Top Things to Know About Fire Pits

With the season warming up, everyone is thinking about making their backyard spaces into that great spot for their family and friends to hang out and make some great memories. There are a lot of ways to make your space a warm and friendly place for relaxation and the big trend these days is fire pits. That’s why we went out to the web to find some great articles on how to pick out the best fire pit option for your backyard with helpful tips on what to look for and what not to do as well.

7 Things You Should Know about Fire Pits

In this article by The Pro Team for, they point out some important factors to keep in mind when choosing your fire pit. The article emphasizes safety and knowing the regulations regarding fire pits for your specific area. Every city is different and you don’t want to get into regulatory trouble so check with your city to find out all the regulations that apply. You also want to make sure that you’re choosing a fire pit material that works with both your design wishes, and practical safety issues. Placement is one of the most important factors as well as the decision on what type of fire pit you are going to install. Get all of the great information when you read the full article here.

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Outdoor Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Whether you’re going to create a built in fire pit, or you’re going to get a portable fire pit that can be relocated when needed, this article by Dickson Wong for gives you some great insight on how to proceed in that decision making process. In addition to what type of fire pit to get, you also need to decide on what kind of fuel you want to use. There are several options here from propane to wood and you’ll want to make sure that whichever you choose, it’s going to fit into your lifestyle, the safety room you have, and your design. At the end of the article, you’ll see a photo gallery with some fabulous portable fire pits to consider. Get all of the wonderfully creative insight and some great safety tips when you read the full article here.

Fire Pits for Decks

If you’re considering a fire pit for your deck, you’ll definitely want to read this article by Julie Martens Forney for before you get started. When it comes to adding fire pits to decks, there’s a lot more involved, not the least of which may be city regulations regarding this. Whether you use a free standing fire pit, or you build one in, you have to consider how this is going to affect your deck, and how close you can have it to your home. Sparks that fly off from certain kinds of fire pits can cause problems, even if you’ve put the fire in the pit out. Make sure you read the full article here to get all of the valuable information.