Easy woodworking projects you can take on

#1 Techniques for making a few simple boxes

With the holidays coming, we’re all looking for fun and unique gifts to give to our friends and family. Our friend Photozz at instructables.com has some great ideas for making adorable little wooden boxes that are great for gifts or great for keeping your own little keepsakes in. Made by hand and from your heart, these simple wooden boxes can be decorated however your mood strikes you. Do you have a little girl in your life that loves to keep her favorite little things somewhere special? If so paint that little box pink and add some colorful stickers and you’ll win her heart and your gift will be the one she always keeps and remembers forever. For all the details and directions, read the full article here.

#2 DIY wooden $5 iPad Dock/Stand

If you have a lot of techno savvy geeks on your holiday gift list this year, then you’re going to love this post by David Bakker for Instructables.com. For just $5 and the cost of maybe some paint and some cool stickers you can make them all their own unique iPad stands. These wonderfully thoughtful gifts will be much stronger and cooler looking than anything they could buy and it won’t be made from cheap plastic. On top of being incredibly useful, these fabulous gifts will be loved forever because you made them with your own hands and everyone knows homemade gifts are always the most appreciated. For the full details and instructions on how to make this fantastic stand, read the full article here.

#3 Skill Builder – Understanding Basic Woodworking Tools

If you’re new to the world of woodworking and want to get your tool set started, then you need to read this incredibly informative article by Len Cullum for makezine.com. He gives wonderful advice on the basic tool set you need to get started and some ideas to turn to in case his favorite tools don’t quite fit your needs. The idea is to have tools that do what you need them to do and if his hammer isn’t quite your speed, then he’s got more ideas for a good basic hammer that might be. For more information and the complete list, read the full article here.

#4 Kids Woodworking Projects

Getting kids involved in woodworking is a great way to help them in every other area of their lives. The skill sets they develop from making things with their hands will translate into both their school and personal lives. Doug Stowe, writer for finewoodworking.com, has developed woodworking curriculum at his daughter’s school and at many schools across his state. The projects listed in this incredibly informative article can be done by children as young as seven. If you want to find out more about how to create these great projects with your kids, or your grand kids, read the full article here.

#5 Make a secret-compartment pencil holder. Woodworking for Kids.

If you’ve ever looked at wood working projects for kids, you’ve probably discovered, they are generally not the most interesting things. Typically you’ll find projects for bird houses or other items kids today may find less than exciting. But in this video by Steve Ramsey, his project will speak to the super spy inside all of us. He gives us detailed directions on how to make a pencil holder with a secret compartment. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel a little like James Bond? Watch the full video here.