Best Ways to Keep Your Firewood Dry

One of the conundrums we face when beginning to switch over to a wood based heating or cooking system is what to do with all that firewood. It’s not just a matter of where or how to store it, but it’s also a matter of keeping it dry. When you’re preparing for winter, even the most fuel efficient wood stove is going to use quite a bit over several months. So what’s a good wood burner to do? We heard your concern and went to the net to find some great articles to help you out with your dry wood storage conundrum.

10 Wood Shed Plans to Keep Firewood Dry

If you haven’t built a proper holding area for your firewood yet, then you’re going to love this article by Farhan Ahsan for The article has plans for ten different types of sheds you can easily build to keep your firewood dry and easily accessible. From light weight lean too type of sheds, to full sheds with doors, windows, shingles and the works, there’s a project in here that will match your needs and building ability. Each design takes into account the need to access your wood, and keep it dry and free from infestation and mice. Get your tool belt on and download any of these fabulous shed designs for free when you read the full article here.

Creative Ways to Store Firewood: 7 Tips and 62 Examples

When you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful fireplace for those chilly winter days and nights, then you’re probably also tasked with trying to figure out a way to keep some of your firewood inside and ready for use. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the daunting task it seems like now and this article by Kate for gives you a whole slew of fabulous options on how and where to create your indoor firewood storage so that it’s handy and gorgeous. We’re always trying to find new ways to incorporate natural elements into the design of our homes, and since you have to have at least some of your firewood inside, use it as a new design element. You’ll find tons of great ideas when you read the full article here.

Articles – Wood – Five Essentials to Getting the Most out of Your Woodpile

While many of us just like the cozy atmosphere a roaring fire can provide, most of us are hoping to save on heating costs come winter by using our fireplaces and wood stoves. In this article by Ike Johnson, reprinted with permission from Back Home Magazine on, he gives us the low down on how to make your wood work for you and how to get the most out of it in terms of heating BTUs and cost savings. He suggests beginning by cutting and storing way ahead of time as most wood will take nearly a year to season properly. In addition, you need to keep your wood dry during that time and a good wood shed, space in the garage or basement, or at least properly positioned tarp covering is critical. You’ll get a bunch of great tips on how to make your wood the best it can be by reading the full article here.