Awesome Projects Made from Wood Pallets

22 Clever Garden Pallet Projects

Updating your backyard garden area doesn’t have to be overly expensive. If you’ve got access to some old pallets, then you’ve got the raw materials to create a fabulous outdoor area that will make your family and friends want to have some iced tea and hang out. From a cozy outdoor day bed, to a fabulous compost bin, there’s tons of ideas for turning your used pallets into some awesome garden furniture in this article by With each idea comes the complete designs and details you’ll need to create each one for yourself. Get all the information you’ll need to start your next backyard project by reading the full article here.

15 Projects Made from Shipping Pallets

Whether you need some new furniture inside or outside, you can make your decorating dreams come true by using and recycling old pallets. In this article by Michael Colombo for, you’ll get some fabulous ideas for creating everything from beds to hanging tool shelves, and even whole structures that can be used for a myriad of purposes. Using recycled pallets is good for the environment and good for your budget because you can generally pick them up for free. Get all the fabulous ideas and inspiration by reading the full article here.

107 Used Wood Pallet Projects and Ideas

From fancy hat and coat racks, to a cool bathroom vanity, there’s so many ways to use old pallets in this article by Pixel Pete for that you’ll be able to create everything you need to furnish and finish your home just by using recycled pallets. Whether you use the pallets in their current form, or take them apart and just reuse the wood, there are literally over one hundred projects for you to choose from in this article. Get all the fabulous inspiration and information by reading the full article here.

29 Cool Recycled Pallet Projects: Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose Old Wooden Pallets

Creek writing for brings us this inspiring article on how we can create fabulous beautiful art works and useful, functional furniture by repurposing old wooden pallets. No room for a garden in your apartment? Then create a vertical planter using an old pallet. Need a cart for your kitchen or patio? Then check out the fabulous cart you can make with old pallets. There are so many wonderful ideas in this article that you may just have to prioritize all the fabulous things you’re going to make. Check out all the wonderful options by reading the full article here.

19 Cool Pallet Projects | Pallet Furniture and More

Do you need a new shoe rack? Maybe your kids would love a play house but your budget doesn’t really allow for that? If you have some projects on your plate, but need some direction on how to get them done on a budget, then you’ll love this article by Renee Romeo for Filled with photographs and detailed instructions, this article will give you all the information you need to create a myriad of fabulous DIY projects to beautify your home. Get all the great details by reading the full article here.