Top Pros and Cons to the Logging Industry

Photo Credit: David Foster

The logging industry is often given a bad rap in the general population. However, as you’ll find by reading these very informative articles, there are pros and cons to everything and logging is no different. As you’ll find out in one article, even the clearcutting practice has its place and is sometimes the best thing for an area. We hope you enjoy these articles we’ve found that try to look at both sides of the issue.

Tree and Forest Restoration – Pros and Cons to Salvage Logging

In this article posted on, we get a good pros and cons look at the practice of salvage logging after an area has suffered a forest fire. There are many things to consider, not the least of which is the possible soil erosion that can result from salvage logging. However, there are many good side effects to salvage logging as well and it appears that both sides need to be taken into account and considered. By performing a careful study of the area and the wildlife still there, as well as taking into account rainfall, snow melt and other erosion factors, it seems like some salvage logging can be a benefit if it’s done correctly. Get the full details by reading the entire article here.

When is Clearcutting the Right Choice?

Clearcutting is often a word that makes a lot of people angry when they hear it, however in this article posted on, we find out that clearcutting is not necessarily always bad and sometimes is the most desirable choice. Clearcutting has pros and cons in any circumstance, but may be the best way to go for logging certain types of tress and certain types of forest areas. The article examines many of these options and points out how clearcutting can be very beneficial to an area, provided all the pertinent considerations are taken into account. Not dissimilar to natural disasters like wild fires, volcanos, wind storms or floods, clearcutting an area can provide new and improved habitat and growth opportunities, so it’s important not to look at clearcutting like an all or nothing, good or bad, option. Depending on the needs of the area, it could be just the right thing to do in order to revitalize areas of forest. Get all the information by reading the full article here.

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Pros and Cons of Forestry Investments

Investing in forestry is always a good bet according to this article by John Barnes for Though there are many things to consider, including which type of wood and trees to invest in and where their located, the article states that generally speaking there’s always a need for wood and wood products no matter how low the economy gets. Considered one of world’s most stable investments, the article boasts a current rate of return of 10% - 14% per year and that’s expected to rise as the economy does better. In addition to the article itself which is very interesting, there’s also some great comments below that are also very informative. You can read the entire article here.