16 Ton Ram Splitter Horizontal Electric Log Splitter (H16-4)

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Product Description

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This H16-4 Ram Splitter 16 ton comes with a 1.5 HP motor which gives you the equivalent HP to a 5 HP Gasoline motor with out having to pull on a cord to start it. With the high torque of this electric motor, you are not giving up any power.

See the video below of one of our customers who bought from us years ago to see this electric wood splitter in action. Electric log splitter comes complete with one year warranty on all parts. This log splitter does not come with a road towable package but it is available as an option.

This log splitter is customizable with the following options:

  • 4 Way Wedge - Split logs into 4 pieces. 4 way wedge just slips over existing single wedge. (Can slide on and off quickly, choose 4 way wedge option to see picture) 4 way wedge will reduce opening size by 2".
  • Log Cradles - Horizontal units will hold logs in place to prevent from having to hold log with hand. Cradles are welded on time of order.
  • Tow Package - A tow package upgrade will make your log splitter road towable. Comes with chains, 2" ball coupler and High-Speed, 4.80 x 8” tires. This will have a different axle system.

See options above the big green "add to cart" button for pricing and pictures. When you select them it will built and price your splitter as you go! Questions? Feel free to contact us at 888-706-2434 for no hassle no pressure help and advice. We are here to help.

Please note these log splitters are delivered via freight truck. You will be responsible to take the crate off the back of the truck unless you select lift gate delivery as an option. Some assembly is required.

Detailed Specifications

Beam Structure:
2" wide x 5" tall - 5" Top Plate Tubular Design
Splitting Wedge:
6" High
Operating Position:
Force / Tonnage:
16 Ton (32,000 lbs)
3.5" x 18"
Cycle Time:
10-12 Seconds (Approx)
Log Opening:
20 Inches
Wheels & Tires:
Pneumatic tires
Road Towable:
Electric 1.5HP
Recommended Amps:
20 Amp Breaker
Working Height:
16 Inches
Operating Size:
32" wide and 56" long
Hydraulic System:
4 Gallon Tank + Cylinder, and Hoses
Safety Control Valve:
Detent, Auto Return
2 Stage Pump:
11 Gallons Per Minute
Operation Weight:
300 LBS
1 Year
Made in USA:
4 Way Wedge:
Tow Package:
Log Cradles:

Shipping Disclaimer

Due to rising fuel costs and lack of space on shipping trucks the costs in certain areas have been affected. An "out of area" fee may be necessary. If additional funds are required to fulfill your order we will reach out to you after your order is placed and give you options including possible terminal pick up. (Read more about our shipping policy and how freight shipping works.)


Some (not all) of the products we carry can potentially expose you to chemicals including Benzene and Carbon Monoxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harms. If you have any questions you can always contact us.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony C.
Hello, I purchased my 16 ton R...

Hello, I purchased my 16 ton Ramsplitter in 2011. At about 2 years of service it began blowing fuses in the 20 amp garage outlets. I have ordered and received a replacement pump from Ramsplitter, but it is somewhat smaller physically ? I have called them and I also need a parts breakdown on assembly as I want to lube the motor bearings but do not want to disassemble the motor without a diagram. I like the splitter and wonder why they don't supply a parts diagram for the elect./Hyd. model?? Hope to get a return call from John Fidoe soon.

Fred S.
Kudos to Michael Hi...


Kudos to Michael Hirsch for the fine communication and customer service.

We bought the electric version of this model. It arrived in fine shape as ordered with lift gate service and the 4-way wedge accessory. Assembly was simple - put the wheels and control valve actuator handle on. That took just a few minutes. The rest came pre-assembled.

I'm looking forward to using this splitter... have to get to Sams for some Dextron for it. Hopefully the weather will start to cool off soon. Right now, it's still a little too hot to be out cutting and splitting firewood. I have some rounds or blocks already cut, need to cart them to the woodpile area.

Just an FYI; my brother has a small engine shop in Virginia. I had originally considered one of those 7-ton $500.00 electric splitters. The brother emailed and said don't do it; those things are just toys made in China. 7 tons may sound like a lot but it's a pipsqueak for splitting firewood. The positive reviews are from folks who haven't used them very long.

I then found Wood Splitters Direct and sent him a link to the Ramsplitter. He gave this splitter the thumbs-up ~ said it was well worth the investment and should last for many years. He especially liked the hydraulic cylinder specs. He also said to get it soon to take advantage of the free shipping. That's a perk, considering freight costs these days.

It's made here in the U.S. I like that.

Update from our first review 11-5-2011.

The missus and I split and stacked over two cords of wood in an afternoon recently. She said she wished her Daddy could be alive to see this. Stand there, pull a handle and your wood is split. He'd have loved it.

Apparent-ly, the old boy split all his firewood with a maul and wedges.

But I digress. The 4-way wedge accessory really makes short work of firewood splitting. You'll be glad you got it, trust me on this one.

Also, you may wish to take advantage of the lift gate shipping option. If you're having this machine delivered to a residence or other destination where there's no loading dock or fork truck, get the lift gate shipping.

In case I didn't mention it before, this splitter is small enough to fit through a standard residential door. We keep it in the utility room when not using it.

A note on hydraulics: This is a new system and is shipped dry. You will need to fill the oil reservoir and run the ram cylinder back and forth a few times to bleed the air out of the system. When the cylinder moves fully forward and back without hesitating, top off the reservoir again.

We spent the afternoon splitting blocks of knotty red oak and maple with some sweetgum thrown in for good measure. We couldn't get the ram to stall no matter what we put on it.

I've used mobile splitters before and it really ticked me off when they'd deadhead halfway through a block of knotty oak or hickory.

Not this machine. If a block won't split, the spool in the directional valve will shift and apply maximum pressure to the ram cylinder. The wedge will just cut through it.