MAXIM® PRO Series Rear Tine Hydraulic Tiller W/ 270CC Honda GX270 (RT190H)

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This Maxim, commercial-grade, rear-tine tiller is built for daily use. It features tandem, variable displacement pumps, dual rotating tines, operator safety handles, and a heavy-duty, Honda GX270 engine.


  • Tandem, variable displacement pumps
  • Dual rotating tines
  • Rolling handle bar forward / reverse controls
  • Heavy-duty engine guard
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • Solid linkage; No cables
  • Easy twist drive control
  • Adjustable drive stake
  • Easy access to hydraulic filter
  • Large chevron drive wheels

Maxim Warranty Information

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Detailed Specifications

Manufacturer: Maxim
Engine: 270cc Honda GX270 - Recoil
Transmission: Hydro / Wheel Motors
Tine Speed (Max): 150 RPM
Tines: Heavy-Duty Bolo Tines with Replaceable, Bolt-On Blades
Tine Width: 18 inch
Tilling Depth: Up to 8 inches
Forward Reverse: Instant
Ground Speed: Max 4 MPH
Tires: 4.80/4.00-8
Dimensions: 69"L x 21"W x 42"H
Shipping Weight: 315 Lbs.
Warranty: 2 Year Limited

Shipping Disclaimer

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Customer Reviews

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FLH (Seguin, US)
MAXIM® PRO Series Rear Tine Hydraulic Tiller

How shall I begin. When the delivery truck arrived and open the back door, first thing I notice was that the tiller was laying on its side (spark plug/cylinder side). Delivery person quickly upright the so call crate and unloaded the tiller. Only damage I could see was the cross wooden brace under the tines of the tiller which was snapped in the middle and even breaking the plastic strap. First thing I wanted to do for maintenance purposes was to install a hour/rpm meter. Now the manual calls for the equipment to be ready, just gas and go. First thing first, I check the hydraulic fluid for the proper level and next the engine oil level. I ask myself why is the oil level at the minimum level (answer will come later in this review). I filled the oil with Honda oil to its proper level. Next, time to add the gas. Ok, so far so good, I prepare to turn the on/off switch to on (it was already on), make sure the gas is turned on, applied full choke, and set throttle to the maximum. Here is where the trouble begins. I pull on the rope to start the engine but would not budge. Starting to get frustrated, I said what the ****. Remembering that you can compress air, but you cannot compress fluid, I pulled the spark plug which was saturated in oil. I pulled on the rope and oil shot out of the cylinder. Now I am getting progress. I cleaned and reinstalled the spark plug, pull the rope with compression hesitation. I remove the oily spark plug, went to town for part cleaner for the plug, checked the gap and now decided to check what spark the plug has. No spark, so I needed to check the safety wiring circuit which control the spark. Lo and behold, I found a loose connection between the ignition coil and the on/off switch. Since the cylinder was drenched in oil, I decided to spray starter fluid into the carburetor. Engine would only belch for 1 second after each spray. After 4 times of doing this, I noticed black oil dripping from the OHV cover. Now what? Due to my age, I needed a flashlight to trace the leak which was coming from the exhaust manifold. Ok, let see if my 93 octane fuel (which I had on hand) is feeding the carburetor. Removing the carburetor fuel bowl drain plug, I notice something odd. Hey, that is oil coming out of the bowl. First the oil came and then a fresh flow of gas. Reinstalled the drain plug, here goes nothing. I pulled on the rope and what do you know, I created a fog machine to kill mosquitoes. It took about 5 minutes to clear the smoke and off to tilling I went. All of this could have been avoid due to the crappy crate used for delivery. Spouse asked while I was tilling, how do you like it now? I said I loved it and would buy I again. Now tilling in heavy rocky clay soil, I notice a clinging sound coming from the tines after 45 minutes of use. These rocks were the size of the palm of your hand. Underneath, a tine was tapping against the middle of the frame. No problem I said as I counted 12 tines to do the musical chair number. Two other tines were slightly bent and were placed in locations to clear frame and side cover. Now that I own this tiller, I made two modifications to my satisfaction. One change was to the depth bar that kept sliding and would not hold its position. I simply drilled six 5/16" divots for the adjusting bolt. Starting at 1-1/8" from top of the bar, I marked in the center of the bar at 1" in increments. The second change I made was the alignment of the handle. I notice the tiller likes to drift to the right. The handle was mounted to the left of the center line of the length of the tiller. Now i have a tiller that will work clay soil that is tough as cement.

Hi Frank, I am sorry to hear about your initial issues here. I have forwarded this review to Maxim so they can learn from this. We have not had any issues in the past with the crating. If it was on its side then obviously it was not secured on the transport from the local terminal to your house and that diver was not careful. We will also forward that to the shipping company to let them know as well. Again sorry for those issues and I am glad you are happy with our tiller now. You do have full warranty should you have any further issues.

Thanks, WSD

Larei P. (Kanab, US)

Have been very impressed with it.