10 Ton Boss Industrial Dual Action Electric Log Splitter (ED10T20)

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Product Description

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The Boss Industrial dual action ED10T20 electric wood splitter comes with a stand for easier more comfortable splitting.  It also has two 5 inch wedges and a length capacity of 20.5".

With the dual split design there is no waiting for return of the hydraulic ram, just put in another log and split back the other way.  Two year warranty and 10 tons of force, this log splitter should do the job no problem for the average home owner.

10 Ton Dual Action Splitter - Perfect for at home use and for frequent log splitting projects.

  • 2 way splitting cuts down job time
  • Splits logs up to 20.5” in length and up to 12” in diameter
  • No hunching over, this unit features a built in stand
  • Heavy duty log racks
  • Durable 3200 PSI hydraulic system
  • Large operator zone for maximum safety
  • Features professional-grade hydraulics

Powerful 2.5 HP electric motor

  • Push button electric start
  • Requires standard 20 amp, 115v circuit


  • High density rubber wheels
  • Easy to move handle

Product sheet ED10T20
ED10T20 Manual

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Pictured  4 way wedge is an optional add on.  Easy slide on and off design. These deliveries will be made with a full size freight truck and there will be little or no assistance provided with unloading the items.  If you feel that you will need a lift gate to help unload your item please select the lift gate option.  Please feel free to call us with any questions!

Detailed Specifications

Electric Motor:
2.5 HP / 2000 Watts / 20 amp
Splitting Force:
10 Tons (20,000 lbs)
Hydraulic Pressure:
3200 PSI
Hydraulic Oil & Cap:
AW-32 /3.5 Quarts
Hydraulic Oil Included:
46 x 26 x 36
Auto Ram Return:
Dual Split
Max Log Length:
20.5 Inches
Split Time:
16 Seconds (Approx)
214 lbs
2 Year limited
4 Way Wedge:
Optional - Double Sided
Assembly Required:
Yes - Partially assembled

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Customer Reviews

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G B. (Valdosta, US)
Very capable

Very capable splitter. We have 60 plus pecan trees and limbs are falling year round. For the last three years, I've only been able to keep the smaller limbs for fire wood and burned the rest outside because I'm getting too old to chop any more. This will allow me to use larger logs for fire wood. Used it yesterday for the first time and am very pleased with this purchase.

Great to hear it got the job done! Thanks for the review.


Chuck P. (Allyn, US)

Works great!

Nick E. (Mebane, US)

It splits fresh 18 inch long 12-14 inch wide oak no problem. Anything larger diameter I save for a sawmill. Any size softwood that you’re strong enough to get on it will split. The higher height vs normal log splitter saves your back. I built a shelter for mine that increases height + 6 inches and that’s perfect for being nearly 6 foot tall. This will get the job done unless you’re splitting 24 inch oak, which is basically too heavy for a single person to lift. There are charts out there saying you need a 20-30 ton for 12 inch green oak, but this thing will split it despite the 10 ton rating. Not sure what else to say other than I wish it was a little faster.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the review. The electric units have come along way and its nice because you can split wood inside if you want to say out of the elements etc. Thanks again.


Chad F. (Mobile, US)
Does the job well!

Great splitter, very well made, and easy to assemble. A little heavy to pick up a wheel around, but just tilt it back a little further and the weight transfers well and makes it much easier to move. I use a dedicated 20 amp breaker, heavy duty 20 amp receptacle, and a 25 foot 10-3 extension cord which are all critical components, and it works beautifully. You won’t have any problems with stall out or tripped breakers or damaging you splitter motor with the correct electrical setup. I’ve split everything from green and seasoned oak, green and seasoned pecan, elm, pine, cedar, hackberry and Chinese elm, and it just doesn’t stop. Some with diameters of 18 to 24 inches and again it’s no problem for the Boss 10 ton splitter. Do yourself a favor and get the four way wedge and split twice as fast. I find 10 to 14 inch diameter rounds are perfect for the four way wedge with nearly exact size splits. Larger diameters are easily split as well with the four way, but generally the larger top halves are split one more time. I simply pull off the wedge and place it in the side log racks and it holds it perfectly. A matter of a 2 or 3 seconds between taking off and putting it back on and splitting four way again. Fills up my wood cart fast with little effort and the height for me is just right with no back aches from bending all day. The dual action is really fast once you learn the rhythm of the splitter and your work flow. I find that rounds cut 18 inches long work best for me in terms of sure fit on the splitter and no wasted cutting of “air” during the process. In all it’s a great splitter and actually look forward to afternoons busting up some rounds and making my own firewood they way I want it for a change. Oh and do yourself a favor and get a log ox and picaroon to save your back and enjoy your day splitting wood without tiring out.

