer service, and product. I would recommend to everyone who will listen!

Log Splitter Cover

I have not received my Log Splitter Cover as of today 3/15/21

Yardmax 25 ton log splitter initial chapter

Goal here is a helpful review: Purchased from Wood Splitters Direct in OR. Best price, terms, communication. They all ship from IL. Availability is on-and-off due to supply chain and demand. Excellent shipping crate packaging. Packing hardware is Metric as is log splitter hardware. Got mine in early Dec. 2020. About 3 cords of wood so far.
Get a “Briggs & Stratton 5081k Maintenance Meter” while you are waiting for delivery of your log splitter, cost about 25-30 dollars. Well worth it to properly time the care for your new engine.
Residential delivery is not available in all areas, had to pick mine up at the shipping terminal.
Review the assembly video several times and note the cautions about stability! I changed the assembly order by installing the axle and wheels as early as safely possible (before raising the beam vertical) to enhance stability and maintain solo assembly capability.
Download the owner’s manuals for both the log splitter and engine; and review them in detail.
The Yardmax oil that comes with the unit is made in China and is not graded to any API standards; therefore, it does not meet Briggs & Stratton warranty standards. I DID NOT use it. Use a quality synthetic oil graded by API as SM or SN or newer. Use the Yardmax oil to lube the chain on your chain saw. The Yardmax manual says the engine arrives without oil. Mine did have some oil in it (about a cup) that I drained before filling with high quality synthetic oil (16 – 20 oz.). Engine manufactures often test-run new engines then don’t fully drain them. DO “run-in” the engine for 5 hrs (about an hour at a time) at varying rpm unloaded and then change the oil per the maint. schedule. While doing initial engine run-in, occasionally exercise the unloaded hydraulic system after warmup.

25 ton is plenty for non-commercial use and has a quick cycle time with the 4” cylinder.
Recommend Log Table and cover. Design is strong and clean. All good for a DIY, quality tools, demand reliability kind of guy.

Better than you can imagine.

I have split white oak, laurel stumps and maple directly through knots, wyes, and whatever else. The laurel stumps reset the motor fuse after 5 or 6 hits but they were the toughest wood I have ever tried to split. Fast cycle time, clean, and no maintenance. I would never ever use a hydraulic splitter ever again.

Arrived within promised time, straightforward assembly, worked flawlessly.

This review is about the Brave 3 point hitch mounted 20 ton log splitter.

I am 70. Splitting logs with a sledge and wedge was becoming time poorly spent.

Before making my decision, I studied available information about different styles: electric, gas powered, PTO powered, and 3 point hitch models. The 3 point hitch model seemed the right one.

When I contacted the customer service people at “Wood Splitters Direct”, I spoke with a knowledgeable woman who knew the product lines, and gave me some good information. Hence my decision to buy the Brave 20ton splitter.

If you plan to split wood for personal use, this is definitely a very good investment in one’s personal time and energy.

Thanks to the people at “Wood Splitters Direct”


30 ton skid steer splitter works very well

I just received my 30 Ton Upside Down Skid Steer Log Splitter Attachment 6 Way Wedge (SSUD30-6Way). I attached it to my Case 450 and connected the hydraulic hoses very easily. I did have to cut the attachment holes a little bigger by about 1/4" to fit my loader attachment. Then I was off to splitting wood. So far I'm very impressed with the power and ease of use. Large clean and knotty logs split easily into 6 pieces and the pieces fell out of the wedges with no more than a couple of bounces of the loader arms. The splitter seems very solid, the welds look good, and the hydraulic hoses and ends are good quality. Made in USA! I'm looking forward to splitting wood for once!!

Iron and oak 24 ton

Wood splitters direct was great to work with, shipping was super fast. Log plotter came in a crate in perfect condition and exceeds my needs and expectations. I purchased the iron and oak splitter not only for the value in it, but it’s made in the USA. Thank you wood splitters direct and Stacy for the help!

It's what I expected.

The good: splitter, PTO pump, 4-way wedge, and cradles are of decent quality. Using this on a 2016 Kubota L2501, I had no issues with the gnarliest maple/beech/oak I could find. Cycle time is satisfactory at 540 RPM. The cradles aren't very robust but they do the job. 4-way wedge can be a PIA but is overall worth it.
The not so good: A) PTO pump kit does not have all the parts required and there is no spec sheet. I needed to buy a fitting for the suction side between the 90 degree elbow and the barbed receiver for the hose. WSD and the manufacturer were receptive to my requests for the spec sheet and I had a good conversation with the manufacturer but nobody followed through with the spec sheet. B) I can't say I understand some of the fabrication choices; there is one hydraulic line behind the wedge that rests on the reservoir. So far not a huge deal other than worn off paint on the reservoir but I'm curious how that hydraulic connection will hold up over time due to the contact/impact. C) The stabilizer bracket for the PTO pump is garbage. The holes did not line up with the threads on the pump so I tossed it and fabricated my own. 
The neutral: It was painted the wrong color. To be fair, the manufacturer offered to repaint it but I didn't feel it was worth the effort. We're trying to split wood, not win fashion shows. 
Overall: the splitter gets 4 stars, pump setup gets 2. I recommend the splitter but if you're considering the PTO pump be prepared for some troubleshooting.

