Brave 37-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1737GX)

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This Brave Pro VH1737GX 37 ton log splitter that has the convenient option to split Vertical and Horizontal. The orange powder coated wood splitters were designed with durability in mind.

The VH1737GX comes standard with the Honda GX270 engine. The log splitter has an average 14 second cycle time, which is a great combination for both speed and power.

Log Cradles (Included) - HV units catch falling wood saving you from bending over and picking up split wood off the ground and splitting again. Just imagine the amount of extra times you could save from bending over picking up firewood to split again from each cord of wood?

Options: Drainzit Oil Hose Kit - Drainzit oil hoses make changing oil easier and cleaner! Drainzit oil drain hoses allow you to change the oil in your small, gas-powered engine without tipping, dismounting, or modifying your engine in any way.

Log Splitter Cover - High quality log splitter cover with draw strings to protect your investment from the elements.

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Detailed Specifications

Beam Structure:
Industrial I-Beam
Splitting Wedge:
8" High carbon steel
Operating Position:
Horizontal / Vertical
Force / Tonnage:
37 Ton - 74,000 lbs
5" x 24" trunnion mount, 2" rod
Cycle Time:
14 Seconds (Approx)
Log Opening:
25 Inches
Wheels & Tires:
High-Speed, 4.80 x 8
Road Towable:
2" Coupler & Safety Chains
Honda GX270 (270cc)
Working Height:
30 Inches
83" long x 41" high x 41" wide
Hydraulic System:
9 gallon capacity (tank, cylinder, and hoses)
Safety Control Valve:
Detent, Auto Return
2 Stage Pump:
16 Gallons Per Minute
Shipping Weight:
700 LBS
Log Dislodger:
Consumer Warranty:
2 Year Limited / 3 Year Engine
Commercial Warranty:
1 Year Limited / 3 Year Engine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David R. (New York, US)
Excellent Purchase!!

I couldn’t be happier with my new Brave 37 ton splitter!!! I put it together by my self in a couple of hours, the directions were great!! I recommend using a chain hoist suspended from a beam, I used two 4x4’s on top of two eight foot ladders. This enabled me to pick up the ram safely by self and get it ready for installation. I also found using a floor jack help in raising the tank and axle section up to the pin hole on the ram assembly.

As for operation I have been splitting oak logs over 36” in diameter with ease!! I love it!! And when I had a question about the operation of the machine I called Brave and got the right answer in five minutes.

When you compare this splitter to the common Chinese imports you’ll be very happy when you buy a made in America Brave splitter!!

BJK (Tunkhannock, US)
Great splitter

Well built splitter. Took about two hours to put together. Did 4+ cords over a week. Split logs that needed a two person lift that were 20” long with no hesitation. Would recommend engine guard.

Jed W. (Hustisford, US)
Very nice splitter!

This is a very well-made splitter with quality components and features. The only reason I would give a 4 star instead of a 5 star is that I really like the older splitter designs where the ram is reversed. I'm not a fan of wood falling on the tires/oil tank. The Honda GX engines are extremely nice. After assembly and filling fluids it literally started on first pull and pretty much has ever since.

Hi Jed, The old splitter you had must have been just a horizontal log splitter and not a Horizontal/Vertical log splitter. It would be impossible to split in the vertical position if it were reversed. Glad to hear you love your brave log splitter!

Thanks, WSD

David S. (Woodstown, US)
Brave 37-ton

This was a great purchase. Assembly was easy, but you will need some no so common wrenches and sockets. No big deal, I will always take more tools. Some people say they needed a lift of some sort to mount the hydraulic ram onto its base. While it is heavy, should have been a two man lift, I lifted the top of the ram assembly up and walked it into the vertical position with my little wife in front to make sure I didn’t push it past vertical. I then rolled the frame over and attached the two pieces. The instructions were not the best, but some reading forward and looking at the pictures it will eventually become clear to what you need to do.
Once assembled, you will need a full 9gals of hyd fluid, a quart of oil, and some gas. Make sure you have appropriate funnels for each. It will make you life so much easier.
Splitting wood is a breeze. I split about 1.5 cord of 25” wet oak in about 3 hrs.

