The Many Uses of Firewood

One of the oldest and most versatile materials in the world, mankind has been utilizing firewood for a variety of reasons for thousands of years now. Along with the traditional use of making a fire, we are constantly finding different uses for this outstanding resource. Do you actually know how many other uses you can actually get out firewood? In a campfire or fire pit, these pieces of wood can be used in many different ways to accomplish a variety of purposes. Different woods are also ideal for different scenarios. Here are just a few of many uses of this wood.

The typical go to option for firewood these days to as a source of heat. For any campsite out in the woods, building a proper fire is key to survival and a successful trip. After you have kickstarted the fire with tinder and kindling, the larger firewood logs are perfect for really building the fire and getting it to roar. Indoors, a wood burning fireplace is a great way to save on heating costs in the winter and bring a great nostalgic feel. Just throw a few logs in to the fireplace and you are good to go on even the coldest winter nights.

If you are on a camping trip, cooking over firewood is essential to having some quality food that isn't a granola bar. There are different woods to choose from, but the ideal kind are going to be harder woods as they will burn longer than a softwood like pine will, as well as getting much hotter. Typical hardwoods that are ideal for firewood are apple, cherry, birch, and oak.

When you do find yourself at the bottom of a burnt out fire, all that typically remains is a heap of embers and ash. While this typically just gets thrown out, there are actually a ton of outstanding uses for it. Planting a tomato garden? You can use this ash and save on fertilizer. Have some old metal that is looking a little dull? Put some ashes in a rag and rub it down as a quality metal polish. You can also use this stuff to block pests in your yard or to stop odor from pets. Either way, there are a lot of great uses for this unappealing stuff.

If you spend time outdoors, don't forget all of these great uses for your firewood. What do you typically use your firewood for? Be sure to let us know in the comments!