LogOX WoodOX Sling (8141)

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Make the daily chore of bringing firewood indoors to your stove a lot faster, safer, and easier! The WoodOX Sling’s ergonomic design positions firewood securely under the user’s arm on either side, instead of dangling by their knees. This unique design evenly distributes the weight of the firewood across the upper body like a messenger bag, rather than carrying all of the weight off balance with one arm, like a typical firewood carrier bag.

The WoodOX Sling makes it much easier to load and unload firewood while standing upright instead of bending over. This upward shift in the carrier's center of gravity causes far less strain on your body and poses less of a tripping hazard while you move than a "shopping bag" style regular firewood carrier.

This innovative design places the WoodOX Sling into a totally new category of firewood carrying devices by itself. Simply put, this breakthrough design renders all other firewood carrying bags and totes obsolete.

Detailed Specifications

  • 18oz Natural Cotton Canvas
  • ✓ Superior Ergonomic Design: Better weight distribution than any other firewood carrier on the market, which use two handles and put all of the firewood's weight on one arm. The WoodOX Sling evenly distributes and balances the weight across your body like a messenger bag, causing less strain on your body and facilitating easier movement.
  • ✓ Simple to load and unload: Typical bags require a lot of bending over to fill and unload from the ground. The WoodOX Sling allows you to take logs right off your pile, place them under your arm, and unload them while standing upright.
  • ✓ Easier movement and reduced tripping hazard: With the firewood securely under your arm, rather than pulling you over to one side while awkwardly hitting your knees and household objects as you walk, the WoodOX Sling improved center of gravity and low profile design makes walking and maneuvering indoors much safer and easier.
  • ✓LED Flashlight Built In: Developed by the same engineer who invented the best-selling LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool in Vermont, and left no stone unturned when optimizing its design. This is the only firewood carrier on the market that will help light your path, while keeping your hands free to load firewood and open doors on a cold winter's night.
  • ★ PATENT PENDING (US, EU, CAN, AUS) - PROUDLY MADE IN USA & GUARANTEED FOR LIFE- Made of heavy duty 18oz natural cotton canvas in rich forrest green with a comfortable leather shoulder pad, from a family owned company you can trust.

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