Picking Your Log Splitter Style Made Easy

Splitting wood can quickly become a tedious chore and can just as quickly result in a lot of aching muscles, to say the least. However, it doesn't always have to be this way. With the right tools log splitting can not only be made easier it can actually be a ton of fun!

Let’s take a look at the different styles of wood splitters. Some require equipment while others may just require a plug in.

Electric wood splitters have came along way over the years and we get the question all the time.

"Are they as good as the gas powered log splitters?". The simple answer is yes! You just fill with hydraulic fluid and plug in and split wood.

If you’re comparing tonnage to tonnage, then yes they work the same as gas powered splitters. The downside is, currently the largest electric log splitter on the market is a 20-ton. Anything 10-ton and below is considered a "compact unit" while above that would be considered a full size log splitter.

It's not to hard to figure out what this one is all about. Gas wood splitters are by far the most commonly used log splitters in both the private and commercial sectors. In fact, a vast majority of rental companies will have gas powered log splitters, such as the Iron & Oak 26-Ton Vertical Horizontal Wood Splitter, listed as their go-to rental recommendation.

Gas log splitters span across a wide variety of sizes and power ranging from 8-tons to 45-tons of log splitting force. Obviously, the higher the tonnage the greater the force generated will be. What most people don't realize, however, is that the more powerful a log splitter is the more slowly it must work to properly and effectively split the massive logs it was engineered to cleave.

3 Point Tractor Log Splitters - This style will require you to own or have access to a tractor!

There are two major types of tractor log splitters: Power Take Off wood splitters and 3 Point Tractor wood splitters. Also known as PTO wood splitters and 3PT wood splitters respectively.

PTO log splitters run off of the tractor’s power take off while 3PT log splitters run off of the tractor's hydraulic system. It’s worth noting that almost all tractor log splitters are 3PT standard and require a kit to convert them to PTO.

3 Point log splitters are a great alternative if you have a tractor that can be maneuvered to the site where you are planning on splitting wood. The nice thing about the 3 Point hitch wood splitter is that you don't have to maintain another gas engine because this style of log splitter runs off your tractor rather than an internal or independent power source.

Skid loader log splitters, in my opinion, are the most fun of all wood splitters to use.

The "upside down" Bobcat log splitters are operated completely from the cab of the skid loader; Bobcat, Cat, etc. You basically get to sit on your butt and drive around in heavy machinery and split wood until the cows come home. Does it get much better then that? Talk about turning a hard tedious task into a fun adventure!

There are also several different configurations including horizontal, horizontal-vertical combo, and the popular tire-to-tire skid loader log splitter like the 30-ton Tire to Tire Upside Down Skid Steer Log Splitter.