How To Build Your Own Tree House

If you have kids and some large trees at your disposal, then a tree house man be a great project for you to embark on that both you and the kids can enjoy. There are many factors that go into building a proper, safe, and fun tree house that you will need to consider before officially making headway on the construction. From the type of tree you decide on, what kind of lumber, and what your structural design will be, here are some of the important elements to factor in when making your decision.

The first decision, and arguably the most important one, is selecting what tree you will be building your tree house or tree fort in. The health of the tree is an integral part of your decision. A tree that is either too young or too old will not provide you with the adequate support needed for your tree house and can in turn be very dangerous if you are to build the structure in it. The right tree to build a tree house in should have a strong, sturdy trunk with equally sturdy branches to support the house. The roots of the tree should also be deep and strong so the weight of the tree house can not uproot the tree. The tree should also be very strong all the way through and not have any signs of deterioration due to parasites or anything that can weaken it over time. As far as the kind of tree is concerned, the best trees for tree houses are either oak, maple, fir, or apple.

Once you have selected the appropriate tree for your tree house to be built in, you should sketch out your plan for the building of the tree house. The support method of the tree house is one of the most important decisions for the tree house in the early stages. The post method involved support posts being stuck into the ground close to the tree, not actually using the tree itself. The bolt method uses the tree as the main support beam, building the tree house around the tree itself. Another support method is the suspension method where the structure hangs from wires or cable from the tree.

Once you have come up with the plan you are going to move forward with, you will have to acquire the necessary tools to create your tree house, from the wood, nails, rope for entrance, and any other necessary tools. Picking a sturdy spot in the tree to build your tree house is key, with an effective place usually being where two branches form a "V" shape at the bottom. When you have your place picked out, you are ready to begin construction on your tree house.

Any other suggestions for us? Building your own tree house? Be sure to show us the finished product!