Best Places to Find Free Firewood

Whether you have a wood burning stove, or an outdoor fire pit, having an adequate amount of firewood is always a good thing to be on top of. Getting your hands on it however, can be a more difficult task, and it can also cost you a pretty penny if you aren't getting it from the right source. If you are needing to find firewood at a more affordable price, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Free Wood Pallets - Where To Get Pallets and Reclaimed Materials

If you are able to get your hands on used wood pallets from some kind of warehouse or store, these are a great resource to break down and use for firewood. Even better, these places will typically give them away for free as they will not have any use for them after they have taken their product off them. Be care to only used unprocessed and natural wood pallets however, as painted or stained pallets can give off toxic fumes when burned. For more on wood pallets, check out this article from DIY ready.

Finding Free Firewood

In this article from, this writer gives the reader some great tips for tracking down your own firewood for a low price or even at no cost to you whatsoever. While you may need to invest money in a chainsaw to cut down logs, the money you will save in the long run will be worth it by venturing into the forest. For more helpful tips, check out the article in its entirety here.

Free Firewood Programs

In this article from the Alliance for Green Heat, this writer provides the reader with several helpful resources for finding firewood for free or at a cheap price. From searching on Craigslist, to contacting local tree cutting services to see if they have extra wood you can take off their hands, there are several different routes you can take in order to save yourself some money. For more helpful tips, check out the full article here.

How to Find Free Fuel for a Wood Burning Stove!

In this useful article from hubpages, they provide the reader with several outlets to turn to when trying to get your hands on firewood without having to spend a ton of money. From tracking down wood pallets, to finding spare wood around your home, there are several different ways you can save some money, and still get quality firewood to last you all year. For more options on getting affordable firewood, you can see the entire article here.