20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor 3pt Log Splitter (3PT20HV)

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Product Description

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3 Point 20 Ton Horizontal Vertical Tractor Wood Splitter

Our 20 ton (3PT20HV) HV log splitter for tractors made by Ram Splitter have become a popular choice over the years.  This 3 point log splitter unit will split both in the horizontal and vertical position for those large rounds you really don't feel like lugging up on the beam.

The standard pins we use are category 1 but can be changed out to 2 or 3, anything else you will have to change out to match your tractor. The hose ends (connectors) are not included.  Top link pins or anything else that is related to your tractor for hardware are not included.   All connections including hoses are included with PTO kits.

It is recommended that you have a flow rate of 7.5GPM or higher for this log splitter.  If your tractor is not properly equipped you do have a choice to run the PTO kit (costs extra) which is self contained and includes a PTO pump.  Tractor required to be 25hp or higher to run PTO kits.  Please see options.

This log splitter is fully customizable with several options:

Color Choice - At no additional cost you get to choose your color: Black, Kubota orange, John Deere green or Ford blue.

PTO Kit - PTO (Power Take Off) kit runs completely off your PTO on your tractor.  There is no need to worry about any of your hydraulics as this system is self contained which includes a tank and a 21GPM PTO pump.  Hook up the pump to the PTO, fill the tank with fluids and your ready to split wood.  This PTO pump is designed for 540RPM at the PTO.  25HP minimum tractor required.

4 Way Wedge - Split logs into 4 pieces.  4 way wedge just slips over the existing single wedge. (Can slide on and off quickly, choose 4 way wedge option to see picture)  4 way wedge will reduce opening size by 3".  Split one log once instead of 3 times to get 4 pieces.

Log Cradles - HV units catch falling wood saving you from bending over and picking up split wood off the ground and splitting again.  Just imagine the amount of extra times you could save from bending over picking up firewood to split again from each cord of wood? (Tip: If you don't get get log cradles at least make a table to catch that wood!)

Opening Size - The standard opening size on this unit is 26".  The cylinder stroke is 24" making it a 4" x 24" cylinder.  Looking for a bigger opening for that wood boiler or stove that can take larger pieces?  We offer a 4" x 30" (32" opening).  Less cuts, less splits.

  • “Deadman” switch stops the ram when the handle is released
  • Control Valve locks into return and auto-returns
  • Built in Relief valve protects the hydraulic system
  • Solid Rectangular Tube Design eliminates twisting and bending

See options above the big green "add to cart" button for pricing and pictures.  As you select them it will built and price your splitter as you go!  Questions? Feel free to contact us at 888-706-2434 for no hassle no pressure help and advice.  We are here to help.

Please note these log splitters are delivered via freight truck.  You will be responsible to take the crate off the back of the truck unless you select lift gate delivery as an option.  Some assembly is required.

Detailed Specifications

Beam Structure:
Tubular design 2" wide x 5" tall. 6" Top plate reinforced heavy-duty
Splitting Wedge:
8" High
Operating Position:
Horizontal / Vertical
Force / Tonnage:
20 Ton (Approx depending on tractor PSI)
4" x 24" (Optional 30")
Cycle Time:
10-15 Seconds (Approx depends on tractor GPM)
Log Opening:
25 inch (31 inch optional)
Working Height:
You adjust with your 3 point hitch
Safety Control Valve:
Detent, Auto Return
Operation Weight:
400 LBS
Made in USA:
Choice: Black, Orange, Green, Blue
1 Year
Freight - Limited time free shipping
4 Way Wedge:
PTO Driven:
Log Cradles:

Shipping Disclaimer

Due to rising fuel costs and lack of space on shipping trucks the costs in certain areas have been affected. An "out of area" fee may be necessary. If additional funds are required to fulfill your order we will reach out to you after your order is placed and give you options including possible terminal pick up. (Read more about our shipping policy and how freight shipping works.)


Some (not all) of the products we carry can potentially expose you to chemicals including Benzene and Carbon Monoxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harms. If you have any questions you can always contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Scott P. (Tecumseh, US)

I just wanted to update my review on my three point, 20 ton splitter. I'm very pleased with Wood Splitter Direct's help line when I had a problem. I also am pleased with the owner of the manufacturing company (Doug). He had me return the splitter and rebuilt me a different unit with new valve. I have used the unit and I'm am surprised by the speed and power. It's a 20 splitter that will do most of what I'll ever throw at it. I like having it on the back of the tractor. I can adjust the height and the whole operation is so much quieter. I don't have a gas engine blasting in my ears and stinky gas fumes going in my lungs.
Thank you Doug!!

Hi Scott,

Glad to hear we got everything squared away. Thanks for the business and the time to leave a review. Please let us know if you need anything else.


