8 Ton Boss Industrial Dual Action Electric Log Splitter (ED8T20)

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Product Description

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The Boss Industrial dual action ED8T20 electric wood splitter has two 5 inch wedges and a length capacity of 20.5".  No waiting for return of the hydraulic ram, just put in another log and split back the other way.

Two year warranty and 16,00 lbs of force, this log splitter should do the job no problem for the average home owner.

8 tons of Dual Action Splitting – Perfect for small to medium size jobs

  • Two way splitting cuts down job time
  • Splits logs up to 20.5” in length and up to 8-12” in diameter
  • Conveniently located control handle for one-handed operation
  • Features professional-grade hydraulic components

Fast 2 way splitting action

  • Equipped with two 5” wedge
  • Dual direction ram
  • 3400 psi of splitting force

Durable 2 HP Electric engine

  • Push button electric start
  • Plug it in anywhere! Uses standard 15 amp, 115v circuit


  • Durable high density rubber wheels
  • Easy to grab towing handle

Pictured  4 way wedge is an optional add on.  Get two and have one on each side!

Product sheet ED8T20

ED8T20 Manual

These deliveries will be made with a full size freight truck and there will be little or no assistance provided with unloading the items.  If you feel that you will need a lift gate to help unload your item please select the lift gate option.  Please feel free to call us with any questions!

Detailed Specifications

Electric Motor:
2 HP / 3400RPM / 15 amp
Splitting Force:
8 Tons (16,000 lbs)
Hydraulic Pressure:
3400 PSI
Hydraulic Oil & Cap:
AW-32 / 3.38 Quarts
Hydraulic Included:
52 x 13.5 x 20
Fully Assembled:
No Partially assembled
Auto Ram Return:
Dual Split
Max Log Length:
20.5 Inches
Split Time:
11-13 Seconds (Approx)
160 lbs
4 Way Wedge:
2 Year limited

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Customer Reviews

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Marv S.
This a follow-up to my origin...

This a follow-up to my original review after purchase in August 2017. I'm a homeowner and I split 3 to 5 cords a year. This is a GREAT splitter. I have found it very easy to use in all respects. It does a fine job; the two-way action on this machine is a real plus. I've split all kinds of wood; long pieces, hardwood, dry wood and green wood. It does occasionally have a problem splitting certain pieces of hardwood. It usually has something to do with the size, grain, or knots. After a few uses, you will figure out which pieces those are - use your chain saw to cut a deep groove. Use caution when splitting a piece of dry hardwood, particularly if it is oddly shaped - not flat on the end. It's possible for the piece to fly off the machine. Just a heads-up. I've never had that problem with green wood. Another FYI - I haven't found the 4 way wedge to be particularly useful. The upper cuts on the wedge produce small pieces.

Marv S.
I'm a homeowner (not commercia...

I'm a homeowner (not commercial) and did some research on many units. I didn't want to go cheap and be disappointed. I settled on this unit because of its power, two-way action, and a two year warranty. After splitting a cord of wood, I am really pleased with this unit. It does the job nicely. It easily splits wood of recommended size as well as larger pieces. The proof is always in the long term; I'll post another review a year from now. The manual that came with the unit was somewhat out of date. Apparently, I received a newer model that had an upper oil filling port with a breather cap. I spent some time searching for the "vent plug". Then I re-read the "Notice" tag around the fill port and realized the "vent plug" was not on this unit. This is actually an improvement in my favor. If you decide to buy this unit, be prepared and buy some of the recommended fluid before it arrives. Although the fluid level in mine was OK on arrival, the fact is that if you split wood, you will have to add fluid at some time. So be prepared. My last comment has to do with the option to purchase a "lift gate option" for delivery. I have had many heavy items delivered and the delivery folks always used the lift gate and the smaller lift machine to move the product into the house or garage. I was never charged extra for this service. I called the company to ask about this. The sales rep insisted it was necessary if I wanted a lift gate. Because this unit is so heavy, I purchased the $20 option. When the UPS freight truck arrived, I asked the driver how he normally handles a delivery such as this. He said he would ALWAYS use the lift gate and the smaller lift machine. Quite frankly, I feel this $20 charge is a ripoff. It should really be refunded to me.

John B.
I received my 8 ton Boss with ...

I received my 8 ton Boss with a stand option. The diagram for installing the stand was not correct but all necessary parts were provided and no real problem to install. The only complaint was the hydraulic fluid was approximately 1 1/2 qt low which required a trip to town (I'm a good way out in the country) and $14.06 for the fluid. I cycled the unit as instructed to remove any trapped air in the system then started splitting green oak logs 10 to 13 in diameter and 19 in long with ease. I am very happy with this unit. I suggest the manufacturer pay more attention to their oil levels as they say the unit comes with full oil.

Mike T.
I do not heat my home with woo...

I do not heat my home with wood so I only split a small amount to carry camping or for use outside at gatherings, so after reading many reviews online I decided to purchase this 8 ton unit and the best price including the shipping I found was here at Wood Splitters Direct. The unit arrived undamaged in 4 days, was a piece of cake to finish putting together, the only hiccup was that the instructions said the unit shipped with the correct amount of hydraulic fluid but mine was not up to the correct level when I checked it. The local auto parts store had the correct fluid so after a quick trip to town I was ready to try it out. The first log I tried was from a tree that was cut in my yard by the power company last week so it was green and approximately 10"-12" diameter and 18" long or so, this machine never hesitated as it easily busted that piece. I grabbed several more from the same cut up tree, some pieces up to 16' diameter and this machine split everything I put on it so far with the exception of one piece that had a knot, but that was expected. I am more than pleased with the performance of this unit for my needs and would recommend it to anyone.