Top Safety Tips for Fire Pits

With fire features and patio fire pits becoming the new big thing to have in every backyard, it’s important to remember that when you’re dealing with fire, certain safety precautions need to be observed in order to keep that fabulous fire feature a fun and enjoyable place for everyone to hang out and stay warm on chilly evenings. That’s why went out and found some great articles on how to make sure your fire pit is safe and fun to use for you, your family and friends.

Fire Pit Safety

In this article by Natalie Rodriguez for, she gives us some good common sense precautions to take when installing and locating your fire pit. Some of these seem obvious, but they only are now because bad things happened when this advice has not been followed in the past and Natalie wants to make sure that everyone can enjoy their fire pit safely. From making sure you have your fire pit located on a flat surface not near anything flammable to ensuring you always have some kind of dousing agent handy, whether it’s a bucket of sand or a water hose, just in case things get too hot to handle in your fire pit. Get these and other great fire pit safety tips by reading the full article here.

Safety Tips for Fire Pits

This article brought to you by Abe Abbas, furniture expert for furniture.about.comf, gives us some great tips and hints for making sure your fire feature or fire pit is safe and easy to use. Fire features can add a great sense of dramatic flair to your backyard and a place where your family and friends will enjoy relaxing on a chilly evening or to roast a marshmallow or hot dot when the season calls for it. A very practical article, Abe reminds us to check with our county or city’s regulations on fire pits for homes. Some cities even prohibit them all together so you really want to make sure you can have one before you spend the money and time installing one. Abe has a lot of other great advice for potential fire pit owners and builders, so make sure you read the full article here.

5 Fire Pit safety Tips from a Former Wildland Firefighter

Former volunteer firefighter, Jennifer Tuohy writing for, has some great advice for keeping your fire pit or feature safe for you and your neighbors and friends. Jennifer lives in southern Idaho and has seen many a misused fire pit turn into a raging fire that burns not only the home of the person who had the pit, but also surrounding grasslands in rural areas. Fire pits are wonderful and fun to have and use, but one must realize they are dealing with a lethal force if it’s not respected and cared for in a safe way. Making sure your fire is completely out at the end of the evening and ensuring that it’s located away from anything that could catch from a spark is very important. Make sure you read the entire article here to get all the great hints from a former firefighter on how to keep your pit safe.