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Have a tractor?  We have both the regular 3 Pt wood splitter that will run off your tractors hydraulics or if your tractor isn't properly equipped we have a PTO log splitter version,  all you have to do is hook up the pump to the PTO and your ready to split wood with these fully self contained units. And the best part is it won't be as easy for your neighbor to borrow your log splitter like a regular log splitter!

About Tractor Log Splitters

Tractor log splitters offer the perfect balance of power and versatility designed to tackle jobs of any size. Whether you run a full-time wood splitting business or just do it for some extra winter firewood, you can't go wrong with a 3 point tractor log splitter. It will make the otherwise long and tedious job of chopping firewood a breeze. To learn more about these units and why you should invest in one, keep reading.

As the name suggests, tractor wood splitters are designed specifically for use with a typical tractor. You simply hook the unit up to your tractor and then start splitting the wood. If you've never used one before, you might be wondering what the advantages are. Well, the primary advantage is the simple fact that it leverages the power of a tractor's hydraulics to improve its overall efficiency. This is an enormous benefit that will allow you to split bigger logs in less time, and that's something we could all take advantage of.

Since three point log splitters run off the power of a tractor, there's no need to worry about electric cords or small gas engines.  As long as you have your tractor nearby, you can successfully split wood. You don't have to pull out long extension cords running across your yard or constantly check your gasoline levels. This alone is reason enough for many people to invest in a tractor wood splitter.

Tractor log splitter attachments are generally broken down into one of two different categories,  3-point models that run directly off a tractor's hydraulics, and power takeoff (PTO) pump models known as a PTO log splitter, both of which are effective at splitting wood. However, there are some differences between the two that you need to be aware of. For starters, 3-point log splitters that run off your hydraulics plug directly into one of the available auxiliaries on your tractor, while the PTO driven models use a external hydraulic pump that attaches right to your PTO shaft.   As far as power, both the 3-point and PTO wood splitters are very effective but the smaller tractors may not have the flow rate to properly run a larger 3 pt log splitter.

When you are shopping for a 3 pt wood splitter, pay close attention to its cycle time. A general rule of thumb is that shorter cycle times are better since you'll be able to harvest a greater amount of firewood. The cycle time on a tractor log splitters refers to the length of time it takes to split a log and retract. It's important to note, however, that your tractor's flow rate (GPM) will also play a critical role in the splitter's cycle time. If you have a tractor with less than 25 horsepower, you can expect a higher cycle time.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of tractor log splitters and why they are so popular. These devices leverage the power of a tractor to improve their power and efficiency at splitting wood. Whether you decide to go with a PTO or 3-point model, you can rest assured knowing that it's capable of tackling the toughest jobs.

Please see product specifications with in the listings to see if your tractor is equipped enough for the various sizes.  If you need advice or have any questions at all Please don't hesitate to contact our product experts with any questions at 888-706-2434, we are here to help.