How To Pick the Perfect Wood Chipper

One of the most versatile tools and one of the most helpful if you have a lot of tree limbs to dispose of is a wood chipper or wood chipper shredder. From gas powered machines to electrical ones, there is a wide range of pros and cons to each one that will help to meet your needs for what you are looking to accomplish. If you are in the market for a wood chipper or wood chipper shredder, here are some of the differences to each what you should take into account before making your purchase.

Wood chippers all have basically the same job to do, with slight variations from model to model depending on what they run on and their specifications. One of the more common machines you will come across is an electric wood chipper. These machines are very easy to use and a great starter tool for someone just getting into the job of breaking down branches. These machines can plug into any standard electrical outlet and you are ready to go to work right away. While the ease of use may be the biggest pro about these models, they are unfortunately confined to a small area, unless you want to be dragging an extension cord with you to wherever you will be working. The other downside to an electric model is that it does not pack nearly the same amount of punch that a gas powered model does.

If an electric wood chipper is not your style, than a gas powered chipper or chipper shredder may be a better fit. These models harness a lot more power than their electric counterparts and can easily break down much thicker and tougher branches. They also have the ease of being much more portable than an electric model, as they are not tethered by a pesky electrical cord, only the cost of gas. While they tend to be more expensive and produce more noise, they are typically stronger and faster, making them ideal for the person working on bigger jobs.

The Dosko 4 Inch Honda Wood Chipper is an excellent model for anyone looking to break down branches with ease. With a large opening, this gas powered chipper is run on a Honda GX390 13 horsepower engine, ensuring quieter work and better fuel efficiency, so you can comfortably chip branches.

For those looking to create mulch as well, the Yardbeast 3 Inch Wood Chipper Shredder is an excellent option to do the job. While the smaller opening doesn't handle as big of branches, this model can handle the job and the mulcher hopper will produce the ideal much you are looking for.

If you are in the market for a wood chipper, take some of these factors into account and consider what kind of work you will be doing before finding the perfect one for your needs.