Top 5 Unique Projects Made From Wood

#1: WoodStation Magically Shows Time, Date and Weather in a Solid Block of Wood brings us this awesome little clock that looks just like an ordinary block of wood that is until it’s turned on. Available in both walnut and maple, this handy and beautiful piece has a motion sensor that, when triggered, lights up from within and displays the date, time and weather. A thin piece of wood in front of the LED lets the light shine through enough that it is visible whether it’s day or night. Currently, it’s only available on French Amazon, but we think this ingenious little clock will make it over the pond very soon. To get all the details, read the full article here.

#2: Wooden Computer Art Table for the Eco-Friendly

In this article, by Prathamesh, writing for, brings us this unusual computer set up designed and built by Marlies Romberg. The entire thing, from monitor to mouse is made out of beautiful wood. The designer got tired of all the space old plastic was taking up in our landfills and decided to do something about it by creating this awesome computer table and computer, completely out of wood and brass. Of course the internal components and monitor screen are made of the standard stuff, but everything else is housed in wood, and even the keyboard is wood. To see the amazing pictures and get all the details, read the full article here.

#3: Wooden Vespa

If you’re looking for a new project to expand your wood working skills on, then you might love this article on The story highlights master craftsman Carlos Alberto and his recent show stopping, handmade Vespa. The internals are what you’d expect, however, he made the entire body by hand from gorgeous wood. We are shown in amazingly detailed photographs exactly how he created it, from the designs to the finished scooter. To see this amazing piece of hand crafted ingenuity, read the full article here.

#4: Japanese Wooden Super Car Can Reach 90 km/h, costs $32K

If your love for all things wooden could be directed at a vehicle, you might just end up creating what this Japanese furniture company did. In this article by Andrea Divirgilio for, we are introduced to a truly gorgeous and actually functioning wooden car. The internals, engine and transmission etc. are of course made from the materials you would expect, but the body and the seats are all beautiful wood. The article includes two videos of this stunning piece of artwork and automotive excellence in action. For all the details, read the full article here.

#5: 11 Awesome Bikes Made of Wood

Whether you’re trying to get in better shape or be kinder to the environment by riding your bicycle more, you’ll love this article by that shows us how some people are managing to do both in one activity. These gorgeous wooden bicycles are great at helping you get in shape, while being kind to the environment in more ways than one. The incredible photographs will definitely spur your creative juices, and the stories behind each wooden bike will warm your heart as well. Check out all the great innovation, by reading the full article here.