Marvin S.
Money well spent

I think I posted a review of this splitter on "log splitters direct". I was recently on their site and realized they don't have the review posted. Then I realized I bought it from "wood splitters direct". My bad. Probably ticked off the other guys. Oh well. The main thing I wanted to show was the trailer I built so I can tow the splitter where I want it. I thought it might spark an idea for other DIY guys (and gals) out there. But alas, this site doesn't seem to allow pictures to be posted. Sorry guys. Otherwise, I agree with all the good things others say about the splitter. And my homemade trailer out of stuff I had around the shop solved the only negative I observed after splitting about 4 cords of hardwood in the winter of 2020.

Splitting wood with the sun...

Splitting wood with the sun! I am impressed with this machine. We live in an off grid home and are always looking for ways to use up extra power on sunny days, this is why we decided to try the electric splitter. I did have my doubts, would it have enough power? 14 inch diameter 18 inch lengths of standing dead pine did not load it at all. It looked top heavy in the photos, I was concerned the legs might be flimsy, happy to report it is rock solid. The log racks each side are strong and well designed. The shipping crate was surrounded by welded angle iron! It was very well protected for the trip. The small bit of assembly required was quick and painless. It is SOOOO nice to do this chore with the smell of split wood and the hum of an electric motor instead of listening to and smelling a gas engine. The hydraulic reservoir has a temporary plastic plug for shipping that you swap out for a dipstick/cap. If you pull the plug at 8,500 feet elevation you will get a face full of hydraulic fluid spray, use a rag to cover it. The shipping was super fast. My only (very small) issue was that Boss did not seem to get the shipping details to Woodsplitters Direct fast enough to let me know the thing was here! Thanks for the great service and machine

Richsrd S.
I bought the ED10T20 at the be...

I bought the ED10T20 at the beginning of August (2019). Read all the reviews, watched all the Youtubes, and talked to the Woodsplitter folks. This felt like the splitter for me. It arrived via semi. Driver allowed me to unload it into the back of my pickup, and I was on my way.

The splitter was in proper working condition out of the crate. It was a chore for one person to uncrate as it is very heavy (over 200lbs.) it is very well made.

While waiting for the splitter I collected two standing beetle kill ash trees, most of a buckeye tree, a felled norway maple, and a good bit of a honey locust for a total of just under two cords of firewood. I started splitting on a Wed afternoon and finished splitting all that wood by Thursday eve.

Three things stood out in the process. 1) get the 4 way wedge. It's a time saver. It makes 8-10" logs a one pass split - done. It will split logs up to about 16 inches but there will be two little pieces and two big pieces after the first pass. The two big pieces will need to be split again. 2) The dual action split is a HUGE time saver! I soon learned to position the splitting wedge just so, so that as fast as I could move log, I could split it. This not only speeds the process but makes it fun. I split 18 rounds (up to 16") in less than 30 minutes. I thought that was pretty good. 3) The log racks are a must. These racks are a back saver.

The splitter jammed on two occasions. Both were when I was splitting the honey locust and when I was splitting a log that had a branch. It can't quite break that tough crotch wood. It DID split crotch ash and buckeye though.

Late in the splitting week I came into a bit of 14" round mulberry and it split that up without effort.

I am very impressed with this machine and look forward to next years splitting. I highly recommend the ED10T20. If you are considering the ED8T20 spend the extra money and get the 10. You won't regret it. The machine is quiet, efficient, and easy for one person to operate.

