Easy Ways to Build Your Own Fire Pit

With the warmer weather approaching, outdoor fire pits will be fired up more and more. Fire pits are easily one of the funnest ways out there to gather friends and family together to enjoy a summer night together. Unfortunately, as fire pits have become more and more popular, they have also become more expensive and are seen as a luxury, rather than an affordable toy you can have in your backyard. Fortunately, there are alternatives to investing a ton of money into a high end fire pit, such as going the do it yourself route. With so many different plans out there, it can be very easy to build your own fire pit without breaking the bank.

Building your own fire pit is now easier and more affordable than ever if you decide to build it yourself. If you want to build a fire pit on your own, you can put together a professional grade fire pit with just a handful of materials found at the store. To help you out, we have assembled a step by step guide to help you build the fire pit of your dreams, at the price you can afford.

The first thing to figure out when putting together your fire pit is to decide how big you want it to be. Once you have selected how much room you want it to take up, mark the area on the grass and dig up that area and flatten it out so you have a ring of dirt ready for installation. This circle should be roughly three to six inches deep, to give yourself plenty of room beneath the grass level for the outer stones to rest. For the bottom of your fire pit, pouring gravel to evenly cover the area is a great foundation to use.

The very outside portion of your fire pit should be lined with some sort of concrete stone, such as landscaping stone. For the inside portion of this circle however, a metal ring that closes in the gravel is a great option, but certainly isn't required. Once you have placed the metal ring in the center, you are now ready to circle your landscaping stones around it. Be sure this ring goes at least two rows high, while three will typically be the common height to reach the top of the metal ring to provide adequate coverage for the space.

Once you have complete installing the stones, the final task will be to get your hands on some firewood and setup some adequate seating around the fire pit for you and your guests. Now, you are ready to enjoy tons of summer and fall nights around your homemade fire pit!

Have you built a fire pit of your own? What materials did you use? Let us know in the comments!