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We offer a full line of log splitters for every need - everything from our very popular gas log splitters, electric log splitters and 3-point log splitters to our commercial-grade skid steer attachments. To complement our massive log splitter selection, we also offer wood chippers, stump grinders & firewood racks. We also carry a nice selection of other outdoor power equipment like Swisher lawn mowers, air compressors, and pressure washers.

Our log splitter selection is second to none, and we're proud to offer products from top brands like Iron & Oak, Boss, Swisher, Brave, Oregon and many other top manufacturers. We're sure to have the wood splitter that fits your needs, and at the lowest price anywhere! Not seeing what you need? Let us know! Oh, and don't forget to swing by our Best-Sellers page for special sale prices on our best selling splitters!

'Ready-to-Ship' Best-Selling Log Splitters

Brave 37-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1737GX) Brave 37-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1737GX)
30 Ton Upside Down Skid Steer Log Splitter Attachment 6 Way Wedge (SSUD30-6Way) 30 Ton Upside Down Skid Steer Log Splitter Attachment 6 Way Wedge (SSUD30-6Way)
Iron and Oak 30 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter (BHVH3018GX) Iron and Oak 30 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter (BHVH3018GX)
Iron & Oak 30 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter Torsion Axle (BHVH3018GXT) Iron & Oak 30 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter Torsion Axle (BHVH3018GXT)
Oregon® 30-Ton 250cc Briggs & Stratton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (OR30TBS-1) Oregon® 30-Ton 250cc Briggs & Stratton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (OR30TBS-1)
Iron and Oak 24 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter (BHVH2418GX) Iron and Oak 24 Ton Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter (BHVH2418GX)
Brave 24 Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1724GC) Brave 24 Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1724GC)
Shingle Hog Shingle Remover (TSH-001) Shingle Hog Shingle Remover (TSH-001)

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Annual Sales Event Going On Now!

Annual Sales Event Going On Now!

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Founded in 2008, Wood Splitters Direct is a U.S. Direct LLC company that boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are an online resource that provides high-quality log splitters and accessories through a direct-delivery business model.

With a goal to offer the best log splitters at competitive prices, Wood Splitters Direct leverages its direct-purchasing power and manufacturer relationships to offer customers low costs and the most efficient deliveries in the marketplace.

If you're looking for a wood splitter of a certain size or configuration whether it be powered via gas, electric, hydraulic etc. We pretty much can cover all your firewood splitting needs. This includes commercial, residential and any wood splitter in between including tractor 3-point and skid steer wood splitters. If you have a special need we may even be able to have a log splitter built for you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve all your wood splitting needs!

Going With A Gas Log Splitter

A gas log splitter is, hands-down, the most flexible choice when it comes to a wide variety of log splitting needs. With over 4 major brands to chose from that range between 8 to 45 tons in rating, there is no job too small or too big for this genre of log splitter. Additionally, each gas log splitter is fully transportable and comes with a sturdy, durable tow hitch. Their wide tire base makes for a smooth ride, and also provides great ease when having to manually move them by hand. Whether you're looking to build a surplus of personal firewood, wanting to start or improve your own firewood cutting business, or preparing for potential future hardships, a gas log splitter is a must-have piece of equipment, and a valuable investment.

When it comes to selecting the perfect log splitter, one of the top criteria to take into consideration is cycle time. Gas wood splitters have some of the fastest cycle times for midrange tonnage in the industry. Fast cycle time isn’t always the best, though. Cycling any faster than 10 seconds often requires a partner just to keep up with the machinery. If you choose a splitter that’s too fast to keep up with, it’s going to wear you out, and this defeats the whole purpose of investing in a piece of machinery to take the heavy brunt of the work for you.

Power and Speed: I Want Them Both!

The great thing about a gas log splitter is that you can, in fact, have both the power and speed to take on any wood splitting job out there. There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one or the other. However, not everyone needs both power and speed, and if you’re in this camp, you can actually save yourself some money by choosing a modest splitter from our wide selection line to accommodate your needs. If you aren’t quite sure what you need yet, we’ve put together a brief list of important considerations:

  • If you’re consistently splitting logs 24 inches round or bigger, then you should place power above speed in priorities.
  • If you’re consistently splitting smaller quantities of firewood for personal use, then you’ll likely appreciate speed above power.
  • If you’re a regular when it comes to cutting multiple cords of wood throughout the year (commercial or personal use), then you should air to have both power and speed.

Brands Recommendations: Gas Log Splitters

When it comes to choosing any log splitter, a brand is far more than just a fancy name. We’ve been in the industry, now, a good long while, and put our experience into play in order to provide you with the best possible brands available. We carry the some of the most trusted, dependable, well known names like Lumber JackSwisher, & Oregon, who have been making log splitters for years. We proudly also carry brands like commercial grade Iron & Oak and Brave which are sturdy, American built machines.

Complete list of Gas Log Splitter brands we carry:

  • Boss Industrial
  • Brave
  • Champion
  • Lumber Jack
  • Dosko
  • Earthquake
  • Great Northern Equipment
  • Iron Oak
  • Oregon
  • Ram Splitter
  • Swisher
  • DK2
  • PowerKNX
  • Power King
  • TM Manufacturing

Going With An Electric Log Splitter

There are three primary reasons why having an electric log splitter might be more advantageous than a  gas log splitter, so if any of them make sense to you, this could be the way to go in terms of purchasing the right splitter for your needs.