Hi David, we appreciate your detailed review for this log splitter. This is one of our top selling log splitters for a reason and I think you know why now it sounds like! Thank you for your business.


Mark H. (Westchester, US)
Brave 37 ton log splitter

Best purchase I ever made! I rely on my wood burning stove as my primary heat in the winter and splitting wood with an axe seemed like a novel idea at first with the benefits of of keeping in shape and not having to go to the gym for work outs. But that got old pretty quick. I started looking for a log splitter several years ago at the big box stores and in for sale postings on various sites. What I found was a lot of the log splitters from the big box stores were for sale on these sites. After reading many reviews I came to the conclusion that those worked well some of the time and then after several years of using a problematic splitter, owners were trying to off load them. I also noticed that none of these used splitters had a Honda engine.. That narrowed my search to finding a splitter with a Honda. I work in emergency services and all our generators and motors for rescue tools are Hondas. They are very reliable and start with one or two pulls. I chose the Brave 37 ton splitter because of the Honda motor and haven’t been disappointed since purchasing. The assemble instructions are clearly written and I had most of the tools required to assemble on hand. The only tools I had to purchase was a narrow 22 mm crest wrench to tighten 2 of the hydraulic fittings. Priming the hydraulic fluid was an easy process. I found the correct hydraulic oil at AutoZone and the tank takes about 8 gallons to fill. The engine started on the first pull and I split a cord of wood (knotted oak) with ease. The motor sips fuel and I only used a quarter tank. The assemble took less than 4 hours to put everything together. I used my Kubota and a strap to position the ram because I didn’t have a helper. Since the first day, I split two more cords of wood and have yet to run into any issues. I would definitely recommend buying this log splitter. Wood Splitters Direct had it delivered to my house in less than a week. I also ordered the oil change kit after reading other reviews of the mess an oil change makes without one. I recommend that as well as the guard for the gas tank because logs will roll off and dent it if you don’t have a one.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a thorough review for others to read. Brave make a great log splitter with high quality parts for a reasonable price for the quality you are getting. Enjoy the splitter for years to come!


Brian P.
37 ton assembly

I just received and assembled my brave 37 ton log splitter. By far the best and easiest step by step instructions for assembly of a log splitter. Topped off the fluid’s and two pulls of that Honda engine and boom I’m splitting wood 🪵.

Hi Brian,

Brave makes great equipment as they are well thought out (some with instructions!). Thanks for the review.


David H. (Madison, US)

Brave 37-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter (VH1737GX)

Bobby D. (Broken Bow, US)

I am very pleased with my Brave 37 ton wood splitter. I believe I chose the best one on the market. I’ve been splitting oak and hickory logs with no problem at all. The Honda engine is strong, quite and very fuel efficient. I think an engine guard would be an essential accessory that I’ll be installing soon. I also plan to install a wheeled hand cranked jack.

Hi Bobby,

Glad to hear you love your Brave log splitter. Both Brave and Iron & Oak log splitters (sister company to Brave) are fantastic machines. We appreciate your business, please let us know if you need anything else.


Mike K. (St Louis, US)
Brave 37 ton splitter

This log splitter is better than I expected. I did purchase the engine guard not realizing it protects the engine from the top. I think it would benefit from some sort of skid plate to protect engine,hydraulic hose and hydro pump and filter. I reviewed about every splitter on the market and finally chose this one. I am not disappointed.👍🏼

Michael B. (Wellington, US)
Order was incomplete

Splitter came incomplete without the ordered wheel fenders that were supposed to be in box. Were listed on the packing sheet with splitter but no where to be found. Splitter took awhile to assemble, but is a very quality product. Just wish order was fulfilled correctly as described. Stacey was pleasant to communicate with and got back to me fast