Top 5 Firewood Storage Ideas

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If you’ve got a wood burning fireplace then chances are, you’ve got wood laying around. Since it’s the season to be using that fabulous fireplace, we thought we’d look around and find some great ways to use and store the fuel that will keep you warm this winter. Below are the five articles we liked the best and hope you will enjoy as well.

#1: 12 “Different” Ways to Store Firewood

In this article by Andie Huber for, we get a whole bunch of great ideas on how to make that firewood you’re storing work for you. From creating some great looking storage spaces with your stacked logs to finding new uses for book shelves and under stairs storage areas, there are some great ways to use and display your firewood in this article and you’re bound to get some creative ideas with all the great photographs and descriptions. Check out all the wonderful ideas by reading the full article here.

#2: 25 Cool Firewood Storage Designs for Modern Homes

Just because you have an ultra-modern home doesn’t mean your firewood storage needs to be something that detracts from your décor. In this article by Simona Ganea she shows us many ways to store and display your firewood that look amazing and are incredibly functional. By using negative spaces in your home, like plant shelves and book shelves, or by getting some of the more modern firewood holders, you can turn your fireplace fuel into a great design element in the room. Get all the amazing ideas by seeing the fabulous photos and reading the full article here.

#3: 7 Indoor Firewood Storage Solutions

No matter how much wood you have on hand, you’ll always need to keep some of it inside your home and doing that with a bit of flair is what this article by Larissa Coleman for is all about. From repurposing some wooden shipping crates, to putting those fabulous planters that you aren’t using to some attractive use, Larissa has some great ideas on how to make that in home storage great looking and functional. You’ll love the photos and details when you read the entire article here.

#4: The Artful Woodpile: 30 Fabulous Firewood Storage Ideas!

From using empty book shelf spaces, to filling those plant shelves, and built in niches in your wall, this article posted on shows you how to make the most of these spaces by filling them with your firewood. The storage becomes a fabulous focal point for your room, adding a natural element and a bit of warmth in both looks and functionality. The photos, videos and details really show how easy it is to incorporate your firewood storage into your décor and make it look fantastic. Read the full article here.

#5: 16 Creative Firewood Storage Ideas for Modern Schmeck of the Home

In this article posted on we get some awesome ideas on how to store our firewood in fun, creative and functional ways. From some great storage solutions you can purchase, to ways you can use existing spaces in your home, to a few do it yourself projects that will be easy and gorgeous when you’re done. Open up your creativity and check out all the great ideas by reading the full article here.