First and foremost, an electric log splitter doesn’t require gasoline or oil in order to run. The advantage is not having to buy, refill, and mix fuels for operation. Likewise, there are not engine components on an electric log splitter that requires yearly maintenance and cleaning to run properly (i.e., carburetors and fuel lines). Additionally, finding gas stations these days that sell fuel without ethanol *the best gas to use with smaller engines) is getting challenging, and if you’re primed to get some work done, but you just realize you’re fresh out of gas, then you have the hassle of driving to that one gas station across town who sells the right fuel.

Lastly, electric log splitters make significantly less noise than gas log splitters do, and while this seems silly at first, it doesn’t take that long to ruin your hearing when exposed to a continuous a continuous 85 decibels or higher.

Complete list of Electric Log Splitter brands we carry:

Going With a 3-Point Log Splitter

If you’ve got a tractor, then we’ve got the right log splitter for you. Our 3-Point log splitters run right off your tractor’s hydraulics. If you aren’t equipped for that setup or have a lower flow rate, we’ve got a ready-to-use power-take-off (PTO) log splitter kit that hooks up directly to your PTO. The PTO log splitters are self contained and include a PTO pump, tank and all hoses. This eliminates the need of your tractors hydraulics. If you’ve never used a tractor log splitter before, you’ll be amazed with its versatility and balance. This self-contained unit works for any sized job, whether you’re running a firewood company, or simply building up your own supply of wood. By harnessing into your tractor’s hydraulic source of power, you’ll be able to use this log splitter with some of the biggest tree cuts in a fraction of the time. There’s no need for special fuels or electrical power cords either - with a 3-Point log splitter, all you need is your tractor to get the job done.

Between the two styles (the hydraulic and the PTO) are a few differences worth mentioning. While both split wood very effectively, the hydraulic splitter runs itself directly off your tractor’s available auxiliaries. The PTO splitter utilizes an external hydraulic pump that fits to the PTO shaft. The power to split wood is practically the same for both; however, with smaller tractors, both 3-point log splitters might experience less power with their reduced hydraulic flow rate.

We’ve got a few final points worth mentioning when considering a 3-Point log splitter. Generally, a shorter cycle time is better because it insures that you’ll be able to harvest a greater amount of firewood. The cycle time, here, equates to the length of time required to split a log and then retract for another split. The flow rate of the tractor plays a role in the cycle time. Basically, the higher the flow rate on the tractor the faster your cycle time will be. Our recommendations to run a log splitter off your tractors hydraulics as follows:

  • 12-16 Ton should have 5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) or higher
  • 20-22 Ton should have 8 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) or higher
  • 30 Ton should have 12 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) or higher

If you fall outside of these ranges then we would recommend a PTO kit.

Going With A Skid Steer Log Splitter

A Skid Steer log splitter is similar to a 3-Point log splitter, except that it’s made for the big industrial equipment like Caterpillars and Bobcats. Both the 20-ton and 30-ton options for a skid loader come with universal mounting plates, and have several directional configurations to choose from (i.e., horizontal, vertical, upside down). Did we mention our skid steer log splitter is made right here in the USA?!

We personally think seeing is believe when it comes to the sheer power of of a skid steer log splitter. With only the smallest amount of effort, you can pick up and decimate a humongous piece of tree cut and split it apart in just a few brief minutes - see for yourself!


Whether you've decided that you're going to start enjoying the charm of your wood burning fireplace more often, or you're planning to take the edge off of your winter heating bill by utilizing a wood burning stove, or maybe you want to supplement your income by starting a small (or large!) firewood business, you won't be disappointed with our inventory of lumber conquering tools and accessories.

At Wood Splitters Direct, we carefully consider not only log splitter reviews for each model that we stock, but also the reputation of the brand itself, as well as the overall integrity of the manufacturer before we ever offer a log splitter for sale. This helps us to ensure that every splitter that's available at our store is of the highest quality; from the individual log splitter parts that keep your log splitter going to the firewood racks that will help season and store your newly split wood.

From our epic selection of traditional gas log splitters and powerful electric log splitters to our unstoppable 3-point tractor log splitters and dynamic skid steer log splitters, there isn't a project - commercial or residential - that's too big or too small for the range of tools you'll find here at Wood Splitter Direct.

We're much more than just log splitters, though. Our Wood chippers and Stump grinders combined with our Swisher lawn mowers are sure to help you spruce up any yard, lot, or field in next to no time at all. Speaking of yard clean up. We have a large selection of JRCO Mower Attachments for all your attachment needs. Don't forget to check out our Brave pressure washers to really get things squeaky clean after all the hard work is done. We also have a wide variety of Concrete Equipment to satisfy even the most advanced contractors.  Don't forget that spring gardening.  We carry several choices of Tillers to make gardening a breeze.  One of our newest lines we added are the Snow Plows by DK2. We have several configurations for different trucks.

However, we're also firm believers in both sides of the "Work Hard, Play Hard" philosophy. When the time comes to enjoy all the fruits of your labor, why not gather up your favorite family members and best friends to roast some hot dogs and toast some s'mores around one of our Patina fire pits? For the most interesting get togethers, college football fans can grill head-to-head, team-vs-team, in a Backyard BBQ Battle Bonanza that will get even the most lethargic bystanders rooting your team to victory!

Our products are not the only thing that will make Wood Splitters Direct your ultimate go-to tool and machinery shop. We're proud to offer you a growing library of regularly updated resources, an amazing Customer Service Team that's headquartered in the beautiful US Pacific Northwest, and a sterling reputation of quality and excellence that's backed by an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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