Scott P. (Columbia City, US)

Just gonna be honest. I do have mixed feelings at this time. I ordered the extended splitter ( 30" opening) for boiler logs. It actually measures a bit less than 29". Yes I can adjust my rounds to fit. But the description read that it would be 30" inches and the splitting ram hits up hard on the end plate. I'll share a picture of this. I'm not real impressed with the table I had them add. It's small and doesn't do much for the bigger rounds. Also after an hour of splitting I could smell hydraulic oil. The valve assembly is leaking at the spool.
I have this hooked up to a Massey Ferguson 34hp compact tractor. I ran it at around 2100 rpms. The speed of the ram surprised me (I'm please with that). 20 tons seems to be doing good. I tried a couple of nasty rounds (real nasty) and it didn't make it through them. Bigger is better but I went way over my budget with the 20 ton. I couldn't convince my self I had to have 30 ton.
Now, I am pleased with my buying experience with Wood Splitter Direct. They kept me informed on how my order was coming along and when it was to be shipped out. I'm not sure I can give a fair review at this time, only because I haven't talked with the company yet.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for leaving a review. I have put you in touch with the tech support from the manufacture so they can trouble shoot with you. Sorry about the inconvenience, we will work with you to get this resolved.


Mike M. (Neenah, US)
Strong Splitter

I went all in and bought the 20 ton horizontal/vertical 3 point model with the 4 way wedge, log cradles, and PTO kit. Arrived in good condition but some assembly required for the PTO kit. Cycle time and splitting force is awesome. It doesn't slow down like my old gas splitter. Using with a small 23HP tractor. I added a 2in ball hitch so I can connect my utility trailer. Great product.

Hi Mike,

Glad to hear you like your new splitter. The PTO kit is perfect for smaller tractors that don't have the hydraulic output. Thank you for your business!


Jeffrey B. (Cle Elum, US)
Great Splitter!

I went with the 20t 3 point splitter for my Kubota L series. Tried it out and was greatly impressed. The speed of the ram and the ease in going through large rounds was impressive. Actually looking forward to wood storage this summer.

Hi Jeff, glad to hear you love your new splitter. The speed depends on your tractors hydraulics so you must have great hydraulics! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.


Richard S. (Milan, US)
3 pt log splitter running off pto

The splitter splits just fine. The problem I have is the clasps break on the chain provided to keep the pto pump from turning. This caused the pump to turn and the hydraulic hoses to wrap around each other.


Sorry to hear about the chain problem. This is the first we have ever heard of a chain breaking. If you leave any slack on the chain it can very well break. Make sure the chain is fairly tight so it does not get a chance to spin the pump. We will bring it to the manufactures attention to double check the quality of the chain used.

Thanks WSD

John K. (Edwardsville, US)
Does the job with no problems.

This worked out better than expected. We didn't want to deal with a gas engine so went with a hydraulic powered from a tractor. Easy to connect, easy to use.

Mark S. (Roanoke, US)
20HV3P Splitter

I am pleased with the way the splitter works on my tractor. Had a leak in the valve control handle piston and the company sent me a new control box quickly.

peter c. (Washington, US)
Good splitter

Only 3 Cord into use, but impressed by the splitter. Great power for stubborn rounds. The wood crib is good. The 4 way splitter is excellent.
On the flips, The splitter head is chipping out a bit, which is a concern and the hydraulic lines are too short to reach my adapter links. That is a fixable issue that I’ve worked around in short term.

It's what I expected.

The good: splitter, PTO pump, 4-way wedge, and cradles are of decent quality. Using this on a 2016 Kubota L2501, I had no issues with the gnarliest maple/beech/oak I could find. Cycle time is satisfactory at 540 RPM. The cradles aren't very robust but they do the job. 4-way wedge can be a PIA but is overall worth it.
The not so good: A) PTO pump kit does not have all the parts required and there is no spec sheet. I needed to buy a fitting for the suction side between the 90 degree elbow and the barbed receiver for the hose. WSD and the manufacturer were receptive to my requests for the spec sheet and I had a good conversation with the manufacturer but nobody followed through with the spec sheet. B) I can't say I understand some of the fabrication choices; there is one hydraulic line behind the wedge that rests on the reservoir. So far not a huge deal other than worn off paint on the reservoir but I'm curious how that hydraulic connection will hold up over time due to the contact/impact. C) The stabilizer bracket for the PTO pump is garbage. The holes did not line up with the threads on the pump so I tossed it and fabricated my own. 
The neutral: It was painted the wrong color. To be fair, the manufacturer offered to repaint it but I didn't feel it was worth the effort. We're trying to split wood, not win fashion shows. 
Overall: the splitter gets 4 stars, pump setup gets 2. I recommend the splitter but if you're considering the PTO pump be prepared for some troubleshooting.

I ordered in John Deere Green ...

I ordered in John Deere Green with PTO pump, 4-way wedge, and log cradles. The PTO pump was pretty easy to assemble and took a ton of fluid, which is a good sign. You'll need to buy two 5-gallon buckets to have enough. The splitter has not bogged down on any log yet and is FAST! You never wait on the cylinder to retract; you wait on yourself grabbing another log. Ordering was very easy, too. Great Website! Only issue is they forgot to ship my 4-way wedge, so I am hoping they will mail it to me! Other than that, I'm VERY HAPPY with my choice!

WSD Response - Thank you for your review, glad you like your product. Unfortunately you never placed the order for a 4 way wedge. Please log into your account to see the order you placed as it will show you never ordered the 4 way wedge.