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Very good out of the box....a few modifications to make it excellent!

First off my experience with Woodsplitterdirect was exemplary. They communicated effectively throughout the order fulfillment process and I received my new splitter in excellent condition and in a very realistic amount of time. A+

I was able to assemble the splitter in a few hours (thanks to having a tractor with a loader to lift the beam to the horizontal position). All the parts were well labeled and the instructions were logical and well ordered. Once assembled the Honda engine started on the first pull. The splitter made quick work splitting some gnarly Ash logs, where it could not split a log it literally cut it in half! Wow.

I did notice right away that I would need to make a few modifications to take this splitter from good to excellent.

1. The tongue weight on this beast of a machine is quiet impressive. I have not used a scale to measure it but I would guess it's at least 150lbs. The metal post that is provided as a tongue support makes it hard to lift and move the machine to the hitch on my ATV. I swapped out the post for a wheeled dolly and the issue is resolved.
2. The log cradles provided with the splitter are ineffective and are just too small to support a log. I was able to solve this issue by removing the support on the operator side and with the use of a few pieces of scrape unistrut I bolted the removed support to the opposite side to make an effect log cradle. Issue resolved.
3. The hydraulic valve on the splitter is mounted to the cylinder by a single fitting. Activating the splitter puts stress on this connection and after only a few minutes of use the hydraulic valve rotates and causes the fitting to loosen. You have to retighten the fitting or it will begin to leak. I was able to resolve this issue by using a piece of 1/4" angle iron and a hose clamp to secure the hydraulic value securely in place. Issue resolved.

Even with these few modifications I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and I am looking forward to years of service from this amazing splitter!

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and helpful review. We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and that our customer service met your expectations. We appreciate your suggestions for modifications and will definitely pass them along to the manufacture to take them into consideration for future improvements. Happy splitting!


Solid Product - Works Great

Solid piece of equipment. Easy to assemble. And worked great on my sod replacement project. Saved me a lot of hard work with a shovel and did an even job of taking out the sod level.

Great to hear Mark! We appreciate the review and the business.


Iron & Oak upside down wood splitter

Machine is just like it appears on the website.. Ready to go for next wood season. Purchasing was easy, Recommended for 2future buys. A++++

Thanks Derick! I thought that splitter would do the trick for you. Let us know if you need anything else.


Delivered as promised

Arrived on time and in perfect condition. All setup and ready to go. We have not broke it in yet but will be soon. I would order from here again in the future if I need anything else.

Thanks Matt. Enjoy the new Mudmixer! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.


**** of a machine for the money

My first job unfortunately was to bury a full size doe. Someone hit it and knocked it into our yard. The machine was easy to put together with two men. Heavy metal with beautiful welds. Just understand it’s not a caterpillar or a case, use it like it’s supposed to be used, and it will dig very nicely. I can’t wait till my next project. I’ve never really used a backhoe and I was feeling pretty comfortable with the controls in my first hour of use.

Hi Brent, Awesome glad to hear you love your digger. They give you a lot of bang for your buck and very affordable for what you get. Thanks for leaving a review!


Good splitter but note about assembly

The Brave 30 ton splitter with the Honda GX200 engine arrived in a timely manner with no issues. However, upon assembly after opening the crate and getting the manual out, I discovered that 32mm and 38mm crow foot wrenches are needed in order to properly torque down the nuts that are inaccessible by a socket. No local stores had these two tools, so I had to order them online causing a day’s delay in getting the splitter assembled. I feel that Brave could have easily included these two tools in the box of hardware at a minimal cost. Be careful putting on the oil filter holder. I didn’t hold it securely enough with a wrench, so now it’s on crooked which is not esthetically pleasing to look at. The optional oil change hose is not needed and didn’t fit anyway. There is a little sticker on the main beam that says made in China. Apparently, the splitter is made of US made parts, but the mainframe is foreign made. Once it was assembled, the log splitter has a solid, deluxe look and feel to it.

Hi John, Thanks for your review and notes. It looks like you got the wrong oil change hose to fit your engine. We have corrected this and we apologize for that. The oil change hose does work very well for when you change the oil in the engine as it streams in a nice flow out and not just dumping on the frame of the log splitter etc making it more messing to deal with. The weldment is imported from China, the rest is assembled in the USA. If you want a 'USA made' classed log splitter please check out the Iron & Oak brand (sister company to Brave). As far as using the crowfoot, if you want exact torque settings then the crowfoot is handy. If you want to tighten without exact torque specs then that is not needed. I did bring your comments to the manufactures attention and they have actually been discussing adding the wrenches in the past. Another option they have talked about is assembling the fittings on the pump in house as well.

