5 Awesome DIY Firepits

#1DIY Square Fire Pit

While anyone can create the typical round in the ground fire pit, the folks at theownerbuildernetwork.com bring you this incredibly informative article that helps you build this gorgeous square fire pit. With the fantastic photos and great detailed descriptions in this article, you’ll be able to create your own sensational square fire pit in your back yard. Read the full article here.

#2 How To Build The Ultimate Fire Pit

With the weather cooling down, many of us are looking for warm ways to still enjoy the outdoors. That’s why the folks at Diynetwork.com bring you this article that gives you step by step instructions, with pictures, to show you how to create your very own, totally awesome fire pit in your yard. Complete with information on all the materials you’ll need as well as photographs of each critical step, this article will help you make your back yard the place everyone wants to come and visit for some warm and inviting conversation and camaraderie. Get all the details by reading the full article here.

#3 DIY Burning Bowl

For the outdoor enthusiast who wants to create a warm space as it gets colder, but doesn’t have the room or possibly isn’t allowed to dig their own fire pit, this great idea for a portable fire bowl by Deb McDaniel for evansvilleliving.com, is going to give you just what you’re looking for. This incredibly detailed article, gives you all the information you need to make your own amazing fire feature that creates beauty and warmth and best of all, is totally portable. Having a portable feature means you can put it on your front porch, your back porch, your back covered patio, or over to your friend’s house. Once you create this awesome masterpiece, you never have to be out in the cold again. For all the information, read the full article here.

#4 DIY Stone Fire Pit

Need a little warmth on your back patio, but don’t feel like digging it in the ground, then you’ll love this article by Thecraftyninja.com, because they bring you the full details on how to create an above ground fire feature directly on your back yard patio slab that will create warmth and fun for the whole family. The detailed directions and photographs make completing this relatively easy do it yourself project a snap. The stone finish is going to add visual texture and interest to your patio and will be so sturdy that you’ll never have to worry about breaking it, unless for some reason you really want to. For all the directions and great photographs, read the full article here.

#5 Recycling an Old Flame

If you’re transitioning from a wood burning fire pit to a gas burning fire pit, due to no burn laws in your area, you are probably left wondering what in the heck to do with your old wood burning fire pit. You don’t want to just toss it out and if the laws in your area affect everyone, well then it’s unlikely you’ll even be able to sell or donate that old one. Laura over at florabylaura.ca, had exactly that problem and came up with a genius idea. She took her old wood burning fire pit and turned it into a gorgeous planter. Now it’s filled with stunning plants and beautiful rocks and resembles a gorgeous Zen like garden. To see how she did it and enjoy the photographs of the finished product, read the full article here.