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Reviews for Wood Splitters Direct

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Dosko Swivel Stump Grinder (337S-13HC)
William L. (Cleveland, US)
Nice first run with Dosko 337S

I'm pretty happy with my first run with my new Dosko Stump Grinder. The Honda engine starts easily. The teeth were taking out a fair amount of material. The job was removing a massive oak stump 5.5 sneaker lengths across down 12-18 inches ... a very big stump. I did not notice a decline in the sharpness over the job despite some rocks.
The one negative is that the debris guards are a bit small. You have more flying debris than I'm used to from comparable models. I broke a window more than 10 foot away from the stump. This safety negative is offset by the swivel feature which is a really big plus.

Woodchuck Timberjack Log Jack (WTJ)
John A. (Rochester, US)
Woodchuck Timberjack Log Jack

Works as advertized! So far, I have cut about 30 Logs of various diameters and lengths. This product is strong, sturdy, light weight, and was able to handle some very large logs. Well worth the investment! Ordered this product late on Thursday and received it by 10 AM on Saturday morning just in time to start working on my log pile.

Maxim Mini MAX First Use

Good price, Easy to order through Wood-splitters Direct, Quickly shipped, Easy to Assemble. (One part for the handle attachment was not threaded correctly. The company quickly replaced the part.) It starts easily, runs smooth, no adjustments were needed.

Good addition

Good addition to the tool set, as I aged, had to give up the maul. Love the machine.

28 Ton Splitter

Log splitter arrived as promised. Assembly took about 70 minutes with the help of an overhead chain hoist. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Only problem was 1 dust cap was a little loose but with a little stretching it seems to be holding tight. 2 pulls and the engine fired right up. Has a good cycle time and plenty of power. Would recommend.

Dosko 200-6HC Stump Grinder
Gary S. (Cedar Grove, US)

Dosko 200-6HC Stump Grinder

Detail K2 OPC566E Wood Chipper
Chester H. (San Antonio, US)
Great chipper

Just like all the reviews on all chippers they struggle to handle the size wood they say but this one eats up 4-4 1/2” very much enjoying this chipper



Product seems great so far. Shipping and Swisher customer service not so much.

We have used the mower a few times already and it has worked great. Delivery and dealing with Swisher has not been fun. We paid extra for lift gate delivery but Swisher put it on the wrong size pallet so the driver could not use a pallet jack to take it off the truck. Thank goodness the driver was creative and patient and we finally managed to get it off. Then, after unpacking, we realized that 3 nuts were missing from the package of parts that is used for final assembly. Must be poor quality control at Swisher. It took two emails to Swisher to finally get a response. However, 4 weeks later and I still do not have the parts. I had to go purchase them at a hardware store in order to be able to use the mower. Pretty disappointed to have spent that much on a mower and then not get all the parts.

Seems good.

I bought this splitter because the local rental units were all out of commission. Until then, I had preferred rental to purchase because I didn't want to maintain an infernal combustion engine that was only going to be used a few days each Spring. I was therefore intrigued by an electric splitter, but I needed something robust enough to split large hardwood rounds, not kindling. For about ten years, my house (150 year old Michigan farmhouse) has been heated entirely with wood.

I hope this splitter lasts the rest of my life. I had some reservations initially, because on really gnarly wood I have stalled it... But that's nothing I haven't done with gas-powered splitters. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once I figured it out, smooth sailing. As I said, "As long as it lasts."

Well constructed

Splitter is very well constructed.Tows excellent

nice unit

i bought this unit as my old one is tired and wore out . it has been a good replacement and pulls well off road. the dual split position is very nice for larger pieces . its very simple to load and operate . very fast and efficient. can split a truck and a half of large rounds on a tank of fuel. was easy to assemble very happy with this unit and was delivered lift gate direct to my home amazing value great machine thank you .

Mini Max

Very pleased using this to weed the garden. Its light and agile enough to get close to plants. This is not something to break hard ground with.


Very heavy duty,very well constructed

Detail K2 MMT5X7G-DUG Utility Trailer
Robert H. (Olympia, US)
DK2 Utility Trailer

Good trailer. Great design. Went together well. The advertising shows a jack with the trailer. Mine did not come with one. If that is how the trailer is sold, it should be clearly stated as “jack not included, optional”.

