How to remove a tree stump with a stump grinder

A stray tree stump in your yard can stick out like a sore thumb and even cut down on property value when it comes to the aesthetic factors of the area. Luckily, tree stump removal is a very viable option when it comes to landscaping and cleaning up the property as long as you follow the proper directions and use the correct equipment for the project.

When it comes to proper removal, the only way to really go is by using a stump grinder. These machines are excellent for removing the roots and can get deep into the tree below the surface level so you can remove the entire stump. Preparation of the area is one of the most important keys to proper removal. Take a shovel or some other tool to remove any loose impediments that may be around the base of the stump. This could be anything from rocks to other materials, but it is important to remove these things before using the grinder as they can damage the blade of the machine, or fly up during the job and cause harm to yourself or others around.

Another great tip to follow to make your job a whole lot easier is by trimming the stump as close to the ground as your possible can. Using a chainsaw or even a handsaw to cut down the stump as far as possible will just make your work with the stump grinder that much faster and easier.

When you are removing a stump yourself, making sure the grinder can handle the kind of work you are asking of it is key before you get started on your extraction process. The Dosko Stump Grinder 620-20 is an excellent grinder that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. With 2500 RPMS, this model has a cutting capacity above a 20 inch grade and no limit on the diameter of the stump. If you don't need something as heavy duty, the Dosko 200 6H Stump Grinder is the perfect machine for your needs. This model can handle any diameter stump, making it a great option for many removal projects. Running up to 3600 RPMS on the cutting blade, the 200 6H Mini Stump Grinder will tackle your extraction venture in no time.

Stump removal can be a tricky process, but if you use the correct tools and follow these simple tips, you can handle any project you come up against.