In Ground Fire Pit vs. Above Ground

Fire pits and fire features are all the rage today and even though warm daytime weather is coming, those nights can still be cool and having a fire feature to hang out by is a wonderful thing. That said, there are so many options to choose from. In the ground, and above ground and portable options, oh my, there seems like no end to the possibilities and how does one choose? Well, we heard your dismay and found some great articles that should help you in your decision making process.

In Ground Fire Pits

According to this article by Julie Martens Forney for, one of the most wonderful things about in the ground fire pits is that it looks like the flames are just bursting forth from the ground and the effect is beautiful. In the ground fire pits are often safer because they are smaller and contain the flames more than an above the ground fire pit. That said, they are also easier to fall into and so you have to be careful with little ones around. The article gives you a great take on the pros and cons of in the ground fire pits as well as some fabulous design ideas, so make sure you read the full article here.

Roundup: 14 DIY Fire Pits You Can Make Yourself!

Whether you like in the ground, above the ground, open or contained, this article by Capreek for has some great options for your consideration. With amazing design options for every possible configuration and style taste, you’ll be sure to find one that is going to be the perfect option for you. Each options has a link to the step by step instructions on how to create these amazing fire pits and each will explain the pros and cons and considerations to keep in mind when you’re deciding which one to incorporate into your outdoor living space. Get all the great details when you read the full article here.

9 Great outdoor Fire Pits for Your Backyard (And How to Get Them)

Landscape expert Mark Borst writing for gives us some great ideas on how to incorporate fire pits into our outdoor spaces in a way that makes them fit right in and perform all the functions you’re looking for in a great fire pit. With many design options and always keeping an eye toward green design, Mark has some amazing options to consider. In addition, he gives you some great food for thought on where and why to locate your fire pit in a particular area, as well as when an in the ground feature is going to work better for you than an above the ground feature. Get all of the great design advice by reading the full article here.

6 Fire Pits You Can Make in a Day

Don’t let your social gatherings end early just because there’s a chill in the air, read this fabulous article by Redfin Blogger for and create an amazing fire pit in your backyard that will keep everyone warm all night long. With some fabulous design options to choose from and ideas on how to make them yourself, the fire pits shown in this article are going to inspire you to go and create your own. You can find all of the detailed information by reading the full article here,