Hello thanks for the review. The jack stand is an optional add on accessory that can be purchased with the trailer or not in the listing. The picture shows the trailer with both a jack stand and without one. We will update the listing to make it even more clear. Thank you!

So far, so good.

Just finished putting the BHVH3018GX splitter together (with a friend), no problem following the assembly manual. Don't bother purchasing the deep-well 10mm socket, just use a small 10mm wrench to tighten the hose clamps. Purchased the cover and discovered it is big enough to cover the splitter machinery but not wide enough to cover bother tires/fenders. Quality appears excellent, haven't used it yet for splitting. Be aware, the 10 gallons of Dexron lll hydraulic fluid I've purchased so far has cost $180 (2/ 5 gal. cans).

Staci at Wood Splitters Direct was exceptionally helpful in helping me order (free) from Iron and Oak, a hose clamp that I damaged.

Was missing a couple fittings for the hoses

Mini Tiller - Nice tiller but not to till harder ground

I have a 25x15 garden that was tilled a year ago in the spring. My husband in I were seeking a tiller we could manage easily as in our 60's now. We were not able to successfully till it down the 8 inches it is suppose to go. It would work well on ground that had been more recently tilled. Nice power for a little tiller and would be great to run down the rows for weeds and lighter type jobs. Since we cannot use it for what we needed, I would not buy again as was a bit pricey. We have hired someone to come in and till for us. Once it's done initially, I could probably use this but alot of money to help weed a small garden. It does start easy and easy to maneuver. Does not bounce like most small tillers do.

Does the job well!

Great splitter, very well made, and easy to assemble. A little heavy to pick up a wheel around, but just tilt it back a little further and the weight transfers well and makes it much easier to move. I use a dedicated 20 amp breaker, heavy duty 20 amp receptacle, and a 25 foot 10-3 extension cord which are all critical components, and it works beautifully. You won’t have any problems with stall out or tripped breakers or damaging you splitter motor with the correct electrical setup. I’ve split everything from green and seasoned oak, green and seasoned pecan, elm, pine, cedar, hackberry and Chinese elm, and it just doesn’t stop. Some with diameters of 18 to 24 inches and again it’s no problem for the Boss 10 ton splitter. Do yourself a favor and get the four way wedge and split twice as fast. I find 10 to 14 inch diameter rounds are perfect for the four way wedge with nearly exact size splits. Larger diameters are easily split as well with the four way, but generally the larger top halves are split one more time. I simply pull off the wedge and place it in the side log racks and it holds it perfectly. A matter of a 2 or 3 seconds between taking off and putting it back on and splitting four way again. Fills up my wood cart fast with little effort and the height for me is just right with no back aches from bending all day. The dual action is really fast once you learn the rhythm of the splitter and your work flow. I find that rounds cut 18 inches long work best for me in terms of sure fit on the splitter and no wasted cutting of “air” during the process. In all it’s a great splitter and actually look forward to afternoons busting up some rounds and making my own firewood they way I want it for a change. Oh and do yourself a favor and get a log ox and picaroon to save your back and enjoy your day splitting wood without tiring out.

Happy customer

The word splitter showed up exactly when they said. It's running perfectly and split about 7 cords of very wet stringy wood , some 48 inches in diameter with no issues at all.

good choice

solid machine! definitely a good buy!

So far so good!

Just finished splitting my first cord of oak logs. Took about 6 hours to split and stack. Operation is quick and easy. There was some strain cutting through the heftiest knots, but it only slowed it down a bit. The machine is heavy. Moving it around isn’t easy alone. I put it on the ball of the lawn tractor and left it there during the work. I have no reason to believe that this thing won’t last a long time!

Heavy Duty

First off Wood Splitters Direct was a great experience to buy my Swisher. What a beast, this mower is well worth the money. Top shelf components and does a great job rough cutting. Don’t hesitate to buy

Maxim home series tiller with honda engine.

Good service for an excellent product.

Great log splitter

Heavy duty, very well built splitter. The splitter arrived in a steel framed cage, not a scratch on it.


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