How to Build the Perfect Campfire

Summer campfires are popping up all over the place as the warm weather hits and more people spend time outside. Building the perfect campfire can be a challenging task, but it can be done. If you are going camping this summer, follow some of these helpful tips and tricks to build the ideal fire.

Campfire Basics

In this article from REI, they discus different things to take into account when creating a campfire in the woods or on campgrounds. From using only local firewood, making sure you are aware of any fire restrictions in the area, and knowing how to properly extinguish a fire when you are done with it so there is no looming danger when you leave the site. All these tips and more can be found in the full article right here.

How to Build the Only Five Campfires You'll Ever Need

A very helpful piece from Indefinitely Wild, the author provides the reader with some great fire building basics to follow. They also give you five different fires to build that are ideal for many different scenarios of camping. From the tipi, platform, and lean-to, these setups all give you quality designs to work with and keep a fire going. Check out all the other great ways to build a fire in the full article here.

How To Build a Roaring Campfire

From the Art of Manliness comes this insightful article on building a fire that will put off some serious heat and power. This feature touches on how and what to gather for tinder, kindling, and the larger wood to heap on to the fire to really help get it going. Along with this, they give you a few great ideas on setting up the firewood to ensure the best burning fire you can get. You can see the entire list of tips in the entire article right here.

Campfire Safety

No matter where you are building a campfire, safety should be the number one priority. In this article from, the author provides you with a helpful and insightful rundown on how to properly get a campfire started and going from the ground up. This fantastic step-by-step process shows you how to build a fire that is roaring and providing the function you need, without getting out of control. For more campfire building tips, you can check out the article in its entirety here.