Swisher™ Finish Cut "Tow-Behind" Mowers

Finish cut Swisher pull behind tow mowers are the mower of choice when you want to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. The Swisher tow behind mower units are one of the most respected brands in the mowing industry. Swisher Finish cut trail mowers have three different cutting widths: 44 inch, 60 inch and 66 inch. Obviously the bigger the deck the more ground your going to cover in a shorter amount of time. Most of the machines are equipped with a articulating hitch so trail cutters can be offset to the left or right of your riding mower or what ever you have towing the trail mower.

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Finish Cut Mower 101

Finish cut mowers are used to give your lawn a precise cut, like typical lawnmowers. These mowers are pushed from behind like a lawnmower or towed behind a tractor or ATV. Finish cut mowers can help provide a precise finish to a lawn or golf course. They can typically handle up to 30 acres of lawn per day.

How do they work?

Finish mowers and lawn mowers use three blades rotating on three shafts to slice through grass. These blades are sharp and precise. Finish mowers typically require less horsepower than rough cut mowers, which are used to cut down bracken and brush. Most have a gas powered system that provides the horsepower for cutting grass to a precise level. Like lawn mowers, the height of the finish mowers may be adjusted to your preference. Some of the tow behind versions use doughnuts to adjust the height. These donuts are installed on the wheels to lift the finish mower up to an appropriate height.

When would I use one?

A finish mower can be used in many of the same instances as a lawn mower. It's intended to be used on an area that's already cleared of brush and debris. A good example of a place to use a finish mower is on a golf course. Finish mowers are commonly used for these larger areas where a push-from-behind lawnmower would prove exhausting. Working at 4 to 10 mph, finish mowers can handle about 30 acres of mowing per day.

What features are helpful?

Finish mowers have many of the same features as lawn mowers. For example, many lawn mowers come with a bag for capturing the cut grasses. Finish mowers can also have a bag installed to gather the grasses. Without a bag, there is typically a shoot. Installed at the side of back of the mower, this shoot expels the trimmed grasses. A shoot installed at the back of the finish mower is typically preferred for the version that can be pulled behind a tractor.


Finish mowers, which cut grasses in the same manner as lawn mowers, are a good choice for providing a precise trim to an already cleared area. While some can be pushed from behind, these mowers are often attached to the back of a tractor. This allows the mower to trim up to 30 acres of grass per day. It's a perfect solution for keeping a large grassy area, like a golf course, neat and tidy.