Thanks again and enjoy the splitter!


Time saver

Used the splitter to split up Red oak logs with an older 763 Bobcat. The wood was fresh cut, green. On bigger diameter logs (12" or more) you need to nip the top to get the logs split then grab log again lower for 6 way split. On smaller logs I would grab the log set on top of another log, release and grab again in order to get smaller log all the way to the top to get a 6 way split. It is definitely messier, leaving more kindling than a traditional splitter. Only a couple items I would change; the side blades have a single bevel on the cutting edge and bent. A double bevel (which I will grind) would be a better option, I think. The push plate could stand to be a little closer to the main wedge as some logs do not clear the 6-way blades. The hoses need a protective cover and a way to clamp them to the splitter to keep them off of the ground.
Overall, a real time saver. Split a 20' trailer load and a half, of green red oak in a few hours and hardly no handling, pushing, pulling or lifting.

Thanks for the pictures and the suggestions! We will pass that information on. Definitely the smaller the rounds with a 6 way wedge will make smaller pieces of firewood and if your a bit off center then some will come out small. Glad to hear you are happy and saving time!

Thanks, WSD

JRCO Blower Buggy (601.JRC)
Richard O. (Fairview, US)
What a labor saver for blowing my huge property!

Well built and designed to accommodate my large Billy Goat blower. Man what a labor saver for a very difficult job blowing the huge quantity of leaves that I need to clean up each fall. Attached to a John Deere Z445. Only concern is that it is really heavy (with the large blower) and I am concerned about stressing the Z445. Working on attaching it to the front end of my Gator TX instead. More guts!

Hi Richard, Thank you for your business. You will defiantly save time with this purchase. Let us know if you need anything else.


Works on my Kubota B26 with 3rd function kit and quick connect. Probably works a little slower than a skidsteer, but not bad. No more lifting logs or positioning them on my knees for the wood splitter! Pickup a log and split as I'm placing it on top of the wood pile. Very heavy duty steel. Only negative is, no four way splitting option.

Hi Tim,

That Iron & Oak is built like a tank! Thanks for leaving a review, we appreciate it.


I’m very impressed. I put it together and fired it up. No issues. Used the ripping tooth and was able to dig up a 6” maple tree. The clips for the two bucket pins will pop off if you rub against something. Might think about a different setup for the bucket pins. I’m missing two now! Looking forward to doing some more projects.

Hi Robert, great to hear! Thanks for letting us know about your satisfaction with the trencher, we appreciate it.


Very happy with purchase

I contacted to ask a few questions about the backhoe and the person who answered was very helpful. They told me at that time that there were only a couple left a couple days ago so they may be out by time I order but get them in very often. Sure enough upon ordering I got notification they were out but expected more within a week. A couple days later I got notification it had shipped.
The local branch of the shipping service called me to set up delivery before they had even received it. We set up a date and they told me I would be notified about 1 hour before delivery. They were within 5 minutes of that hour and dropped it on my trailer for me. Delivery man was great so i bought his lunch.
Upon starting assembly we used a tractor to lift the heavier parts from the crate, then cut the crate open to access the main frame. The directions weren't perfect but we were able to use them to figure out assembly and it went together without a hitch. We filled it with oil, fresh gas, and hydraulic fluid. We turned on the gas, cranked it, and the bugger fired right up and ran smooth.
I had a bunch of trenches to dig for a septic project and the thing digs great. It's a little slow moving it, but i was able to creap it anywhere i needed it. We found it digs just fine at about half throttle, so never run it on high. The controls, especially the pivot side to side are somewhat jerky but i expect that to improve as it breaks in and i get better running it.
I love it, no regrets buying it at all. Also no regrets getting it from I'm a vey happy customer.

Glad to hear you love your new trencher. I am glad we were able to get one out to you quickly. These tend to go in and out of stock but seem to get replenished fairly quick. Thanks for your positive review, we appreciate your business!



I just wanted to update my review on my three point, 20 ton splitter. I'm very pleased with Wood Splitter Direct's help line when I had a problem. I also am pleased with the owner of the manufacturing company (Doug). He had me return the splitter and rebuilt me a different unit with new valve. I have used the unit and I'm am surprised by the speed and power. It's a 20 splitter that will do most of what I'll ever throw at it. I like having it on the back of the tractor. I can adjust the height and the whole operation is so much quieter. I don't have a gas engine blasting in my ears and stinky gas fumes going in my lungs.
Thank you Doug!!