Nice log splitter

Overall I’m happy with my purchase. Ordering was easy, pricing was fair (no sales tax is a bonus!), and the shipping was fast. I really like this log splitter. It came mostly assembled and well crated. A few bolts and you’re up and running. This thing is well built and very heavy duty. Splits logs fast (roughly 6 second cycle time) and is very powerful. I like that is has a stand and is easily connected or disconnected. I only have a couple issues. First is that the hoses don’t come with the connectors, (which I understand given the variety of setups) but there is no information available on what is needed. An owners manual is provided on the website, but it just calls for 1/2” NPT quick connects. However the hoses come with female 1/2” seal-lok / ORFS fittings. So you will need a 1/2” male ORFS to 1/2” NPT adapter if you are using typical ISO hydraulic quick connects. These adapters are hard to come by and not generally stocked locally. I had to order my online which led to unnecessary down time. My other issue is the connection to the lower 3 point arms. Again, no hardware is provided for these. I ended up picking up some lower link pins to bolt on to the splitter for ease of use in the future. Once you’re set up you’re good, but knowing this in advance would have been very helpful. Hopefully this helps someone else.

Save your money !!

Unless you only handle little pieces under 8 inch dia . Its way to heavy on it own then to pick up green oak rounds . The construction is good , great paint job ( Its so good that the pinch arm wont move freely ) . So i go to my seasoned hard wood pile is wont grip because its to hard. So save your money and get a dolly !!!

So far so so !!

The machine is a beast will split most if not all at idle . But, make sure the hoses are all clamped and tight ( even under the decking ) !!!! That means factory installed too . The hose on the hydraulic filter blew off after 1 hr . It will empty the machine in seconds . Called them sent pic and showed them it was missing a clamp . They are cutting me a check for more fluid . Another minor issue is the base plate . If your log is not cut straight or has a crotch it will pop off when splitting . I would still recommend this machine . Once you see it , feel it and run it WOW !! Mine is a minor set back which is why it got a 3 star .

Needs improvement

Three things would make this log splitter excellent.

1. Giving us an adjustable jack OR a mount that makes changing the jack stand easy.
2. Raising the beam 6 inches- I am 6' tall and the work surface feels 6 inches too low, this hurts my back after an hour of splitting
3. Why is the wheel directly in front of the workspace? This creates an awkward work area and is in no way ergonomic - I'm sure you could have adjusted the beam farther back so the user could have clear access to the splitting area while still allowing them to reach the hydraulic valve.

Another Con is that my splitter arrived with peeling paint.

Other than that the cycle time is good and the engine starts on the first pull.

Yardmax insulation Earl Teal

So for it was very easy to put together. I will try to start it up Saturday on 11/14/2020 I have a lot of log to split. I will write another review once I'm done splitting


Just recieved my 25 ton half beam log splitter the other day(thanks for the fast shipment). A couple of my co-workers had it put together before I could even tell them what to do(I had viewed the video a couple times to make sure I knew what I was doing). The only thing I wished was that I would have recieved the 4 way splitter as part of the package. Other than that I have already split about half a chord and I could not be more pleased. Two of the main selling points of this unit was the 4 way splitter and the fact the hydrualic control was mounted on the top of the unit. I did not recieve a 4 way splitter and my hydrualic controls are mounted on the side opposite the engine. That being said overall I feel good about the unit it only bogged down a couple of times and then it powered through the log. Great unit for a homeowner like me. My research was rather extensive on which log splitter to buy. I am so glad I found this company and found this unit.

Thank you for your review. I could not find your name in our system as a customer. This may explain why you were under the impression you got a 4 way wedge. At one time YardMax did include 4 way wedges quite awhile ago. We however, do not indicate in our listings that a 4 way wedge will be or was included when they stopped including them.

It’s a BEAST

I love my Brave 30 Ton splitter.
I have used it every day since I got it.
It splits everything! Knotted elm stumps. Hickory, white oak, red oak, osage orange (tough stuff).
My wood pile has grown.
5 foot high 60 feet long 18-20 inch cuts. Made In USA! Great customer service. Prompt shipping.
Very satisfied customer!

As Advertised

As Advertised!

I ordered the YS2565 25 ton half beam log splitter and it was delivered on time. Ordering it over the phone was a breeze. Kudos to your sales department.It took me approximatelly 4 hours to assemble it. The directions were easy with the accompanying chart that contained the required parts for each step. I used the log splitter the next day and it worked fine on some oak I needed to store for the upcoming winter. A small complaint would be that the Briggs and Stratton Operators Manual was poorly written and their customer service terrible.

Thanks for a pleasant buying experience.


The best 7 ton log splitter I could find anywhere.

The Powerhouse 7 Ton Electric log splitter is the best log splitter I have ever used. Tried them all and this brand has the best performance, durability, ease of use, warranty, customer service and parts availability. I first purchased many years ago after trying other brands that did not measure up in my opinion. This log splitter has never given me any trouble. I gave mine to a friend that really needed one. He needed to replace a handle he lost moving the splitter home. The company actually had replacement parts. That is unheard of today. I went straight back and bought another one from Powerhouse. I will always do business with that company. They take care of the customer with respect. Great log splitter, great company. Very happy customer.

Excellent splitter for price

Received product - was packaged in a wood crate, well constructed. Instructions for assembly were easy to follow. Splitter rus great! fast and reliable! Highly recommend it!

Awesome Machine

I love this splitter it is fast and has plenty of power even at low engine one speed. The unit seems to be very well built at an affordable price.


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