5 Tree Cutting Tips

#1: DIY Guide to Tree Cutting & Felling: Tips & Suggestions for Cutting Down a Tree

When it becomes necessary to cut down a tree in your yard, the process can be tricky and if you’re not careful, downright dangerous. If you find yourself in need of some great advice on this process, then you’ll really appreciate this article by Treeremoval.com. With their expert advice, that includes tools you’ll need, detailed descriptions on how to approach the task and various safety precautions you need to take, as well as some general pricing for having it done professionally if you decide that this might be too big of a task, this article gives you just about everything you need to know. For all the details, read the full article here.

#2: How to Cut Down a Tree

In this article, thirty year veteran tree felling expert, Bob Tacke, gives some great advice for familyhandyman.com readers, on how to safely cut down a tree with a chain saw. From what specialized safety gear you need, to how to figure out where the tree is going to fall, as well as a step by step video on exactly how to do it, this article is chock full of all the information you’ll need to know. Whether you decide to tackle this task by yourself or after reading the information, decide to hire a professional, this article will help you make the best decision. Get the full details by reading the entire article here.

#3: Different Techniques for the Felling Cut

Husqvarna.com brings us this incredibly informative article on how to determine exactly where and how to make the best felling cut for taking down your tree. Where you place your felling wedge or breaking bar depends on many things, so it’s very important to know what you’re doing before you proceed. In addition, dealing with a decayed tree can be very tricky and dangerous, which is why this article gives you the things to watch out for and how to tell if you have a sticky situation. To get all the great advice, read the full article here.

#4: Cut Down a Tree Safely

Tim Ard hosts this fantastically informative video, brought to us by Progressive Farmer, to instruct us on how to safely bring down a tree. This video provides great detailed information for figuring out the lean of the tree, the best place to make the hinge and exactly how to do all of that. In addition, Tim tells us how to plan our escape path once the tree is ready to fall. A wonderfully detailed instruction video if you are considering taking a tree down at your home, you’ll want to view the full video here.

#5: Cutting Down a Tree in Pieces

In this informative and sometimes humorous article by Cobinrox for instructables.com, the author takes us on his rather difficult journey of removing a very large tree from his yard, piece by piece. Because of both space constraints and the inability to get a professional out to handle the project without tearing up his entire yard and fence, our erstwhile author did the job himself and lived to tell about. Both informational and a wonderful read, you can get all the details by reading the full article here.