Hi Scott,

Glad to hear we got everything squared away. Thanks for the business and the time to leave a review. Please let us know if you need anything else.


Great Experience with this Machine

I’m a one man band on my ranch, and the Mudmixer has made it possible for me to complete small batch concrete jobs efficiently and effectively. The Mudmixer works as advertised. I like being able to turn it off mid job to move it or deal with the various things that pop up when you’re pouring a slab. With the Mudmixer I’ll be able to pave the whole place one 4x4 slab at a time!

Great to hear you are getting work done faster! Thanks for the review and your business.


Beastly splitter!

Absolutely love the Brave 30 ton w/Honda 200 GX engine. It assembled perfectly. The I-beam/hydraulic cylinder component is 350 lbs so a friend comes in handy while attaching it. Remember you’ll need 8.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid. Only quibble is the log holders should be a made from thicker gauge steel to prevent bending. I’ve been slaying gnarly hardwoods of all types flawlessly. The Honda engine starts first pull. It’s remarkably quiet and sips fuel. Wood Splitters direct shipped promptly and item arrived unscathed. Very satisfied.

Hi Chris. Nice looking woodpile! Great to hear you love your Brave. They make a great log splitter. Thanks for the review.



Just gonna be honest. I do have mixed feelings at this time. I ordered the extended splitter ( 30" opening) for boiler logs. It actually measures a bit less than 29". Yes I can adjust my rounds to fit. But the description read that it would be 30" inches and the splitting ram hits up hard on the end plate. I'll share a picture of this. I'm not real impressed with the table I had them add. It's small and doesn't do much for the bigger rounds. Also after an hour of splitting I could smell hydraulic oil. The valve assembly is leaking at the spool.
I have this hooked up to a Massey Ferguson 34hp compact tractor. I ran it at around 2100 rpms. The speed of the ram surprised me (I'm please with that). 20 tons seems to be doing good. I tried a couple of nasty rounds (real nasty) and it didn't make it through them. Bigger is better but I went way over my budget with the 20 ton. I couldn't convince my self I had to have 30 ton.
Now, I am pleased with my buying experience with Wood Splitter Direct. They kept me informed on how my order was coming along and when it was to be shipped out. I'm not sure I can give a fair review at this time, only because I haven't talked with the company yet.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for leaving a review. I have put you in touch with the tech support from the manufacture so they can trouble shoot with you. Sorry about the inconvenience, we will work with you to get this resolved.



Built a 4x8 dolly to help move it from the street to the garage were a chain hoist is set up. Well the shipper sent me a txt saying he was 40 min out. Since that was the first time hearing from the shipping company I was not home. I told him I was 1 hour away and heading home. He texted me when I was 13 miles from the house and told me he was just going to drop it and "Sign" for me. So much for the pre-sign inspection. Had to drag it to the shop with my truck. Bad shipping gets a bad review.

Hi Will,

Nice looking dolly! I am guessing since you were a rural delivery they didn't have an exact time they were going to be there. They should have gave you a window for sure and they usually will not sign for you unless they had your permission. The delivery was curbside only so sounds like everything worked out other than you were not there. Enjoy your new beast of a log splitter! We will send your comments to the shipping people about your experience. Sorry if it was an inconvenience.



I have yet to use the unit as I am waiting for a new 20 amp circuit to be installed, but and VERY impressed with the quality of the product, VERY. I expect it will work well.

Great to hear! We hope you get splitting wood soon! Thanks for the review.


Dosko Stump Grinder (691SP-20HE)
Kaleb K. (Cleveland, US)
Build Quality Issues

Upon receiving the unit, I had several minor issues including small metal balls in the gas tank, extra weld material preventing clevis pin insertion for handle installation, and several nuts missing washers.

The most concerning was a metal piece falling off of the clutch assembly before 10 hours of use. The metal piece extended through a hole in the belt cover facing the operator, and developed a vibration against the cover due to improper alignment. This vibration was short lived until it broke the metal piece off of the assembly.

The balance of the machine is great, drive wheels work well, and engine runs great. The build quality is not in line with the purchase price, though. Some of the controls, including the pull switch to allow the engine to run, are made of cheap and thin plastic and seem fragile.

