Top Uses for Wood Ashes

So you’re using your fireplace or wood stove and just loving how warm and cozy it makes your house. You’ve enjoyed the cooking you can do in this more rustic way. However, as the winter moves on and you work your way through your wood pile, you realize that you’re accumulating a pile of ashes. While it would be easy enough just to find someplace to throw them, you have been really getting used to living green and you hate to get rid of something that might be useful. We had the same idea and so decided to go looking for possible uses for that left over wood ash and it probably won’t surprise you to know that we found quite a few ways those ashes could be put to good use. Below are some great articles that will give you a whole myriad of ways to keep those ashes and make good use of them.

Uses for Wood Ash

From de-skunking your pets, to melting the ice on your sidewalk, in this article by Cathe’ Fish for, you’ll get a whole host of ways you can use your wood ash around the hose. Whether you want to try making your own soap, or you are looking for an inexpensive way to shine up your silver or other metal jewelry, you’ll need some of that great left over wood ash to do it. In certain circumstances, which Cathe’ goes into detail on in this article, you can also use wood ash in and around your garden. Get the full details here by reading the entire article.

10 Uses for Wood Ashes

In this article by Mark Feirer for, he comes up with some great uses for your wood ash. Do you have some spots on your paving, either from painting or maybe even past bleaching projects? Well, all you have to do is put some of your wood ash on those spots and rub it in with your boot and you’ll see that those spots will disappear. Does your property have a pond? If so, you may be dealing with the occasional pond algae problem. Well, you don’t have to get complex chemicals anymore because just one tablespoon per 1000 gallons is enough to get some of your other aquatic plants beefed up enough to send algae on the run. Check out all the fabulous ideas by reading the full article here.

At Least 10 Uses for Wood Ash

Oddly enough, one of the great uses of wood ash listed in this article posted on, is cleaning the glass on your wood stove or fireplace. They also suggest leaving some around in areas where the birds can get to them so they can be used for dust baths. Are you having a slug or snail problem in your garden? Don’t worry, just make a barrier of wood ash and you’ll send those slimy rascals running for the hills away from your favorite veggies. In addition to the suggestions in the article itself, you’ll also find a lot of great comments and suggestions for other uses when you scroll down. Read the full article here.