Best Ways to Bundle Firewood

One of the issues with having wood burning stoves and fireplaces is how to deal with your fuel, the wood. There’s your wood that keep in a barn or outside in large lots, then there’s the need to keep some of it inside, or take it with you. That’s when you need to come up with a plan for bundling your wood in ways you can transport it easily. Whether you’re selling your wood or just bundling it for your own use, you’ll need easy ways to bundle it that make it easier to work with. We found some great articles on this subject that should help you figure out which way will work best for you.

How to Bundle Small Bundles of Firewood

In this article posted on, they examine the best ways to bundle your firewood. Looking at it from both a personal use side, and from the point of view for people who sell their wood, this article is filled with a lot of great ideas. Whether you’re bundling for yourself or you’re planning on selling your firewood, this article posits that shrink wrap is a great way to bundle your wood. The supplies for shrink wrapping are relatively inexpensive and the wrap will keep your wood in nice neat and easy to carry bundles. The article gives you all the details you’ll need to start doing this, including pricing and where to get the materials. Get all the great information by reading the full article here.

Using Stretch Film to Bundle Fire Wood

If you’re in the wood selling business or plan to start one, then you’ll definitely want to read this article posted on With shrink wrap options for bundling wood being so plentiful and easy to do, most businesses who sell wood are using this method to bundle their product. That said, there’s more than one way to shrink wrap a bundle, and there’s more than one kind of shrink wrap available. So how does one choose the right kind of wrap for their product and what types of machines are available to make the job easier? This article gives you the full low down on which wraps are best for which wood and the best way to achieve your best bundles. There are wraps that are better for wet wood, while others are better for using with dry wood. You’ll want to read the full article here to get all the information.

Firewood Shrink wrap

Whether you’re bundling your firewood for personal use, making it easier to carry inside as you need it, or take it on a camping trip, or you’re planning to sell off some of your wood, or start your own firewood business, this article posted on is going to be a valuable resource for figuring out the right methods and materials to use. The article states that there are many ways to bundle firewood, but they recommend shrink wrap as it’s the most efficient and clean way of transporting your firewood. Get all the tips and tricks for making shrink wrap work for you by reading the full article here.