Jim P.
Splitter Just what I wanted....


Just what I wanted. I have a hydraulic splitter that mounts on the back of my tractor at home, but at my second home, I rented a splitter when I needed one. I found that rather inconvenient unless I had a lot of wood to split, but I didn’t want yet another small engine to run and maintain in order to have it work when I need it. This Boss splitter looked like the right size and quality level for me...and I was right. I have used it for several hours now and it hasn’t failed to push through anything I’ve tried so far.

Shipping went well. I added lift-gate service and the driver placed the unit in front of my garage where I requested. She was very nice. The splitter was extremely well packed. It actually had a custom steel frame protecting the carton on all corners and elevating the shipping carton, so that it could easily be moved with a pallet jack or forklift. It was in perfect shape when it arrived.

I grabbed my tools and removed the shipping frame, then opened up the box. This unit is heavy. I’m a young 65 and still in good shape, so I was able to do the unpacking and assembly alone, but you might need two people as the instructions suggest.

The instructions recommend setting the splitter up on a support so the legs and wheels can be installed. This, of course requires that you have something of the correct height and strength to hold the splitter off the ground. Also, this would require a vertical lift of the entire weight of the splitter. Definitely a two man lift, unless you have an overhead hoist. I gave it some thought and decided I could take a different approach. I laid the corrugated flat to use as protection for the finish and tipped the splitter on end with the motor end down. Prior to this, I checked the oil plug to be sure it was secure and it was, so I didn’t lose any hydraulic fluid. It required care, but I was able to install both the front leg and rear legs and wheels with the splitter on its end. Then I braced one foot on the center of the axel and tipped the splitter up to the normal horizontal position.

The splitter is really well made in my opinion and has an excellent fit and finish. Rugged, but very nice looking and durable. I bought a 25’ 10 gauge power cord and plugged the splitter into one of my covered outdoor outlets. The power switch is a single spring loaded push button that depresses for ON and pops out for OFF. I think a rocker switch or two button switch would be an improvement, but it works if you are careful and precise in how you press the button. The motor for the hydraulic pump does emit a pretty significant whine when it is running, so even though hearing protection isn’t necessarily required, you might want it. I will keep a set with this for future use. I love the lack of gas fumes while I’m splitting ... what a difference. Like others, I also appreciate the standing height of this splitter. It is much easier than bending over for hours...though you do need to pick up your wood blocks or start with them in a trailer as someone mentioned. Use your knees!

It isn’t speedy, but the two way wedge makes a pass in either direction productive, so it is fine. The bed was long enough to handle the longer blocks in my pile which can sometimes be problematic for smaller splitters. Thank you, Boss!

As one reviewer noted, debris can get packed into the motor end of the wedge carriage. Be sure to clean that out periodically. Also, this splitter is fairly heavy even just to roll around. Be sure to pull the wedge carriage all the way back to the motor end to place as much weight as possible over the wheels. Even so, I might get a small four wheel dolly to place under the stiff leg when I’m moving it around on cement or asphalt, just to make it easier. The wheelbase is narrow, so be very careful if you move it on uneven or sloped terrain. It wouldn’t be fun (or safe) to tip this over and you could lose hydraulic fluid if the breather cap fell out, as I suspect it would. The manual says to keep the shipping plug for the oil reservoir, but that is a cheap disposable plug you would normally discard, so you will need to find a safe place for it. If I was going to transport this periodically, I might look for a pipe cap that fits on the fill tube and use that rather than the plug that came with the splitter.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and hope to enjoy many years of use.

fred d.
two years later: refilled oil ...

two years later: refilled oil once. still the best splitter ever used. best is that you do not have to bend over picking up pieces, lifting them: they are in my military trailer, at hip level and after splitting they fly into the woodstack. i can do a cord in an hour without fatigue!

Jason T.
I was using a 5 ton electric a...

I was using a 5 ton electric and it was not getting it done. Bought the Boss 10 ton and it has split everything I put in it even old hedge.
Other than weighing a young ton it is everything I hoped it would be.