Frequently Asked Questions

If I pay by Check or Cash do I get any kind of discount?

Yes we will give you a 2% discount if you would like to pay by check. Please contact us if you would like to get 2% cash back on your purchases. Or you can simply check out and choose the check payment option and deduct 2% when you mail your payment. This offer can not be combined with any other discount or promotion such as promo codes etc.

Are all the items made in the USA?

Not everything we sell is made in the USA. Please free to ask us if item is not specified.

Do you ship to Canada?

I’m sorry we do not ship to Canada.

How will the charges appear on my credit card statement?

Some statements will show longer descriptions and some will be shortened. Your statement will read charges by WOODSPLITER or WOOD SPLITER DIRECT.

How long does it generally take to get my wood splitter or item I purchased after I place my order?

This is a tough question to answer as it can depend on many factors. Shipping can ship anywhere from next day up to 14 business days or longer after your order is placed. If known, Wood Splitters Direct will let you know ASAP if there is going to be a delay on your order.

Do the products require any assembly?

Most log splitters do require some assembly. The larger log splitters / items come partially assembled while the most of the compact electrics are fully assembled. If you want to know more details about any specific model feel free to contact us before making the purchase.

What if I have a warranty, shipping or return issue? How is that handled?

Any and all warranty issues will dealt deal directly with the manufactures. It is up to the manufacture how the warranty will be handled. It’s the customers responsibility for the transportation of your item to repair shops if needed. If you need assistance locating information to the individual manufactures please contact us. Shipping & Return issues, please contact us. Please Note: Log splitters or anything that is shipped via freight is expensive to ship around, if you want to return a log splitter it will be your responsibility to pay ALL shipping costs involved regardless if the shipping was “free” or “included”.

What if my item is back ordered, what happens?

If you get a notice your purchase is on back order we will give you the latest information on when the expected delivery date is. You can either wait or you can choose to have a refund and cancel your order. You can also choose to be notified when the item is back in stock, please contact us and let us know.

Do you ship to any residential address & what is Lift Gate or Residential delivery charges?

We ship to most residential addresses however, some residential addresses that are very remote or on an island etc may have to either meet the driver at closer location or you may have to do a terminal pick up. If a truck can not get to you for any reason it will be your responsibility to meet the driver to get your freight. As for lift gate deliveries please see our article what is a lift gate delivery?

When exactly is my account or credit card charged?

When your order is processed the payment is authorized instantly. You will get a email confirmation after you place your order.

What if the price I paid becomes lower after I made the purchase?

Due to the speed things change on the internet manufactures will sometimes run “flash sales” or “promotions” out of our control with little or no notice. We no longer have a price guarantee of any kind.

What if I get a Coupon Code after I purchase an item?

Coupon codes CANNOT be used for the same purchase after purchase has been made. Coupon codes that you obtain are only meant for future orders.

Does my splitter come with hydraulic fluid?

Some log splitters do come with fluids but most do not. Please see specific item descriptions for details. The most common used hydraulic fluid is Dextron ATF lll fluid, its recommended to follow the manufactures recommendations.

What are your business hours?

Our “official” hours are 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time Monday-Friday. However, we do answer and return calls quite a bit outside theses hours and on weekends. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.  For faster responses please send us an email.

Do you Charge Sales Tax?

Most states we do not charge sales tax as we are currently not required to charge sales tax. However, it is our recommendation to check your local state laws if you are required to pay sales tax for out of state or internet orders.

Should I buy a used log splitter instead of a new one?

This is one of those “Catch 22” questions. Used log splitters are a lot like used cars, I guess. There are some good deals out there but you have to be able to find them. While there are brand name used wood splitters available, there are also “homemade” used log splitters out there, too.

You can most likely guess what I’m about to say about this: Personally, I recommend you stay away from the homemade log splitters. Other than a potential headache and liability, safety could be a concern as well.

There is another used log splitter outlet that I just thought of: Rental stores. Many rental stores will often sell off their wood splitters after just a few years of use in order to make room for newer models. The nice thing about rental stores is that they usually buy higher quality log splitters, such as the durable Iron & Oak log splitters, that can better withstand the abuse of rental service.

Again, if it were me, I think I would stay away from the rental market as well. Even though rental units are usually trusted brand name commercial wood splitters, they have probably experienced a lot of mishandling from indifferent or inexperienced renters – and the damage may not always be apparent, at first.

If I had no other choice than to buy a used log splitter, I’d try to find a recent, one-owner, lightly used wood splitter. The thing about buying used, is you can’t ever know how well the log splitter was cared for. You will not get any kind of warranty or guarantee.

With all the being said, if you want to try to find a used deal then take a look on Craigslist or in your local “nickel” or newspaper. This way you will be able to take a nice long look at the wood splitter before you buy it.

Of course, if you would like to price out a brand new log splitter, we can help you find a dependable splitter that will not break the bank. You’re welcome to contact us to talk directly with someone from our amazing Customer Service Team or you can brows our growing article library.