The Best Kind of Art - Wood Stacking Art!

There are countless examples in the world of outstanding pieces of artwork and no two works of art are like the other. From the inspiration, materials used, and more, there are a wide array of elements that factor into completing a piece of art. One of the more unique styles out there is the process of stacking firewood. While this may not seem like much, the results can be quite astounding.

Stacking Firewood

In this article from Inspiration Green, the author highlights how firewood should be used efficiently, but that you should get a little creative when stacking and storing it until you use it. From the simple to the intricate, these are some of the most breathtaking sculptures and firewood piles you will ever see. Check out the complete list of amazing stacks here.

These People Turned Log Piling Into an Art Form

From an owl to a cut down tree to a small house, these artists have turned firewood into some of the coolest looking works of art you will ever see. In this article by Bored Panda, they highlight some of the best and brightest in firewood stacking. You can check out the entire gallery of incredible pieces here.

The Art of Firewood Stacking

Forget the boring pile of wood along the fence in your backyard, you can get more creative with your firewood stacking just like these examples in this article from Woodworking Network. Some of these firewood stacks look flat out impossible, but the complexity of them is what makes them so awe-inspiring. You can check out all these incredible feats of firewood stacking right here.

How to Stack It: The Best Firewood Stacking Methods

It's one thing to say you want to stack your firewood in a unique way, it's an entirely other process to actually do it. If you are wanting to stack your firewood in an artistic way, this article from Professional Power Done Right provides you with some excellent tips and tricks on properly stacking it including how to keep it dry and how to place the wood exactly. For all the helpful advice, check out the article in its entirety here.