JRCO Blower Buggy (601.JRC)
Bill h. (Columbus, US)

I was floored at the price. Thought that I would make my own
Instructions written by someone in China
Am I happy with it
You bet that I am
Get over the initial shock and use it for a while you, ll love it
Two things added. one, there were sharp spiral pieces of metal in the tubing from the drilling process, poor QA on that one. Very sharp
two, my front strap keeps coming loose too. Some else made the comment. I'll find a way to fix it.

Hi Bill, thanks for the review. Glad to hear you like your buggy. Its sad how much inflation our country has experienced in the last few years for sure.

Thanks, WSD

excellent value - splits even the toughest crotches

excellent value - splits even the toughest crotches - I have been using it for three years to split 6-10 cords of pine, white oak, red oak, sweetgum, and whatever else I can fit on the machine. I added trays on each side, a rolling swivel jack, and a drop down leg in the back. Reason being is if the log splitter is disconnected from the truck, and you roll a 300# log up there, you can flip the log splitter backwards onto the plate.

Note, like all vert-hort log splitters, if you are splitting vertical, you should disconnect from the tow vehicle.

A hose was damaged during transit, it was quickly replaced by the OEM with two phone calls, one to WSD and one to PB.

If you tow it to any real distance at any real speed (over 20 MPH) it probably would not hurt to swap the wheels out for a 4x4 hub and use wider tires. You really should not tow any log splitter like this over 35 MPH and go SLOW around corners so you do not flip them.

Only drawback to this machine is it has to be completely level or have the vent on the tank uphill or it will puke the hydraulic fluid $$ out of the tank. I just take along some 2x10 boards or slip a paver under the wheel to level it. I keep a short 8" magnetic level handy to make sure it is level or the vent-fill hole is slightly uphill

I had some doubts about a fabricated beam vs. a solid W beam, but, this has held up well to 22+" red oak rounds and gnarly crotches.

Great value for the money and I would buy again.

Hi John,

Great to hear you love your splitter! If the hydraulics are too full then they will vent and push fluid out the vent holes as it heats up etc. I think you will find if you lower the fluid level a bit you will not have that problem as much. Thanks for leaving the review.


Good so far but heavy…

Due to other attachments that must mount to the front of my mower I chose not to order the Jrco mount and fabricated my own mount.

I have used it to dethatch our 1-1/2 acre yard. Work was done over two weekends.

In between weekends I added a small ATV winch to lift the rake. (60” is right at 100lbs not sure how much weight is felt at the handle bar)

The addition of the winch was a must have for our landscaping layout but I I left the factory lift/latch mechanism operational in the event of a winch failure.

The unit itself is well made but still allows some flex to follow the terrain.

Customer support from Wood Splitters Direct was awesome and the unit arrived in 3 business days.

Glad to hear you are happy with your purchase! That is an awesome set up you did there, looks great. JRCO makes great products and will last you for years to come. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and the kind words about our service. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Made the right choice.

I did a lot of research on gas powered residential splitters. I ultimately landed on Brave/GNE because of their reputation - and the fact that they were one of the few American manufacturers I could find still selling residential line units with the Honda engines. Woodsplittersdirect processed my order quickly and got the unit to me in right at a week.

Assembly was pretty painless but definitely a 2-person job unless you have a pulley system set up for the lifting parts. All in all, it took two of us about 4 hours to assemble. Had one issue with a minor hydraulic fuel leak from one of the valves. I contacted GNE (manufacturer) support who was outstanding to deal with - Overnighted me a replacement fitting/o-ring, and I'm off to the races. Being able to talk with someone to troubleshoot and then receiving the parts so quickly makes a world of difference in my book.

This unit runs like a dream and has not faltered on the cord of wood I've run through it so far.

As others have said: Brave has this business figured out.

Hi Race,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Brave and Iron & Oak are defiantly a top notch manufacture. Happy to see you love your log splitter and hope it brings many years of trouble free splitting for you. Please let us know if you need anything!


3 point post auger construction

Awesome thanks

Only wish the auger bit had better teeth

Strong Splitter

I went all in and bought the 20 ton horizontal/vertical 3 point model with the 4 way wedge, log cradles, and PTO kit. Arrived in good condition but some assembly required for the PTO kit. Cycle time and splitting force is awesome. It doesn't slow down like my old gas splitter. Using with a small 23HP tractor. I added a 2in ball hitch so I can connect my utility trailer. Great product.

Hi Mike,

Glad to hear you like your new splitter. The PTO kit is perfect for smaller tractors that don't have the hydraulic output. Thank you for your business!