ESP Storm Shelter (14 Person) SR84X084G

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Product Description

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The ESP Storm Shelter provides near absolute protection from F5 Tornado strikes.  This Shelter is verified to be in compliance with the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) to meet or exceed all ***FEMA P320/P361 and ICC-500 Code requirements.

Doubling as a "Panic Room," the ESP Shelter provides top level protection against intruders for you and your family.

The shelter’s protection is strong and versatile enough to serve as a vault for your valuables and personal belongings. However, keep in mind that the shelter is designed to withstand severe storms, not fires, so it’s not fire rated.

Made from extremely durable 3/16” (0.188”) thick carbon steel, the entire shelter is built to endure and last. All hardware is rated at Grade 5, and the majority of the shelter’s surfaces are powder coated for superior protection and appearance.

With a reinforced sliding steel door, the Swisher® ESP Safety Shelter eliminates any issues associated with blockage or being trapped from debris that is commonly associated with inward and outward swinging doors. Additionally, the shelter’s sliding door does not take up any additional space when it’s opened.

To keep the sliding door securely shut during severe storms, a very high grade security deadbolt has been installed to secure and hold the latch bar into the locked position.

For additional protection, three steel pins have been added to securely lock the door. They rest within a 3” deep steel jamb pocket which allows the ESP Shelter to not solely rely upon deadbolts to keep the door locked.

Once inside, the Swisher® ESP Safety Shelter contains a 4th locking pin so that, even if the security deadbolt gets damaged from the outside, this safety pin prevents the door from opening unless removed from the inside.

To save time during an emergency, the door handle on the Swisher® ESP Storm Shelter has been engineered to operate all three pins and lock them into place with one single motion.

The ESP Storm Shelter’s door has been engineered to not solely rely upon the hinges for support, so when the door is in the closed position, the whole hinge side (both top and bottom) is locked into the adjacent front wall. This means that there are no screws to remove or pins that could break.

The shelter’s air vents are shielded and well guarded to allow uninterrupted air flow from within.

A quick manipulating locking mechanism has been constructed to work in conjunction with the security grade latch/key lock for fast, easy access.

In the event the sliding door somehow gets blocked by debris, there are emergency panels installed for a rapid shelter exit. The emergency wrench for removing the panels is included with every shelter.

The ESP Storm Shelter’s bolt-together modular design provides ease for size upgrading, installing accessories, and relocation.

It is preferable for the shelter to be installed within the interior of a residence. If you choose to install it outdoors, it must be within 150 feet of the residence it is intended to serve and must be protected from all external weather conditions. This shelter is not waterproof.

Various accessories for the ESP Storm Shelter are available for purchase, including benches, shelving, built-in gun racks, and emergency type kits.

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Detailed Specifications

Model Number:
80”L x 80“W x 76”H
87“L x 87”W x 78“H
Up to 14 people
Quick Release Sliding Door Design


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